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Is this site “entheta”?

EnthetaA friend of mine, Tech Sec at a local Org,  was recently at an event, and the speaker was giving the usual litany of expansion wins. In the midst of this list, he stated that my friend’s Org was “beyond capacity” in their Academy courseroom. Great news. The only problem? It wasn’t true. In fact, their Academy was well under capacity, and the stats were down. My friend exchanged a shocked glance with a fellow tech staff member. But they kept their mouths shut. To point out the lie would have been “entheta.” My friend left the event.

This started me thinking about the relationship of “theta” and “entheta” to truth and lies. Entheta, of course, is “enturbulated theta,” and enturbulate, according to my Ethics book, means “agitation or disturbance, commotion and upset.”   Theta is characterized by such things as “serenity, stability, happiness, cheerful emotion.”

In my friend’s case, the news that her org had maxed out  their Academy attendance was “theta.” It would make people feel happy and cheerful. But it was a lie. And if someone had stood up and said, “that’s not true, Academy attendance is down,” it would have been “entheta.” They would have gotten a trip to the Ethics Officer. Even though it was true.

So which do you want? Would you rather have news that makes you happy and cheerful, or would you rather know the truth.

It was my own decision to search out the truth that led me to begin exploring the internet. The truth might be upsetting, it might shake my world view, it might make me agitated and disturbed, but, damn it, I wanted to know the truth.

But how do you sort out truth from lies on the internet – or anywhere else? The Church doesn’t trust you to read such information yourself and form your own opinions. They tell you never to Google search the term Scientology as you will run into entheta.

But think about it. Many of us are OTs. Some of us are Data Series trained. We are all aware, intelligent people. Why couldn’t we be trusted to read any information and sort out for ourselves what is true and what is not.  Is our certainty so tenuous that it will wither before any criticism or challenge? Are our cases so fragile that they cannot stand up to whatever information we might find?

But the Church doesn’t trust us to make our own investigation and come to our own conclusions.

Are they afraid that we’ll come into contact with entheta? Or are they worried that we’ll find some truths?

Your journey is your journey. You must ask your own questions and find your own answers.

But ask yourself, “do I want theta, or do I want truth?”

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  1. July 28, 2009 8:25 pm


    I just want to say you are doing a great job here with your blog on getting the truth out.

    The only thing I can recommend is not to fall into the same trap that has been set by Miscavige and his minions and that is redefining Scientology terms. The definition of “F/N” is one blatant example, but there are others such as the what is the “Second Dynamic”.

    This one regarding what is “entheta” and what is “theta” is just another one that Davy has craftily redefined along with what is “black PR” and that is anything that goes against the party line or the “big lie”. What it is in reality is “apparent theta” just as it is covered in the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation.

    Countering apparent theta with the actual truth is not. Let me repeat is not entheta, nor is it black PR to do so. It is actually telling people the truth.

  2. Dan permalink
    August 13, 2009 2:43 am

    No,LRH DID revise the definition of the 2nd Dynamic in 1979 while working on what became the Key to Life and Life Orientation Courses.
    I’ve seen his despatch that redefined and one of the original members of the compilations unit that put these courses together could verify this as fact.

    • Ceileen permalink
      April 7, 2010 6:22 am

      I am on your side, RJ and Dan. However, I personally know that the 1979 2D Rules issue was written and proposed for LRH okay by two young CMO Messengers in PAC, one of them was about 15 at the time, the daughter of my roommate, the other not much older. Apparently, LRH did make some changes, but he approved it.

      • truey permalink
        April 11, 2010 6:16 pm

        That’s very interesting. I was at Flag when that was written and was quite shocked about it and even at the time, thought it couldn’t have been written by LRH. But I think what Dan means is the definition of 2-D.

  3. Anoni Mouse permalink
    September 11, 2009 3:27 am

    Isn’t that, by definition , a hidden data line?
    If materials were revised by LRH, then the advice or other communication should be quoted and made available.

    • September 21, 2009 7:00 pm

      Well, no, it’s not a hidden data line. LRH wrote a despatch to the team putting the Life Orientation Course together and redefined the 2D. How’s that a hidden data line? Listen, LRH had people assisting him on tech, research and compilations from the earliest days of Dianetics and for most of the rest of his life. Now, what I’m telling you may be a hidden data line because I can’t produce the despatch. The bottom line is: you can use that definition of the 2D or not as you see fit and if it helps you understand your life better, great. If not, so be it.

      • Watchful Navigator permalink
        September 11, 2010 12:10 am

        From LRH lecture: 19 May 52 “Beingness” (Route to Infinity)

        “And then there’s the beingness of the second dynamic, the beingness in the sphere of creation, children, future, or (and get this one) illusions. That’s the second dynamic. Illusions comes in there. Frank Lloyd Wright down here building a town is just creating an illusion by that definition, you see? That’s what I mean by an illusion. Constructive line comes on the second dynamic.”

        From LRH lecture: 21 May 52 “Therapy Section of Technique 80”

        “Then you take the second dynamic. And how do you run a second dynamic? Well, you run it with kids, you run it with future, you run it with any way, shape or form that is pertinent to the second dynamic, that’s all.”

  4. September 11, 2009 5:41 am

    I agree with you anoni mouse. If there was such an issue why wasn’t it broadly published like Axiom 28 Amended for example.

    Me my trust in RTRC collapsed when they aided and abetted Miscavige in issuing GAT which to me stands for Grossly Altered Tech.

    Also its like a lot of these SO dudes who used to justify their off policy actions by saying that a friend of a friend told ’em there was an “LRH Advice” that said they could commit that particular High Crime or whatever. Sure….uhhuh. Of course when you asked if you could see this advice they’d say “it’s confidential”. Yeah so confidential that it doesn’t exist.

    • September 21, 2009 7:03 pm

      There was an earlier “Golden Age of Tech,” if you want to call it that in 1971. After LRH gave his Talk on a Basic Qual on the ship, a project was executed to put all auditing actions into drill form and these came out at the end of that year. Not to defend DM, but the handling was done to improve auditing quality and based on LRH’s orders. See Marty Rathbun’s blog on the Joe Howard Paradigm and the comments section for more info on GAT.

      • September 21, 2009 8:06 pm

        Yes I’m somewhat familiar with them Joe. They were called the “Auditor Expertise Drills” and they were canceled probably because they violated HCOPL 24 April 1965 Issue II Drills Allowed and also they became too unwieldy. I know for a fact that many of us who were on training lines heaved a sigh of relief when they were.

        As far as I can see you don’t need a bunch of drills all you need is a coach, a doll and an e-meter. You don’t even need a coach per HCOB July 4 1962 Coachless Drilling. The process or action can be drilled straight from the applicable HCOB.

        Also it helps if you word clear and star rate the action first per the High Crime PL first. However I personally feel there has been too much emphasis placed on drilling and not enough attention being placed on actual understanding.

  5. October 8, 2009 11:22 pm

    Excellent article about the relationship between “truth” and what the Church might label “entheta” for its own political, or financial, purposes.

    What’s funny is that the truth often causes “agitation or disturbance, commotion and upset”!

    I presume that this is one reason that Hubbard created TR Zero, to help Scientologists raise their own ability to confront the truth, even though it might sometimes feel “entheta” at first.

    I think that in the Church, the word “theta”, as in “That’s so theta!” has come to take on the definition, not of truth, but of “Truthiness”.

    I think in this period of the Church’s history, it is important for Scientologists to remember to always “Seek to Live With the Truth”.

    I can attest that it truly is The Way to Happiness.

    Thanks for putting this blog here.

    Allen Stanfield

    • truey permalink
      April 11, 2010 6:25 pm

      There’s a quote about when order is put in confusion always blows off. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the reference on that, you’ll have to look it up, and please do. I first saw it in a reg pack so I don’t know where exactly to find it. I’ve found that holding on to that nugget of truth has helped my through many times. If you start pushing back WITH policy on this out admin and out tech, you will hear some screeching but that’s the right thing to do if you want to do something about an outness. If its what LRH says, its the correct thing, not what an EO or a reg or whoever says.

  6. October 18, 2009 3:30 am

    Like many others, I clearly (no pun intended) remember being told again and again that any criticism of Scn, specifically net criticism (this is what they got pissed off at me for some years back) is “entheta”. Oh, and “enemy line”. That’s another buzz phrase.

    So here’s why I think that is: Because it upsets their status quo. Yes, people like you, Marty, and Geir and the others who are speaking out aren’t furthering the interests of CofS. But the interests of CofS are implemented at the expense of members. We know that. So any time you contradict them, you’re gonna piss ’em off.

    And it’s not like anybody can ever please them 100% of the time. I’ve read so many accounts of those who tried to bend every which way and do what the cult wanted. And there always was some new b.s.

  7. Ceileen permalink
    March 17, 2010 10:23 am

    This is my first time on this website and others connected/related to it. Admittedly, I had to deal with ingrained feelings of doing something wrong to go online and see what is being said. It is certainly helpful to have a place to say things openly without censure and to know that I am not alone.
    I would like to point out, however, that most of the comments are stating “the Church”, as if it is a person or entity that can think and act. In my experience, it has always been an individual person who says or does something good or bad, right or wrong as relates to LRH Tech and Policy. Yes, what we are discussing and are most concerned about has to do with the C of S, but in truth, we are speaking of the actions of individuals, not a “thing”, which is what “the Church” really is. To me, “the Church” is not the culprit, it is the individuals within it who have done the damage, including those of us who have let it get to this point, because we are each of us responsible to a certain degree for our own failures as members of the C of S (staff or public), just as LRH said in KSW Series 1. It may be convenient to refer to “the church”, but it is not accurate.
    A few days ago, I was driving from L.A. to Sacramento and decided to stop in and say hello to some friends at the Santa Barbara Org. It was Thurs morning. There was nobody to be found in the entire first floor, nobody at Reception and all the doors off the corridor to the back were all closed. There had been some renovations and improvements, it all looked very nice. I called up the stairs and after a minute the Course Supe came down to speak to me. He was the only staff member in the org and there was one student in the courseroom. He told me that none of the other staff ever came in until noon on Thurs.
    I had planned to buy a book, but didn’t want to keep him out of the courseroom so I left. Walking back to my car I started to cry. The day before I’d been to the PAC Base for the first time since Sept 2007 when I had been routed out of the Sea Org. It was virtually deserted at the start of dinnertime, except for staff and a very few public. The Flag office was empty of public, there were 3 FSM’s, one of them was Wendy who looked old and sad. The Ship office was empty except for 2 staff. The IHELP and ApS office doors were locked. The “new” Ideal Org was virtually empty of public, but it sure is beautiful.
    I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Seeing an empty org in Santa Barbara was just too much and I couldn’t stop the tears. I changed my driving route and went to the Los Gatos “Ideal” Org and found the same conditions–a beautiful empty org, except for the staff who were bravely putting up a good front.
    I had planned to also go see the Stevens Creek and Mt View Orgs, but had seen quite enough to convince me that what I had heard was true. In Los Gatos there was a board up with the names of those who were Completions for LRH’s Birthday. There were about 20 or so names, all were ext. course or Basics course completions, with one Solo One completion. For 16 of my 25 year S.O. career on my posts I was responsible for regging millions of dollars of services and for getting hundreds of Scns onto service. It was my life and I loved what I was doing. To see beautiful but empty orgs broke my heart.
    I am not sure what, but I will figure out and do something to end this decimation of my church, to end the damage done to the memory of LRH’s dream for islands of sanity and succor that deliver standard tech, and to be part of the future repairs needed to salvage what is left. It may seem naive, but I was sincere when I agreed and came on board to help LRH build a better world. I signed that billion year contract with the full intention of seeing that through, no matter what. I am mad about what is happening to my church and will not just discuss what is happening, but will DO something about it.
    Thanks for providing this forum and for listening to me.

    • Editor permalink*
      March 17, 2010 4:47 pm

      Welcome, and very eloquently stated. The tragedy is that there are so many dedicated, well-meaning people caught up in the travesty that is the current C of S.

    • Donald Magoo permalink
      April 2, 2010 8:20 pm

      Ceileen, I believe you are one of the “well-meaning” dedicated ones. This is sad because it likely means you will donate even more of your life and money to the current C of S which will only serve the betterment of David Miscavige.

      The C of S is corrupt and dangerous, many have realised it and are doing the right thing by denying it there support. You should do the same.

      • Ceileen permalink
        April 7, 2010 6:32 am

        You should reread my post. It is very clear about which side I am on and you could also see my Doubt Formula posted on for further edification. I am a sincere and dedicated Scientologist, just not a ‘dm believer’.

  8. John permalink
    April 2, 2010 6:58 pm

    Its amazing that in 2010 you would have someone so stupid that they would even join a “church of Scientology”. And we think Muslims are crazy.

    There’s really no limit to human stupidity.

  9. Anna permalink
    April 6, 2010 5:02 pm

    Ok, I posted a comment and it did not get posted. So I looked onto this site and I think got my questioned answered. So most of you are pro LRH Tech and policy, but anti-upper management,correct?

    So this is what I don’t understand, even thought I am not admin trained I have some understanding of the Org Board. If all of what you say is true, why hasn’t this been taken up with Qual. Qual trumps, correct? It is there to correct the Org and it’s products.

    I also don’t understand what everyone is doing here, just complaining? Ceileen is correct, if out-tech is going on, it is not the COS, it is individuals. Has every single person on this site reported to Qual the out-tech they have witnessed? If so, what were the results?

    Do you realize that if what you are saying is true and you do nothing, the Tech will be lost? Do you realize what will happen if we lose the fight for freedom again?

    Look at what is happening in the USA, the Suppressives have taken over the government, they already control most of the other countries…reward the non-productive and penalize the productive..the people in the USA know instictively if they don’t stop this goverment, we will all be slaves to a one world government. Even these WOGs fight for their freedom.

    Are you all cowards that you are afraid to speak up to the proper terminals and if you have done so, keep it up until someone listens? If you are just complaining…will we all know the tech on that. Wake up people, there is a Qual and Ethics on the org board for a reason. Are you in apathy, do you want to lose again? So what if you get hit, you must fight to preserve the tech. You must fight for freedom.

    You cannot get Scientology delievered in time unless you have a big Organization. Ron put one there and it took many years. He also has the policy on keeping it working and getting the SP’s out. This is Ron’s Org, his tech and his policies.

    And by the way, it takes money to run any organization on this planet. All people from all religions give money to their church if they can…this money stuff on this site is just natter. What do you care what people do with their money, it’s their money, not yours.

    Now lets see if this gets posted, if not, then I know what this site really is.

  10. Jeff permalink*
    April 6, 2010 6:51 pm

    Anna, your earlier comment was posted – you put it on another post called “Seven Things We’re Not Supposed to Remember.” Look that up and you’ll see your comment and my reply. This is an open forum – anyone can say what they like.

    You bring up good points. But the one thing you have not considered is – what if the Church of Scientology itself were taken over by Suppressives? I suggest you read more and investigate more on your own. Read and watch the recent news coverage. Read the books referenced on the Bookstore section.

    And by all means, when you find outnesses, report them to Qual and HCO. But if those you are reporting on are senior executives in the Church, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the reaction you’d expect.

    • April 6, 2010 8:18 pm

      Exactly Jeff,

      What Anna says is all nice in theory.

      However when you have a suppressive person or group who seizes control of the Organization their first target will be to corrupt policy and tech. This also includes the Organization Board. And to pervert and alter it in their favor.

      In fact the reason why many of us are here is because we tried to handle the matter internally.

      We wrote reports on out tech and off policy actions per the policy ‘Staff Member Reports’.

      What happened?

      Most of us were accused of sedition or of “spreading Black PR”.

      Not every body is declared and expelled but the fact is many of us ended up on the receiving end of a psyop that would rival anything CIA or any espionage agency could contrive!

      Try it yourself, Anna.

      Write a report on how the Golden Age of Tech violates Standard Tech and policy or how this “Ideal Org” operation is totally against the policy on Quarters and even the policy ‘Ideal Orgs’ itself and see what happens to you after you write it.

      Experience is the best teacher.

  11. Ceileen permalink
    April 7, 2010 7:09 am

    Jeff and RJ are correct. C of S is, sadly, on the edge of a cliff and the person who took it there is David Miscavige. It is no longer safe or possible to speak out against outnesses in the tech, violations of policy or to question. Look around and you will find that there is other ‘truth’ than what dm forwards. In my earlier post when I said we were all responsible for what has happened, I was thinking of RESPONSIBILITY, DEFINITION OF HCO PL 2 MAY 85 (also issued as an HCOB, same date and title) “RESPONSIBILITY: THE NONRECOGNITION AND DENIAL OF THE RIGHT OF INTERVENTION BETWEEN ONESELF AND ANY BEING, IDEA, MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE, TIME OR FORM, AND THE ASSUMPTION OF FULL RIGHT OF DETERMINATION OVER IT.”
    Every day dm makes himself an intervention between Scientologists and LRH, their beliefs and truth by putting forth the idea that you are wrong to question. He cannot do that without agreement. He has only the power he is given. Me and others gave him that power for about 30 years. Times have changed. We have become truly responsible.
    One becomes ‘Responsible’ then when you can recognize his intervention and take steps to remove him as such. That is what all independent Scientologists must do to get free of his suppression. One cannot operate in the presence of so much suppression, so we operate outside of it and are then able to be truly effective. Once you remove yourself from the suppressive environment it takes a bit of time to get yourself together. But each of us does, eventually, some sooner than others, but it does happen. That is what dm fears most, because he knows what it means for us all to join together.
    A group of fearless individuals is a formidable force and that is what we have become and each day we grow stronger, inexorable and that takes power from dm. That makes me very happy.

    • LRH's friend permalink
      September 28, 2010 2:35 pm

      Hello all of you.

      I have been a scientologist for 16 years and am happy to see that pretty much all of you have something in common with me.
      We all have some integrity of our own, and have been touched by LRH’s teachings so as to know that there is a way, somehow an arrival point but certainly a way, a method to live closer to the truth, and so in more harmony, more ARc with ourselves and the relationship with all about and beyond us.

      This way of being is not something one can easily trade, it simply is there.
      We protest lies, we protest abuse of spirituality and honesty.

      We can think of trillions of references from LRH to back our perception of reality but some day we wake up and say- why do I keep giving references to back up my belief?
      Who is so constantly defying my reality that I must permanently defend my sanity with endless quotes?
      Why does this not end?
      Then some day, one looks a bit broader… at one’s friends, fellow scientologists and we can see them in the same boat, most still in the mesh.., and we find ourselves looking from an external point of view.
      We have not left Scientology as it is, we have found ourselves forced to exteriorize, as the Body of Scientology, the current Church is not working for us under the tenets of what we were promised, under the agreements that we so gladly bound ourselves by…

      We woke up one day and our lives are dark. We realized we have been fighting for truth, reference after reference, MAA, Justice system, you name it… and it would not resolve.
      In my case I found myself seriously targeted for requesting an investigation on a big black PR propaganda on me.
      I had just attested to Clear, in 2005, was a single mother and was studying to finish a degree. I had no time to harm or offend anyone and was trying to understand why I had 70 people on staff and public not recognising my very glance…!

      I was not allowed to investigate this… I had twice recently brought abouyt the highest EVEr statistic for the Org of Floating Tone Arms, personally, at examiner, and I was now attacked, issued with a Non enturbulation order because I insisted in finding out, standardly, per 3rd Party investigation tech or Black PR handling, who was the sherman tank behind the attack on my personality.

      I fought and fought and the more I fought the more I was trapped, not by any outsiders or a public here or there but by the MAA one, two three, four….. and by some church staff to a point I was spun and imobilized on all dynamics.

      I continued to receive auditing then, on OT Preps, and to get Floating TAs at nearly all “examins” say 9 out of 10, but between sessions I was in cronic, full volume grief…I wailed almost with grief.tears rolled down my face as I woke, slept, drove…for weeks.
      I complained to the CS in sessionbut this went unreplied to.
      I was told, in an assessment in a session that my item was PTS, it was specifically indicated, but this was ignored: I was never given a handling in session, nor in ethics: the auditing carried on, over the item unhandled- check CS 53 and you will see the data on what to do if PTS is the item on the list…

      You certainly do not ignore it.

      Well, I asked, session after session for an explanation to this, at end of session, to the CS.
      I never got a reply, it has been 5 years now…

      I realized that either they thought I was a false PTS or that they did not want to adress my PTSness for what it would reveal.
      Either way, just as with the 3P or Black PR the ethics situation in my life was to remain unhandled, but auditing to carry on. (!!!! What about ethics so tech can go in? What about my dreadful indicators? Why would a Cs not repkly to my questions, over 5, 6, 7 sessions? NEVER?)
      Was he asleep? Was he against me? Was he being instructed to ignore me? Whatever the reason, he was not acting with me against my case, he was in enemy!)

      Well, eventually, verbally, my MAA told me, as I passed the office, that the Cs had ordered me to leave as the environment was too enturbulative.
      I don’t know why this was not done over a pc to ethics routing form, or over a Dof P interview… sounded soooo unstandard. I will never know the autenticity of this order.

      I did, however leave, and I never cried again since that afternoon.

      Strangely, when I returned to that org some 6 months later, I came across my Snr Cs who was surprized to meet me and stated that he thought, he had been told, that I had left the org to join staff in Denmark!

      So the Cs/ Snr Cs had been told that the reason I left- PTS, unhandled, grieving like that, was to join staff…
      But… the MAA had told me that the CS had ordered me to leave…???
      Could it be that a Cs could give such an order, teh Snr Cs never know, and then, strangely, the Cs, not through my folders, but through hear say, assume that I had leaft for such a good cause that he left me in the middle of such a mess??
      Either way, the Snr Cs reality, and the MAA’s statemnet are completely contrary facts, and all are so out and so full of ouitpoints that it is all investigatory material.
      Some contrary facts.

      Most contrary of all was the fact that the Captain of my org refused to acknowledge my existence when I had attested to clear. He simply looked through me, as if I were invisible.
      Three months of this, one day I mustered couraged past the humiliation and invalidation, and told him that I was sad about the fact that he simply would not acknowledge my presence. I could look at him in the eyes, from a yard a way, that he would look through me…!
      He, glanced away, look back at me and then replied- “that’s not ok”.
      He admitted with no sence of remorse. No explanation.
      I still don’t know what that was all about.
      But if my Captain is not happy for me going Clear….!
      How can I expect his team to forward my interests of religious enligfhtenment!
      Is that not one of the SP Characteristics- to be upset if someone does well…
      He would not show any joy.

      He was one in the list of the 70.

      I received auditing soon after that in another org that treated me well. But somehow I have been pulling away.

      In going through that enturbulation I had been violently pushed away from my man, he had been black pred against me, I was expecting a baby from him after years of tribulation caused by heavy 3rd Pr of same source as teh first/third dynamic 3P,and he decided to disconect, as he had received the same data as the ongoing propaganda. He was on 7 and thought this was the most ethical thing to do, do drop me with 3 children with total disconection, as I was an “SP”.
      I was so enturbulated I was bedridden and could not cater for my two children. I was alone so they were just roaming for days, no food… I could not so much as get up to get myself water. I thought I was going to die. Of course I lost the baby at 5.5 months as the child could not live through the heavy situation.

      Needless to say my last auditing, resolved my passed charge created by the hostilities of the 70 people, but did not adress it in real life- I had no means to deal with it other than “take full responsibilityy for it”, and altough LRH in PAB 1 tells you that you acn only take responsibility with that which you can communicate with… I was forced into this aproach, however unreal it may be. The references on 3P and Black PR were, in my case, then also dismissed and so for that matter cancelled , and my appeal to Verbal tech checklist- requiring a refernece, or authiority on the part of someone to neglect the 3P and Black PR references in my case… was simply ignored. I was NOT to use them, full stop. No explanations given.
      I warned that I had to go to RTC and I was issued with a Non Enturbualtion Order in less than 24hrs and told that I now could not go to RTC as I was under that order- a falsehood).\

      When I went abroad, I spent my OT Preps 4 intensives, handling this BPC and never touched the Bridge.
      A whiole full years’ wages spent on taking responsibility for the suppression…
      that this was deterring my OT levels, and the OT Levels reference seemed to not mean anything anywhere.
      But this handling spotted 8 SP terminals , those I handled BPC on.

      All were staff or Public of the church.

      I had to return to my country of residence and not having the situation handled I would not put my feet on any local church.
      I knew I would build more bpc and pay for the cleanup myself- I had no more money anyway, and would have spent it on going OT not on cleaning the debris of the supressioin quietly, in my mind, leaving the items totally unhandled.

      I did enter a church, one remote one, not too far but one where noone seemed to have known me, but soon enough the words used on me, were now being used to 3rd party me gainst my childremn and I was too aware to let it go on.
      I could see the virus was spread with or without me. ( my children were now said to be just like I had been, psychotic, 1.1 and SPs, though only7 and 9 years old) also, these statements were not given in confidence from CS to auditor. the ED had discussed this over the phone, international call.. and with a very knowledgeable member of the public!
      I simply withdrew.

      I have been feeling well, but slowly I have also woken up from the nightmare and realised it was but a “room” of people and I had no need to play the game with them.

      But applying investigatory tech onto my life I see more than just my story, I see what you see, I see the broader picture and things are NOT well.

      I have not been a public as such for some 3 years or so, started a ext course but left it. As I would need a course room and Word clearer anyway to get me through the materials as it should be.

      I could spend days writing my story- which is so similar to someone else’s on the net who fought for years to clear his name.
      But it degrades me to complain further.I cannot believe I have gone so far to prove my loyalty.
      I have been feeding a lie, argueing with the enemy and achieved little.

      LRH tells me that if I am not wanted in a group then My plavce is outside that door.
      As my self determinism should not be blunted.

      (This is not verbatim!!!)

      \It is time I come off my 3 year recovery zone and make myself known.
      I have spent next to a decade and a half q and aing with a non ex condition.

      I have been honest in my application but been too inocent on finding , actally finding what is needed and wanted.
      Had i done so I would have noticed there was no non-ex possible.

      If I had gotten my self known on the first day I would have been attacked sooner-and I was…. but I failed to check what the other side needed and wanted.. and to actually align the two.

      It is quite amazing to

      I am with you in that I know LRH’s work is TRUE, but that something else is in the way.
      Scientology is not being kept.
      You seemed to be convinced that it is Dm, I just don’t know who exactly. Rumours point towards him, as do the facts of LRH’s death- though I have not read them personally, so I cannot just find a who with the info I have.
      It is obvious that the exclamations of expansion are so loud that one feels loike looking… and one finds the inevitable truth- I don’t know of any mission in my whole city, I don’t know of any practice here either, The Orgs, last time I hung around were enormous, and full of splendour and materials published showing , in other words lots of marketing, but the course rooms were empty- 1, 2, 3 students, never a word clearer- thatwas 3 years ago. Who knows it changed!

      But the vibe I got was I had to buy more materials, but the service was just not there. No wordclearing… I was taken off the already bare course room to a photoshoot showing a very full courseroom elsewhere…in the org- I realied the falsehood was blatant.

      I am with you in that I have tried to fight for KSW, through references like Verbal tech penalties- when I have received orders that are not standard…
      And I am with you perhaps in that I have, alone, failed utterly to be strong enough to make a stand for LRH, in keeping The real church going.

      I was forced to withdraw as I saw my life holding by a string, I saw death in front of me, with my eyes, in the baby and I knew I was faced withSuppre4ssion, and I was trained to fing the who, or the direction of that who, and I located that it was seniour to my MAA, who one by one- 4 of them were being instructed against me. I dared face the seniour amnd , telling her that we had an ongoing confliuct that would not resolve upon conference, I declared that per LRH there had to be a 3rd Party between us…
      She comm lagged and stated then that she took full responsibility for her actions.
      Well, that was not good enough.
      If I have a confliuct, I need it resolved. If the othet terminal will not apply 3P tech, they are PTS.

      She was under some pressure and would not reveal the who.
      I realized I would never know, it was SO staff, I would never be able to investiogate internally.

      I was left with the option to disconect. Or to leave.

      This was after 1.5 yeras trying to convince the MAA to adress my situation, also as the Cs had CSed that I could not audit over a black PR situation… and that this had to be handled.

      So I know is above the MAA. I could not tell how far high, but the sphere for me to confront for outpoints now, per data series was all Org board from then on up…someplace in there.Someone in there.

      And that is when I began to see what you see… beyond my personal problem, and the actual devastation covered up by PR, the definition which means lies, not the true Scientology definition.

      I made my own observations, which are not lovely, but are factual observations to me.

      Say a new OT 8 telling me personally the SP frase: “Everybody hates you”. who after separating me from my man, cashed 10 per cent of her FSM comission of his whole annual income.That is, 3 days after rbreaking my family she could reg my man who was now a single man freely. He would never borrow a whole year’s income to pay for OT( and 10 if he had the liabilities of a family- a wonan and 2 children.
      Also, now that we wre known, by the FSM, OT * as SPs it was all ok, really to go for it, and desert us in total destitution.

      LRH asks in black PR, , when you fing the sherman tank, you ask: what is in it for them?

      Well, MONEY. For her it was a whole lot of money, the difference between my PR being good or bad!
      Now we know she could just be an outright SP- as who would act like that, just to get money that is not Insane? Would you? But her words were very much the same as the words used on my lines, against ,me and my children, and on others- SP, Psychotic, 1.1, Upstats, downstats, etc, These words were words constantly used to jsutify abuse of a fellow scientiologist, long before it was proven conclusively true, so I knew that this was a “command” used by some somewhat senior SP, someone above all these terminals dramatizing the words, and dramatized by the ptses across the boards; it is just Dianetics, and PTS SP tech that leads me there, so I realized she was not alone, she was sooooo confident in crushing me, my family, first coveertly but then so overtly, that she was even totally absolved by the MAA for her actions, though eventually found as the name that came up teh most on spreading false rumours on me.

      She, her valuable FSMings were too valuable for my reputation to mean anything to them.

      I realized that her interests were in unison with some senior intention, wherever that was, and as I looked, unable to spot the who, I withdrew and looked, and waited.

      It was not safe ground. The who was undeterminable, by “Church” determinism.
      I mean, it was not to be reserached.
      That is, it was not a wog friend, the police, the army, the CIA etc that was preventing me from finding the truth behind the breach of my very human right- to not have my reputation tarnished with lies.

      §It was ovious that the secrecy computation was at play here, as I had severally explained that I had no name in mind, and that the standard investigation would lead us to whoever was indeed at fault, and per the reference was either SP or PTS and so there was nothing to loser…
      But of course this was not true , only to me, and to LRH. The real Sherman tank was NOT to be found or exposed.
      Who would fear the truth so much?
      Who had something to hide?

      So my human rights,

      The right to marry, to a family, to privacy, to education.. to determine the education of my children, to moive, to…

      I was particularly struck by the right this OT 8 had been granted, above those decreed by the International Highest Courts of my Human rights… because she was “upstat.”
      What was upstat?
      LRH defines the source of Black PR as Psycotic, he calls it psychotic activity, and the handling usually is a Non enturbulation order if they are not an enemy.

      I was a mother and anew Clear!
      I was upstat on my hats!
      She was upstat simply because she supported the Org with money.
      That takes rank. Stats are not measured by products on respective post but by vested interest in the post- “what post serves our interests the most?”.
      So a full time mother has zero interest- she brings no money.

      What was upstat- what is upstat about a person who attested to cause over life, declaring that everyone hates me, and that my family should be dismenmebred when she had NEVER so much as hadaone conversation with me?
      I would call that crazy.
      Who would spread that someone is an SP without ever having et the person, merely on rumour?

      A person not able to graduate the first step of Doubt- where you actually find out without bias or rumour… she was in the condition of enemy! “Upstat!”

      A person that either cannot think, and only uses rumours to come to conclusions, or, a person that will do anything to forward her own materialistic ends, including destroy the well beingness and family and social ties of a person of good will… for a profit.
      And under the pretense of help.
      It was to help my partner go Ot…

      I have withdrawn to stay stable and rehabilitate my own hability to see for myself, and to free myself from an endless morass of acusations, evaluations, sugestions on what to do with my life, family, case, body, studies, career… Money…

      I have found that my life had been roamless for years… the Bridge was so important and these endless attacks, that my career, my family, my financial planning , my pension, my children’s future, my work, friends… all had to be abandoned or to be neglected beyond repair… and now, at 40 I see I have nothing-
      Apart from arriving at clear (and only to be imediately made known as suppressive, dangerous, insane and psychotic and 1.1 by the comunity that granted me that status,
      I have very little survival- I have 3 children but no husband, (a partner ) no work, no carrer, no CV, no savings, no NI contributions to a pension, no profession, no property, no investments… no associate that notices these are seriously non survival points and that I must work at getting these in at once. Not one friend notices this…
      because they don’t have it either!

      The girlfriends of my SCN times, all 3 were divorced, with children, no help from Scientologist ex husbands, who however were meanwhile either working on staff forthe Church or donating to Ias, or services… but not so much as fulfilling the Child Support Agency’s requirements. One example is my ex husband. He would not abide by the law’s requirement that both parents support the children.
      But he helped in the DSA office so it was not going to be touchd(said teh Snr Public MAA).

      The three women were attacked as downstat while their husbands were upstats for helping the church, though they neglected their hats as fathers, and overloaded the mothers.

      One was falsely labeled ctriminal, another contracted cancer after too many attacks on the 2d from the church- children and men) the last one is left to the lions, last time looked like sjhe was going insane, staying at a new ot8- raising a child i a bed sit, no help, and without any direction in life.This was 3 months ago or so.

      None of them could think with working, had a career, a trade, a plan, savings, Ni contributions to old age pension, Insurance, property… Nothing!

      They are cattle, just breeding for no exchange or respect, and attacked if they, like me, located a man in the scn public that thad any financial potential, as this meant less funds for the church as more for woman and the children.

      None has moved up the Bridge and all have been attacked as psychotic or criminal, despite wearing their hats in such arduous conditions. Destitute of their women rights granted by our government.

      I woke up.
      After several years dozing, gradually coming off of the grogginess of the overwhelm of a group’s reality being pushed on mine,
      I woke up and this year felt completely uninhibited about inspecting.
      Surely I was not alone.
      My scn friends were too much into their drama to even see still, and I was not going to disturb their sleep.

      They were right in the middle of their battles, complaining and giving references…. and proving how true they are to Scientology… while their lives are eroding and their chances thinner…

      I quietly left two that began acting too wild with the pressure of their circumstances, while getting no help, and One, possibly realizing that I was seeing things from a different angle, and affraid to inspect has not contacted me in months.

      I found myself peacefully alone, able to think, not alarmed by disturbed women, or strange stories that ringed true with mine…

      One day I looked.
      Around 3 months ago. I looked in the net and I felt so much better.
      I was able to discern any enheta from genuine complaints.

      I could see LRH friends that can see that LRH’s legacy is at stake here, and that whereas we cannot see how we can fight to get it back, we can at least keep our integrity and have the courage to see what we see and to say that we see it.

      As, when you have lost that , we will have lost everything.

      We were being attacked for seeing what we saw, and, in my opinion, I at least, believe that is exactly why I was targeted.
      I respond to standard tech- a mere assist on the previous Problems of work, twice dissolved life threatening attacks of asthma in just 10 minutes each time, on myself.
      I get floating TAs at examiner at simple things as Word clearing, FDSing, ANYTHING!

      So I am a magnet I get better….!, I am also an artist…
      I believe that the ability to get TA action like that began when I studied The perception of Truth lectures.

      They hat you on how to think, they are senior to data series, and the moment you have that data you cannot be left in the dark. You can perceive the true, and consequently act like you do, so that the enemy will see you shining like abeacon, and target you as you are too bright, you ask the correct questions, you target the correct issues, people, items… whether in session, or in life.

      So… thus the stop when I went clear, thus the need to find false accusations- there was nothing to attack me for!
      My only fault, really, was perceiving the truth and stating it.
      Was tooo much case gain- I singlehandedly brought about twice, the highest FLoating TA Statistics of an Advanced Org- a whole weeks at a time- single handedly!!!!

      So here we are, and right now I don’t know what we can do.
      I myself am reluctant to trust recent materials, and don’t know where to turn.

      I try to use tech I know is not recent. But am adovating nothing of the sort.

      One such bit of tech I find applicable at this junction is in The Way to Happiness- where LRh tells us what to do regarding a Governemt- to support a government that is designed to help the majority of the people… he then tells you what to do if you have a destructive or suppressive government, do you remember?
      You don’t have to fight it, you just don’t give it your support.

      I suppose that’s where I am at.
      I don’t know if that is you.

      I have no qualms with LRH tech. It is, in my experience, nothing short of miraculous.
      I am convinced we have the way… we have had it at least.

      I hope it is not too late, that it has not all been squirreled.

      I have not been in Doubt, at all times I have been operating on what I perceive is right, but I have been Endangered.

      I aplied a Danger Condition in 2006-7 changing orgs.

      My survival inproved DRAMATICALLY, but I was still .. I had questions unanswered.

      Today I am going to apply it again, on a broader scale, As I perceive that I am not endangered alone, we all are, SPs and all.

      I will apply the condition and return to you with the product, ok?

      Something is not right. And it is not imagination, and we are not all dreaming, and the tech is being adulterated, edited in front of our eyes.

      We cannot say a thing- Ethics departments, to me, will not let any inspection or observation that is not convenient… be so much as mentioned.

      So what is our route? Who can we trust? Where do we turn to?

      Grab your KSWs, Grab your PTS SP courses, look hard.

      Grab your Data Series,

      but per KSW apply the correct Technology- keep it going, grab a book and use it,

      Your Auditing and your training may be stopped, but there is ione third leg to Scientology- aplication of the technology to life, apply it more than ever, be exemplary in your life, apply it to breathing, to your child, to the dog… USE IT!

      That alone will keep us alive for now.

      We are endagered, apply your Danger to the scene. 1st Dynamic danger on the subject, shall we?

      I will get back with my condition.

      All my love to all of you,

      LRH’s Friend

  12. plainoldthetan permalink
    April 21, 2010 6:06 am

    According to the Tech Dictionary, “entheta” includes LIES.

    This makes the last 10-15 years’ of “int events” entheta, by my measure.

    And, just as a test, was speaking out as a whistle-blower against the lies of “big tobacco” entheta? NO. It was unveiling the truth. Now, it’s true that “big tobacco” didn’t like that whistle-blowers were revealing their lies. THAT DOESN”T MAKE IT ENTHETA.

    Granted the “big tobacco-ites” were enturbulated, just as anyone with MWH phenomena would be.

    Let’s not mistake “correct target” for “entheta”.

  13. Eman permalink
    June 30, 2010 6:17 pm

    Just got on that site. I think this is one of the best one I have seen in a long time. I have been on marty’s site which is great too.

    I am so happy to see what people have to say. I have been out for few years now. Thanks for this blog, this is great.

    If there is anything I can do to help, contact me.

  14. Lady Lancelot permalink
    July 1, 2010 6:32 am

    Plain Old Thetan, Thank you. Lies and Entheta go together. So, if someone tells a lie and someone else points it out, who is the one actually causing/creating the entheta? The one pointing out the lie or the one who told the lie. Clearly the one who told the lie.

  15. ser permalink
    August 12, 2010 7:44 am

    There is an ethics interog circulating on DM. Don’t be and ex do something about him!

  16. August 14, 2010 8:50 am

    If failing to ‘Keep Scientology Working’ makes one a ‘Suppressive Person’, where is the SP declare for David Miscavige? He is a coward, a weakling and a failure.

    Fortunately. Maybe some victims of the cult can wake up and get out, now.

  17. Independent Scientologist permalink
    August 30, 2010 4:38 pm

    I have only been out of the church for a couple of months, but I have vowed never again to be a member of any religious group that wants to control what I can and cannot look at, what I can and cannot read, who I can and cannot talk to, and WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT THINK. I didn’t sign up to be harassed by Thought Police.

    The Church of Scientology has framed this debate in terms of “theta” and “entheta”, and protecting people from the latter. Where the hell do they get off doing that? I don’t want to be protected from the truth. And I don’t want to protect other people. And paraphrasing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, if I want somebody else’s opinion of whether material is too entheta for me to look at, I’ll beat it out of them!

  18. Rachel permalink
    September 20, 2010 8:56 pm

    Hi there –
    I’ve stumbled upon this very enlightening blog and would like to be in touch with you or someone who understands the inside workings of the new/current Scientology organization. Our 23 year old son cut off his entire extended family and all of his friends very unexpectedly several months ago, and while we strongly suspect he’s involved in Scientology, we just don’t know. He lives on the West Coast and we’re in the Midwest. Needless to say, we are devastated! It’s difficult to know what to do when we don’t even know the name of the group, and I think perhaps being in touch with someone like you would enable us to connect the dots and put the pieces of the puzzle together.
    Thank you –

  19. April 25, 2012 1:34 am

    I was recently told by the DSA of my org that it was “very out-ethics” of me to read “entheta” on websites written by critics of the Church of Scientology. When asked why, she told me that to do so would be considered by the Church “supporting” suppressive persons, and would hence be suppressive in itself. When asked what LRH reference this was according to, she quoted HCO PL – SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS.

    When asked what she meant by “etheta”, she explained that any statements that are derogatory towards or against Scientology or Scientologists would be considered suppressive. I told her that I understood why it’s usually best to avoid such entheta; however, it didn’t make sense to me why this needed to be enforced on me. Couldn’t I be allowed to confront evil if I wanted, and make my own determination whether to accept it or not? She just re-iterated that this is the viewpoint of the Church, and then asked me to sign an attest that I would no longer visit such sites.

  20. August 24, 2013 10:50 am

    To me, a lie is entheta, because it feeds the heart of selfishness (ego) which is the blindfold we wear as spiritual beings to keep us in the dark.

    Calling a lie “theta” and truth “entheta” is just as upside down (Orwellian) as calling American wars “peace-keeping actions.”


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