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Intentions and Actions

Statistics        One OT VIII’s Formula

What are the intentions and activities of the current Church management under David Miscavige?

1.  Big buildings: First, we know, and are told incessantly at events and in Impact Magazine, Int Scientology News and now Freedom Magazine that they intend to purchase and renovate 170 new Church buildings. We are shown the new “Ideal Org” buildings that are being purchased and renovated at vast expense. In fact, the majority of today’s “expansion news” has to do with glossy photos and videos and computer models of these new buildings and their “square footage.”  

LRH never put this kind of importance on buildings. In fact, remember what LRH said in the lecture, “The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology”:

“When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE [high explosive] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

LRH never talked about the necessity for huge, fancy buildings. Quite the opposite. He stressed that Orgs should make do with what they have, and build it up, and purchase larger quarters when they could afford them. He merely insisted that quarters be clean and functional.

And he never, never asked the public to pay for new quarters for the org. Orgs used to have a “Building Fund” set up for the purchase of future premises. They got new premises when they could afford them and when the traffic warranted it. These new “Ideal Orgs,” by actual inspection, are largely empty. Orgs do not need and cannot afford these huge, glossy premises. They are purchased using donations from public Scientologists, not org building funds. Which brings us to the next point.

2.  “Pure” Donations: David Miscavige’s Scientology has the intention to reg Scientologists for what they call “pure donations” rather than donations for services. LRH always forbade regging Scientologists for money to support the org or buy buildings. “Sell Scientology” was his advice, not run bake sales or bingo nights. Public were to be regged only for their service donations, period. Donations were not for buildings or PR campaigns or legal defense. Never. Nowadays, that’s mainly what people are regged for

Why? By the early 1980’s, the Church had amassed millions of dollars of unused Advance Payments that were subject to refund. That is, services they had taken money for but never delivered. This was a huge potential legal and financial liability. The Church lawyers and legal staff, under Miscavige’s direction, devised the IAS as a way to build up tens of millions of dollars of non-refundable money that the Church could use for any purpose it wanted without any transparency or oversight. Marketing research was done on membership organizations and the basic IAS plan was worked out and “sold” to Scientologists. Now there are many such ways for Scientologists to “donate” – to the IAS, to “Ideal Orgs,” to the Superpower Building internal construction. And each one has it’s increasing “levels of donation” with its lofty titles and impressive pins. What would LRH have thought of such things? My guess is that he would have been disgusted.

3. “Ideal” Orgs: David Miscavige’s Scientology has the intention to establish orgs as physical façades only, not as real centers for the delivery of Scientology. They have abandoned the term “Saint Hill Size Orgs” and substituted the term “Ideal Org.” A “Saint Hill Size” Org was defined by LRH in terms of numbers of staff, numbers of public, and delivery statistics. The “Ideal Org” is defined by Miscavige only in terms of MEST – square footage, renovations, flat-screen TVs, audio-visual systems. Read any of the recent Scientology magazines and see for yourself how these supposedly “ideal” orgs are described. Reports are that these supposedly “ideal” orgs are largely empty of public and are struggling even to make enough to pay their operating expenses. They do not need and cannot afford these “ideal” premises. What they need is real management, real evaluations, real programs, real, effective promotion, none of which is being provided by current management.

4. Ineffective Dissemination: David Miscavige’s Scientology recommends and carries out ineffective dissemination. We have been told in recent events that all dissemination will be done with videos in our “Ideal Orgs.” Staff and public and FSMs are not supposed to talk about Scientology to new people any more, just point to a video screen. Gone are the great FSMs and Intro Lecturers of the past. Now it’s all supposed to be done with glossy videos.

Miscavige thought that celebs would do the major disseminating, and personally groomed up Tom Cruise. The result of all that personal Miscavige coaching? Cruise ended up becoming a media punch-line, and his career tanked. Now he’s working to put his career back together. Seen him extolling Scientology lately?

And what about the big book campaigns we used to have? Now they are replaced with TV ads that are glossy and impressive, but convince no one and sell no books. LRH always insisted that broad ad campaigns sell books as their top priority. In HCO PL 21 Jan 65R, Vital Data on Promotion, he says “You do not do ‘goodwill’ advertising or just try to get the name about.”  But of course that is exactly what Miscavige is doing. Because he knows better. And the results? A media survey conducted by HCD Research using its website on August 3, found that viewers percieved the ads as credible right up to the point where the word Scientology was mentioned, at which point the believability ratings crashed out the bottom and people were left feeling very skeptical. What is the result of years and years of Miscavige’s brand of “dissemination”? Scientology is now the most disliked religion in America, according to both Gallup and a CBS News poll.

5. Recycling the same Public: David  Miscavige’s Scientology insists that Scientologists do the same services and buy the same books over and over and over. With few new people coming in, the current Church of Scientology has to constantly “repackage” and “re-release” the same books and courses and levels, telling us that the older courses and levels and books were somehow “off-Source” (even though they were good enough for LRH).

The current massive, massive push on “The Basics” is a case in point. We are told that with these new and improved books, all of the earlier “typos” and errors (introduced by Suppressive editors) have been corrected, and these new books are now “100% on-Source.”

Are we supposed to forget the 1991 re-release of all the books, when Miscavige stated, in RTC ED 450, “For this reason, in April of 1987 we embarked upon a strategy of making all the material of the Scientology Grade Chart standard and available to all. The plan was to:

“1. Review all materials against original LRH manuscripts and handle any omissions or alter-is that had crept in through the years either by mistake or at the hand of some SP.”

He went on to say,

“In this period, from 1987 to present time, the following has been accomplished…

“1. All Dianetics and Scientology books were reviewed, gotten fully on-source and issued. These books were put into a form that could easily be studied and understood by anyone, with definitions of hard-to-find terms right in the book, thus preventing individuals from going by misunderstood. This has been done with all of the over two dozen books on the subject.”

Sound familiar? This is exactly what he claimed with “The Basics.” How many times are we supposed to swallow this? And are we supposed to believe that LRH himself never spotted all of this alter-is by “Suppressive editors”?

And how many courses have we done and redone, endlessly. We trained on the Academy, then we had to retrain from the bottom up on the Golden Age of Tech, now there are rumors of “New Academy Levels” yet again, which will of course be mandatory to keep your certs. How many PTS/SP Courses have we done? The list goes on.

Are these all really “improvements” of the original LRH courses and books? Or is this just a way to get more and more money from the same people?

6. A New Source: Finally, does the Brave New Church of Scientology intend to ultimately replace L. Ron Hubbard with David Miscavige? Look at the recent magazines. Two dozen or more glossy color photographs of Miscavige, just a few of LRH.  Miscavige brags of having “re-edited” LRH’s books, “re-compiled” his training courses. He shows contempt for actually carrying out LRH’s policies, as shown in the examples above.

LRH forbade huge events. Orgs at one time were holding large, repeating “congresses” several times a year. LRH noted that while these temporarily boosted the stats, the org always crashed lower. Overall, they were destructive, and were thus forbidden. Miscavige gives six huge events a year, all featuring and praising guess who – Miscavige himself, framed by huge and ornate sets.

And now we learn that Miscavige apparently is maintaining his position by threatening, bullying and even physically attacking other executives and staff.

For an interesting rundown on Miscavige’s “qualifications” and his rise to power, check this link.

Look over the above. Are these the intentions and activities of a group you want to be a part of?

And review what we know about Statistics here.

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  1. Margaret permalink
    October 29, 2009 8:52 pm

    I think no matter how you slice it, DM is an incompetent leader. He has resorted to abuse, deception and fear, in order to try to make Scientology grow. And he has completely mismanaged the staff and the group that have dedicated their lives to Scientology and LRH’s vision.

    In Miscavige’s wake, are beaten down individuals, disconnected families, crushing individual debt and disaffected members and staff.

    Miscavige never led a Scientology mission, or an Org, or even a Continent. Instead, from all indications, he has always been a “know best” — and the results have sadly shown the lack of experience.

    While I don’t personally have any problem with the new Basics (and in fact I’m glad that people are reading the books), and I also don’t have any problems with GAT and the additional drilling … these actions will only lead to a recycling of the existing public. This doesn’t make the group grow. The IRS win was wonderful. But sadly, it was short-lived … and certainly didn’t revert the Church’s downtrending stats.

    If any Scientologist expects to be able to disseminate to the world at large in any meaningful way, it will mean a recognition that Miscavige has been responsible for physical abuses, family disconnections and stat-pushing that has simply created a false PR image of expansion, covering up the reality of contraction.

  2. September 3, 2013 6:51 pm

    Is there a video or any source documents that can be used as proof of Miscavige making statements about the previous batch of books back in 1991? I would like to find something like this for my current project.

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