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Where Are The Scientologists?

January 18, 2022

                I’ve been thinking of writing something on this subject for a while. I began thinking about it when I saw a Twitter post on Scientology’s “STAND” hate site saying that Leah Remini was “stripping Scientologists of their First Amendment rights of free speech. Of course, that is a ridiculous idea. No one is “stripping” Scientologists of their right to free speech. They are as free to speak as anyone else. And in fact, they SHOULD be better at speaking than others since one of the first “Grade Chart” levels any Scientologist attains is Grade Zero – a “Communications Release,” who, according to Scientology’s literature, attains the ability to “Communicate with anyone on any subject.” Well, if Scientologists are experts at communication and are able to communicate with anyone on any subject, and are perfectly free to speak, then that begs the question:

Where are they?

When I was a new Scientologist, way back in 1968, I had a bumper sticker on my car that said “Ask me about Scientology.” And I was pulled over more than once with demands to tell them about Scientology. And like any Scientologist back in the day, I could give an impromptu intro lecture on demand. I could probably still give a better impromptu intro lecture than most of today’s Scientologists. Can you imagine a Scientologist in 2022 with a bumper sticker saying “Ask me about Scientology”? It would never happen. They are in HIDING.

Scientology HATES the fact that so many Ex-Scientologists have written books about their experiences in Scientology – the abuses, greed and fraud. Well, what’s to stop Scientologists from writing their own memoirs about how great Scientology is and how it changed their lives?  Nothing.  It’s not like we had tons of money or amazing publishing connections. We had NOTHING, but we published books anyway. So why don’t Scientologists do the same?

And what about TV appearances? Ex-Scientologists have been on national TV. Leah Remini and Mike Rinder produced an Emmy-winning series exposing the excesses of Scientology. I went on Anderson Cooper exposing the violence at the Int Base to an international audience of millions. Why don’t Scientologists go on TV or on talk shows extolling the virtues of Scientology? Even Scientology celebrities refuse to discuss Scientology in their interviews. Why?  

And what about blogs and podcasts? Ex-Scientologists do this all the time. Aaron Smith-Levin, Chris Shelton and others do YouTube broadcasts all the time. Why don’t Scientologists do that?

Look at any public forum and you’ll find the same thing. Ex-Scientologists are there. Current Scientologists are not.

Sure, there are Scientologists who give lectures. Exclusively to Scientologists, usually telling them how to make more money to get “up the Bridge.” Where are the Scientologists giving intro lectures to raw public? Nowhere.

When I was first getting into Scientology, the most prominent Scientologists were very much “hands on.” They ran missions (and even large networks of Missions), lectured frequently and brought many people into Scientology through their direct actions.  These were the “superstars” of Scientology.

Today, it’s a different scene. The “superstars” are not the power disseminators or the active Mission holders. They are rich people who give a lot of money to Scientology. Period.

And this change is due to one man – David Miscavige.  Dave doesn’t want “superstar” Scientologists. He doesn’t want to have to share the spotlight with anyone. He wants all attention on himself, and he wants to control everything.

So he doesn’t want anyone out there giving lectures. And he had actively discouraged anyone from doing that. If you look at how all Orgs are set up these days, they have their public areas jammed with video players and screens. ALL staff are to do is play videos for anyone who comes in – videos prepared and approved by Dave.  Don’t even TALK to new people! Just sit them down and play them videos.

And of course any public inflow has crashed out to zero. Because that approach doesn’t work. People have ALWAYS gotten in to Scientology through “word of mouth.” They hear about it from friends or family. So if Scientologists are forbidden from talking about it, and are never shown how to talk about it, and are in fact instructed to NOT talk about it, it is not going to happen.

Ex-Scientologists have no problem talking about Scientology, and they do it all the time. Online and in person. And so Scientology has the worst “word of mouth” possible. And their public inflow is nonexistent.

So why don’t Scientologists speak out and handle this?

In a word, they are AFRAID. Scientology is known for its strange space opera beliefs (Xenu), and for being an odd and abusive cult, and for mounting a large infiltration of the US Government (for which eleven senior Scientologists were jailed, including Hubbard’s wife). Scientologists do NOT want to be publicly known as Scientologists. They don’t want to be asked about Xenu or about the Sea Org, or about Scientology’s abuses or crimes. They are embarrassed about being Scientologists. They do not want to be asked about Scientology or have to defend Scientology in public. So they stay hidden.

The few who do speak publicly do so on behalf of OSA. And they are trained to do one thing and one thing only: attack “SPs” and “apostates.” Explain Scientology? Never.

A huge proportion of Scientologists don’t even want to BE Scientologists. So they quietly withdraw. We call these people “UTR” – “under the radar.” They pretend to still be in Scientology, but no longer take courses or do auditing. Some of them may go to events. They keep up a façade of being Scientologists so they won’t be disconnected from friends and family, but for all practical purposes, they have left.

Scientology calls these people “off-lines.” People that are on their address rolls but are no longer doing anything. When I worked in Scientology’s Marketing Unit, where we kept track of such things, it was estimated that up to 40% of the address lists was “off line.” It is probably much higher today.  

Now, if Dave Miscavige were to read this, I’m sure he’d reluctantly admit “Hawkins is right. Scientologists and celebs are COWARDS. They are not speaking out! We have to MAKE them…”

Not so fast there, Dave. Who is the biggest coward of all, the number one person who SHOULD be speaking out but refuses to? Dave Miscavige himself. He could literally book himself on any national talk show tomorrow if he wanted to. He won’t. Why not? He’s afraid. He’s a coward. Could it be that the leader of Scientology himself is actually “under the radar,” pretending to be a Scientologist but doing nothing of substance? (He hasn’t had any auditing or training in years.)

The hard truth is that Dave doesn’t WANT new people in Scientology. They have to be taught, trained and indoctrinated. They take time and money to develop. Much easier to just continue to rip off the “existing field” by having them do the same services over and over and buy the same materials over and over. Who needs new people when you can just milk a few thousand brainwashed whales? Where are the Scientologists? The few who still exist are hiding, just like their leader. Because they know, deep down, that it’s a sham they can neither talk about or defend.

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