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Operation RPF: Restoring People’s Freedom

January 25, 2011

I consider that the greatest neglected media story about the Church of Scientology is its Rehabilitation Project Force. This, in my opinion, is the elephant in the room, the story that no one, it seems, can confront – whether media, law enforcement, or government agencies. Because the fact is, the Church of Scientology is running virtual slave camps right in the middle of half a dozen major cities. And the deeper one investigates, the more one wonders, how in hell can they get away with it?

Sure, apologists will take exception to my calling these RPFs “slave camps.” Yet if one investigates, if one talks to people who have actually been in them in the last few years, that is exactly what they are. People disappear into RPFs for years – up to six, eight, or even ten years. They have no contact with family or the outside world. They work at menial tasks, such as making Church furniture, for pennies. They live in unbelievably crowded, squalid dormitories. Even a maximum security prison seems like Club Med in comparison.

Well, leave it to the Aussies to do something about it. I had a call from my friend Kevin Mackey, who briefed me on something they have going called Operation Restoring People’s Freedom, or Operation RPF. They have a thread on this on ESMB.

A brief recap – last year, an Ex-Scientologist named Adrian Kelsey attempted to rescue his son, Shane, from the RPF, where he had been held for many years. After a lot of back and forth with OSA, he marched right in to the base and demanded to see his son. They were able to spend some time together outside the org, shadowed by OSA operatives. And though his son went back to the RPF, he ended up blowing a week later.

Based on information from Shane and from other former Scientologists, notably someone calling themselves “Blown in Australia” (BIA), a shocking picture of RPF conditions and practices emerged, including the fact that people were being held against their will at the ANZO base.

Kevin and other Exes narrowed their focus to three names that they had confirmed who definitely wanted to leave: Matt Faye, an Aussie who had grown up in the Sea Org, Brian Curry, a U.S. citizen and Shane’s twin on the RPF, and Carol Miles, a British subject.

I knew Carol slightly. When we first started doing tour videos for the Freewinds, we had to find someone who could appear on camera as the main spokesperson. Milt Wolfe, the CO FSSO at the time, was hopeless on camera. So we did a bit of a talent scout and found Carol, then a singer in the ship’s house band. She looked great on camera, pretty, confident, good presence. So we invented a fake post for her, “Chief Executive Officer,” put her in an officer’s white uniform, and voila! A Freewinds spokesperson. Of course the problem with creating a high profile opinion leader is that they can eventually see too much, know too much, and get (as we like to say) “disinfected.” And that’s what happened with Carol, as described by Mike Rinder a while ago on Marty’s blog:

“One of the Ship Engineers was severely disaffected with Captain Love Boat [Mike Napier] after several run-ins with him. He became increasingly enturbulated and was not sleeping. He was put under 24 hour watch with full time guards and video cameras in his room. He was not handled with standard tech and ended up committing suicide by hanging himself in the shower with a sheet. The entire incident was covered up so as not to create a ‘flap.’ False information was given to the authorities. Carol Miles, the Public Officer and public face of the Freewinds has disappeared. I guess, like Heber, nobody dares ask where she is. In fact, she was being ‘handled’ under the brilliant guidance of CO CMO Ship (Sue Price) with her special style of ‘executive C/Sing’. Carol’s ‘handlings’ didn’t go well. She made threats and became a security risk. And what happens to inmates on the prison ship when they are too hot to handle? They get shipped off to the prison colony – the RPF in CLO ANZO, in Sydney.”

High-profile “problem” staff are often sent to the RPF in ANZO to get them out of the way. There are several former Int Base staff there, as well as people who “knew too much” about the Lisa McPherson affair. Carol has now been on the RPF in ANZO for three years, and every day of that she has wanted to leave. But they don’t dare let her go. Because people, and especially OT VIIIs, would listen to her. And she has tales to tell.

So Kevin and the Aussie Exes and Anons decided to do something about it, and on Sunday the 19th of December they converged on the premises of CLO ANZO to call attention to illegal RPF imprisonment. The Church, in their usual knee-jerk reaction, called the police, and the officers who arrived became very interested in the charges of illegal imprisonment, and actually conducted welfare checks. They only found one person on the list, Brian Curry who, surrounded by OSA and others, denied that he was being held against his will. (It is standard practice for Human Trafficking investigators, by the way, to interview subject outside the facility where they are imprisoned, and without any of their captors present.)

The Church told police that the other two, Matt and Carol, had been “sent out of the country.” The police later investigated this and apparently found that they had left the country.

The point is, we are dealing with serious matters here. Holding someone against their will is called kidnapping. Shuffling those prisoners from continent to continent also has a name: human trafficking. It is time to shine the light of publicity and public opinion on these odious practices of the Church. It is time to alert law enforcement as to what is going on.

Here’s the video from the Sydney raid:

  1. Heather G permalink
    January 25, 2011 8:00 am

    Thank you, Jeff. This is a very important development.

  2. Carla Graham permalink
    January 25, 2011 9:19 am

    Thanks for drawing attention to this. I do believe that the RPF is the Achilles heel of CoS, especially after witnessing the viral reaction of Mike Gordon, OSA legal. He had a total meltdown at the New Years demonstration when I tried to talk to him. I think he is in hot water and knows it.

    By the fact of the long sentences, the “twice through” orders, the horrific living conditions, and the complete isolation of the inmates, it is difficult to see how even the most brainwashed Scientologist could consider this “rehabilitation”. I hope that the police organizations around the world wake up to what is going on here and act. In the meantime, we need to keep the spotlight squarely focused on RPF abuses.

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff.

  3. Tara permalink
    January 25, 2011 3:21 pm

    I agree it’s the greatest neglected media story.
    I mean, if my now 17 year old daughter were in this situation I would be absolutely psycho about getting her out. There is some kind of acceptance level because it’s CofS when under ANY other circumstances it would be 100% unacceptable.
    Excellent post.

  4. lunamoth permalink
    January 25, 2011 5:04 pm

    God, I love Ozzies!


  5. Scooter permalink
    January 25, 2011 7:23 pm

    Thanks for putting this up, Jeff.

    As a participant in the “visit” to CLO ANZO that day, to witness the franticness of OSA to our presence and questions says to me that the Co$ management does know just how unjustifiable the existence of the RPF is in a civilized world. Michael Gordon was on the phone to an obvious senior while he and Glenn Hunter (also OSA ANZO) were trying to”handle” the police visit.

    I have friends still suffering in that gulag and I have had friends go through that gulag system here in Australia and elsewhere in Clearwater, Int and LA. The light needs to be shone on this vile practice of incarcerating people for dissent or “downstats.”

    I believe it needs to be stopped more than any of the other abuses of Co$ – the damage it does to a person by trying to debase them to the level of a servile robot is disgusting.

  6. January 25, 2011 7:37 pm

    Good for you for raising awareness about L Ron Hubbard’s Rehabilitation Project Force, Jeff.

    If you study Mao’s Reconditioning camps, you will see the original model of the RPF, and where Hubbard got the idea.

    The work that these people are doing in Australia is very important. Hopefully the awareness they raise with law enforcement there can be raised with US law enforcement, as well.

  7. Just Me permalink
    January 25, 2011 8:39 pm

    Jeff, thanks so much for publicizing these efforts of the outrageously magnificent Australian rescue teams.

    Yea! to all who made it possible for Shane to come home. BIA, Scooter, Adrian, Kevin, James, etc. … I’ve read at ESMB of your fine, fine work. You are heroes who deserve our thanks.

    I hope Carol and Brian can be freed soon from the illegal imprisonment they still suffer, as well as the many other persons throughout the world who suffer the same miserable RPF fate. The Church of Scientology’s actions are illegal, immoral and maddening.

    David Miscavige, let the imprisoned Scientology staff members go!

    Just Me

  8. January 25, 2011 9:14 pm

    I had a friend who was shipped off to the RPF because she reported Financial irregularities that where being implemented by upper management.

    Others were sent there because they objected to the implementation of the Golden Age of Tech.

    Any Scientologist who is still on lines and is deluded into thinking that the RPF has anything to do with “Rehabilitation” in the sense that had been commonly accepted prior to the coup is deluded.

    Personally I never liked the term “brain washing” (a neologism created by a CIA operative) as it is inaccurate.

    And has been going on since the early ’80’s at least.

    Under the guise of “rehabilitation” which has been redefined by those involved in Church “management”.

    “Reeducation” would probably be the proper term.

    “Torture” would probably suffice as well.

    An example is the perversion of the “Running Program”.

    A program similar to the Purification RD in many ways that was used on many of the earlier Execs including David Mayo as a form of punishment after RTC took over.

    I.e. having them run around a tree in the hot blazing sun of the California Desert for sometimes 15 hours a day under the watchful eye of Int Base security.

    Of course this information never left Hemet until many of the execs who were being abused in such a manner “blew”.

    However OSA was able to run a “successful” Black Propaganda campaign against many of these execs and accused them of “squirreling” a simple matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

    (The criminal mind in full operation)

    So the truth of what was actually going on was obscured from Scientologists outside the zone of the Int Base.

    Also many who knew about it.

    Instead of demanding that such actions cease ran what we call a Ded/Dedex which includes many of the same execs who are now currently sitting in the hole right now with the exception of David Miscavige who along with Pat Broeker were the key instigators of such drastic actions.

    Like any auditor who squirrels a process they had gotten away with altering the tech and claiming the execs so handled were in fact “dog PCs” and “no gain cases” etc.

    Now the program continues beyond the concertina and razor wire of the Int Base and has infected and perverted every aspect of Scientology.

    In place of ARC. Threats and force are used.

    What was back then known as the “Severe Reality Adjustment”, SRA or more accurately Severe Reality Perversion is now in constant use now on the public and staff who step out of line.

    Particularly whistle blowers.

    If they happen to be public.

    They are subjected to lengthy “sec checks” with the only difference being from the way many whistle blowers in Government are treated is that they use an Emeter instead of a Polygraph.

    Non SO staff are subjected to what is known as the “decks” which is basically a mini RPF.

    While SO staff are disappeared onto the “RPF” as if they were some kind of “terrorist suspect” subjected to “extraordinary rendition”.

    So the charge of kidnapping would apply since that is what “extraordinary rendition” basically is.

    One understands why the USG stands idly by while this was going on.

    (Seems Dave’s “friends” as he called them in ’93 have too many similar overts of their own)

    However leave it to the Ozzies home of Julian Assange to say enough is enough!

    It’s about damn time somebody did something about it.

    So on that point I applaud you all and wish you much success in shutting this squirrel program down and restoring human rights to its captives.

    Best of luck!



    • January 26, 2011 2:18 am

      I dont the like the term “brain washing” either – its so 50years ago, and there is soooo more information readily available in the cultic studies vein these days the term just isnt apropos anymore in relation to a religious organization.

      I like “coercive persuasion” much better – its much more fitting in light of how many people involved with a destructive cult eventually come to realize that something isnt right in the world they thought they were prescribing too.

      • January 26, 2011 5:56 am

        I agree “coercive persuasion” is more appropiate since coercion is one of the key tactics used by the Church these days to control others.

  9. Fidelio permalink
    January 25, 2011 9:46 pm

    Jeff, there are no words to express my deep satisfaction and gratitude to you for using all your clout and your poignant forum to draw attention to this unspeakablity, to this atrocity, to this monstrosity, to this torture, to this Human Rights Violation and obscene perversion under the “Arbeit-macht-frei”-Redemption-Rehabilitation-cloaking the RPF truly IS (and always was from the very beginning!)!

    May it be taken up by the media – big, broad, LOUD and as long as it takes – so that it comes to an end on an ideally IMMEDIATE basis!!!

  10. Kevin Mackey permalink
    January 25, 2011 10:56 pm

    Jeff, my thanks for bringing light to this issue.

    These three RPFers are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to holding people against their will.

    What gives a paranoid cult the right to hold onto people who have seen too much?

    When will law enforcement say “that’s enough” and do something?

  11. Cowboy Poet permalink
    January 25, 2011 11:17 pm

    It is the soft under belly of the beast.

  12. January 25, 2011 11:24 pm

    Excellent Summary Jeff! Thank you – I’m so glad to see this news reaching the blogosphere.

    And yes indeed the RPF needs way more exposure and public outrage considering how far back this program reaches! Even Arthur Conway-Hubbard, LRH’s youngest son was subjected to it:

    For more first hand accounts of this blatant human rights abuse, folks should stop by:

    • January 26, 2011 6:14 am

      Not only Arthur but Suzette and Diana too were subjected to the RPF.

      I’m sure that Miscavige would have forced Mary Sue onto the program too if she hadn’t resigned as Controller.

      This is the man who claims to be one of Ron’s best friends.

      With “friends” like this who needs enemies?

  13. January 26, 2011 2:31 am

    Kevin & Paul,

    I’ve been tracking your raid for a couple weeks and I cannot cannot contain the absolute exhilaration I’ve felt while getting the reports. You guys are DOING what many, many others have talked about.

    Absolutely brilliant to target the RPF. It’s completely indefensible and a disgusting example of how the Sea Organization is a criminal entity. They’re criminals in a lot of other ways as well, but the RPF may just be the one that forces John Law to finally step in.

  14. Freetothink permalink
    January 26, 2011 6:37 am

    Woohoo! You guys kicked A……..!!!

    Thanks for all you’re doing. It will no doubt create a big effect & free more & more people.


  15. Human Rights permalink
    January 26, 2011 8:33 am

    Great Post again, Jeff.

    It is just a non understanding from my side how could this be a neglected area or non-confront? Isn’t it rather a cover-up? There is an actual written Flag Order about the RPF. That’s in itself a hard evidence that it is not a fairy tail but an existing reality.

    Just an interesting issue that my Facebook account under the name Human Rights has been disabled recently. I did posted references like this:
    most of the time without any comment. And I was answered by Facebook that I was commiting act of Hate Speech…

  16. Fidelio permalink
    January 26, 2011 9:07 am

    Could it be that just very very very few hand full of people really should be directly subjected to the RPF’s RPF full blast? Miscavige and his ilk of course in the first row!
    I am afraid though, that in that case there would be nobody left evil and criminal and predator enough to exert it full blast on those pathetic characters…..

    Sorry for my haplessly helpless remarks struggling to express my unspeakable outrage….

    And BRAVO BRAVISSIMO to all those who raided and will continue to raid the concentration gulags.


  17. Cinnamon permalink
    January 26, 2011 3:51 pm

    This YouTube video shows another admirable view of the Aussies. Here, the exes are speaking up at an Anonymous protest, about one year ago.

    Part 1 is mostly just introductory, showing the Anons singing and holding up signs.

    But in parts 2 – 4, people speak about their experiences. In part 3, a woman speaks about being forcibly taken into the RPF.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

  18. Karen#1 permalink
    January 27, 2011 2:32 am

    I am so very proud of the Aussies.
    I am so very happy to be well connected with the Aussies.
    My RPF cycle was 28 years ago and it was   HELL ON EARTH
    I was working in the Ls CS office as the Class XII CS.
    I was summoned by someone to see Don Larson.
    I had absolutely NOTHING to do with FINANCE, ZERO, ZILCH.
    The summons was incomprehensible to me.
    Larson, is his arrogance had me wait outside his office for 2 hours.
    When he finally had TIME to see me, he said to me I was being assigned to the RPF
    but  would not be    “IN ” the RPF, I would only be   “ON ” the RPF
    It was illegal in those days to sentence someone to the RPF without a Committee of Evidence
    So I would be  ON  the RPF  pending Comm Ev.  I would eat with them, sleep with them, work with them
    but I was only  ON    and not   IN 

    I demanded to know why the assignment.
    The assignment was due to a trumped up TELEX which alleged that I was ‘FUNNELLING CLASS XIIS out of the FSO.”

    I could not fathom what it meant ….was I building underground tunnels under the bowels of the Fort Harrison and helping Class XIIs escape ?

    The accusation was as bogus as it could get. Absolute hogwash. I had within the last year CSed 2 Class XIIs who subsequently blew
    Bruce Glushakow and another, therefore I was “Funnelling Class XIIs” out of the FSO, for CSing I did one year previously !
    But I paid dearly for it with 6 months of HELL.
    The RPF was an insane Asylum, literally bedlum in 1982. Hysterical musters of screaming threats, ABUSE gone mad.
    Insane rantings 1 hour at a time for no particular reason.

    I was assigned to be a GUINEA PIG on the 12 hour a day running program. In Clearwater sun in Florida, we ran around a pole as punishment.

    It was enforced.
    It was punishment.

    I have experienced the darker punitive side of Scientology which has NO MERCY.
    There is no LOVE in this “Religion”. No benevelonce. No caring for the individual.
    It is absolutely the dichotomy of everything a RELIGION should be.

    It is a sadistic, malicious and vindictive CULT as witnessed by report after report after report of the drachonian punishments doled out as a way of life.

    It is also a “RELIGION” that operates purely as a business.


    As time marched on the RPF got worse and worse, and in-mates could not graduate for YEARS working on reduced sleep for slave labor, cut off from the outside world, disconnected from their spouses and this assignment could occur
    by the whimsical order of Miscagive with no Justice procedures .

    Here’s Don Larson’s video after he fled. We only met once. I bear no ill-will towards him. I forgive him.

    • January 27, 2011 9:20 pm

      Karen thats absolutely horrible, and I’m so sorry you and so many others were treated that way.

      But thank you for speaking out about it and taking a stand the way you do. It’s encouraging to know that the cult didnt break your spirit and you made it out… and here’s hoping the fine example the aussies set comes to bear fruit in regards to being the first of many stepping stones towards getting others out of the RPF.

    • freespirit permalink
      January 29, 2011 1:33 am

      Karen# 1- how positively horrible. You are ABSOLUTELY right. The ugliness of this is hard to confront. Very hard. But very real.

    • Martin. permalink
      January 29, 2011 9:45 am

      Thanks Karen very much for sharing these events. I have been reluctant to share my own Int RPF experience despite invitations to do so from well-meaning individuals such as the lovely Yuliya

      A very short summary: I was assigned to the RPF at Int in 1985 by Dick Aznaran for dozing off on “watch” once while security training (was UK staff). I didn’t want to be at Int at all, let alone on the RPF, home suddenly felt very far away indeed. I had a breakdown with the shock of it immediately, knowing full well the implications and likelihood of being on it for a long time to come. Was assigned to the carpentry section, Eric Knutson was section chief, and seeing me in a state showed me genuine compassion, the only person to do so for the next year or so. He promised to get me to the MAA to have the assignement reviewed for “correctness” but needless to say that amounted to nothing.

      For some reason there was no RPF berthing at the time – i found myself a place to sleep amongst the junk in the garage, in a little space about 10feet up. It had been poorly constructed and was in imminent danger of collapse, but I still looked forward to going there at the end of the long sweaty days for a few moments of peace and quiet.

      There were several safety measures that were being attempted to implement due to continuous accidents, such as one guy losing several fingers on a circular saw, another guy falling off scaffolding and nearly breaking his back, but nothing changed much over the time period I was there. It was at the time we were the “GCT” a supposedly “superior” type of RPF responsible for building the new LRH music studio, the targets were absurd, the pressure intense. The expectation was that Hubbard was going to return to the base and sit in the control room himself (of course he never did). All-nighters were a regular occurrence, where we were still expected to run everywhere, despite it being a building site in the dark with all the attendant dangers such as planks with nails sticking out etc.

      One night in the small hours I was doing some work on the inside ceiling of what was the control room of the studio. I needed to move my ladder from A to B, couldn’t get anyone to stop what what they were doing to help move it. Of course as an “OT” one was always expected just to “make it go right” whatever the situation, and it was a typical moment when one knew there was no “right” solution. Tabayoyon and several Execs were watching the work from the other side of the glass so rather than stop work and wait for help moving the ladder, I picked it up alone and slowly inched it to point B. I didn’t get far before Tabayoyon burst through the door screaming at me to get the fuck out of there. The rationale was that there was a danger of the ladder toppling and damaging some of the floor or walls. I was “sabotaging the entire project”, I was suppressive, this that and the other, and needed to “have some cognitions” while I dug ditches far away from any harm I might cause in the control room. Weirdly, digging ditches all night was something of a relief.

      Another moment that sticks out was one day on top of the roof in the desert heat I was cutting roofing felt. I had just taken the flack for a smart alec comment some else had made and had taken my roasting without snitching on the actual culprit. My 1.1 Englishness was an impediment to production this time, etc. Exhausted, dehydrated and pissed off at the injustice of what had happened, the knife I was using went right through the felt, and my leg, leaving a huge gaping wound needing medical attention. I was stuck back together and back on site within about 20 minutes. I have a large scar as souvenir to this day.

      By now we had berthing at Happy Valley, and the coach journeys to and fro were a welcome break, sometimes one could even get a (cold) shower after work if you rushed. Once I started walking into the moutains and got out of sight of the buildings. The only things that stopped me continuing to walk was the fear of rattlesnakes, lack of water and recapture, knowing I had no passport, ID etc.

      One of the more comical episodes came when the studio was nearly finished, and workers who needed to work inside needed “smell checks” before being allowed in. That meant literally some from HU would sit outside and sniff the armpits of anyone going in and those who didn’t pass were sent away to wash again.

      • Kevin Bloody Mackey permalink
        January 29, 2011 10:04 pm

        Hello Martin. I’m so sorry for my part of the free pass I gave the CofS that allowed this to happen to you.

        Thank you for telling your story here mate.

        This is why.

      • Karen#1 permalink
        January 31, 2011 3:55 am

        Dear Martin,

        Thanks very much for sharing your INT Base RPF Story and the engram/trauma where the knife went through your leg.

        In DM’s cult of corporate greed many many accidents have occurred on the SEA ORG Slaves due to SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

        No one Alerted OSHA in those days. The INT BASE SEA ORG though they were above the LAW.

        Did you ever read this link by Marc Headley ?

        As a matter of fact my INT BASE 6 months of horror was also with Eric Knutson as head of carpentry and Andre Tabayoyin running all the “Deck Project Force”.

        Many of the accidents and scars and severed off fingers and other Lifetime injuries came from the workers being made to work around the CLOCK with SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

        It stemmed from Corporate GREED. There was no thought for the worker.
        It was about STATS and extracting MAXIMUM work for MINIMUM wage under the Cloak of “Religion”.

        Working with permission to sleep only 2-4 hours a day if that was the order of the day.

      • Tara permalink
        January 31, 2011 4:29 am

        Martin, your story too, breaks my heart. 😦

    • Tara permalink
      January 31, 2011 4:28 am

      Karen, that just breaks my heart. 😦

  19. Valkov permalink
    January 28, 2011 1:39 am

    Great video Karen#1, I hadn’t seen it before. Sounds like the RFP was already bad in 1982, being used for punishment and compliance purposes rather than any real Rehab.

  20. idle org permalink
    January 28, 2011 1:55 am


    You are doing fantastic and important work!!!

    Thank you!

  21. Karen#1 permalink
    January 28, 2011 2:47 am

    AnonLover and Valkov,

    Thank you. One glorious afternoon, I was plucked out of the RPF and not allowed to graduate.

    WHY ?

    Too valuable. A NOTS CS. I was ordered out by CMO PAC and put on post as NOTS CS AOLA. The RPF assigment was “cancelled”. BOGUS all along.

    Did anyone apologize for the brutality ?
    Did anyone care to patch me up for running 12 hours a day around a pole ?
    Did anyone think that when ABUSE is rampant on a willing staff member, the willingness will eventually erode ?



  22. January 28, 2011 4:34 am

    Professor Stephen Kent has been studying the RPF for over a decade now.

    One thing I think still needed, is a survey of ex RPF members, asking such questions as:

    1) How often are their RPF members who are “blowy” who require full time “watches?”

    2) On an average day, how many of the RPF members had to have full time “watches” or were a somewhat less bad category of being just in the eyesight and presence of their RPF twin (due to the offending RPF member having expressed possibly in session that they had some thoughts of “blowing” or they flunked a metered question, the questions asked on the meter when RPF members request to go “off base” for a visit to the doctor, or do some legal business off base that they have to do?

    I was on the Int RPF from July 1996 until November 2000.

    I was transferred/demoted to the PAC RPF from Nov 2000 until I routed out in March 2003.

    In that almost 7 years, I had full time “watches” 24 hours a day for over 22 months. I had those “watches” due to my repeatedly stating I wished either to “route out” or that I had escape thoughts (which I had almost daily for months on end, and thus I had full ‘watches’ assigned to be with me, so I didn’t escape unnoticed.

    The Int RPF, which was out at Happy Valley (Castille Canyon Ranch) was sold and no longer exists. The PAC RPF obviously still exists.

    When I was on the RPF., at any one time, I can speak only for myself and what I observered, but very rately is there an RPF member who is wishing to actually leave, and who WOULD appreciate a “possy” showing up to help them escape.

    There were definitely periods when I certainly would have liked to have called for help, I contemplated calling Dennis Erlich, when I was on the Int RPF, in 1997, the early months of 1997, when I was having daily blow thoughts and was extremely frustrated that I was NOT being more swiftly routed out. Dennis was at that time a very well know critic, and he was only about 90 miles or less, away from the Int RPF. I’d known Dennis when he was the head honcho Class 12 Cramming Officer at the FSO, when I was a lowly TTC member at the FSO back in 1976-77. Dennis somehow made the Freedom Mag, and RTC just couldn’t refrain from bragging about the raid on Dennis in 1995, and some Scientology mag had the raid news in it, which then gave me my escape plan hope, to blow, call Dennis for help.

    So I think there WILL be people in the RPF, who are trying to “route out” who are being stifled, and those people will be the best candidates for somehow communicating to.

    Possible each country which has an RPF, the anonymous or protesters might consider setting up toll free phone numbers, and then advertise that number as a help line, on protest signs, aimed at the RPF members.

    that way, when an RPF member really just can’t stand it anymore, they at least can blow, make the phone call, get some help, that way.

    And maybe having some leaflets, which summarize people’s human rights, and which define WHAT is human trafficiing, and which explain WHAT of the RPF confinement and use of “8C” (TR-7), is actually illegal. If it is the case that TR -7, and the “blow drill” of recovering one’s RPF “twin”, per the Twinning HCOB, which is Scientology scriptures, but Scientology scriptures obviously are NOT senior to a country’s laws. And TR-7, and Twinning HCOB are NOT senior to a country’s laws.

    One last thought. When I was on the Int RPF, Ray Mitoff came out to join us, he was busted for his “negligence” at doing the Golden Age of Tech in some way, and he became the Master at Arms on the RPF. We used to have weekly tape plays, and one week, Ray selected a 1959 era lecture, in it, it had a segment which was considered a precursor to the RPF’s semi confinement practice.

    I don’t recall the exact tape, but LRH said that you sometimes have to confine some people, and get their agreement in writing in a legal doc first, but to “do them any good” with the security checking, you have to be able to keep them isolated and keep them from “committing present time overts” that would undo their case gain from the security checking that you are trying to do on them in the intensive manner that you need to do the security checking on them, in order to get them a case gain and so they keep a case gain.

    So this is partially the rationale, from LRH, for the RPF.

    The RPF program absolutely is a huge amount of security checking for false purposes, tracing back the overt chain to a significant past life over, get the underlying evil purpose and get the prior confusion which is supposed to blow the whole chain of overts.

    It’s a scriptural religious practice, in Hubbard’s context.

    Is it peer reviewed and validated as valid therapy practice, absolutely NOT. My own over 5 thousand hours of False Purpose Rundown/Truth Rundown RPF auditing was worthless in my own case, a complete waste of years of my time, I believe in hindsight today.

    The confinement rationale, this intense security checking to get a “case gain” was a joke, and is a joke in my opinion.

    Scientology is just TOO MUCH of a therapy, and a non peer review therapy.

    The therapy stuff of the RPF goes right into our “past lives” and in that way it might be more easily seen to be a “spiritual” practice.

    But the redemption is completely a subjective experience. It can at best be a spiritual experience, although I don’t personally consider it such any longer, as I DON’T believe in past lives, nor do I believe in the premises of the security checking and false purpose rundown, nor the Truth Rundown anymore.

    One final point, there is now a legal document that one signs, as of 1997, before you start the RPF.

    That legal document needs to be made public.

    In that legal document that ALL RPFers MUST sign, are a couple sentences that make it very clear that the RPF member HAS the right to cease doing the program at any time the RPF member wishes, with the proviso that the RPF member knows it will mean his Sea Org career will then come to an end.

    I hope Professor Kent’s book on the RPF comes out soon!

    • Jeff permalink*
      January 28, 2011 5:45 am

      Chuck, what you refer to as “daily blow thoughts” is just the normal human desire for freedom from oppression and imprisonment. Of course anyone who is imprisoned dreams of freedom. Except in Scientology one is subjected to thought-stopping control, such as “if you want to leave it is because you have overts. So get back into Sec Checking. It’s mind control, period.

      • January 28, 2011 11:55 pm


        Further, on the RPF, there are several contexts that “thought control” actually is a daily, hourly, event.

        Others have written on it, but there are numerous “meter checks” and with questions.

        The questions are “thought crime” questions. These “thought crime” questions HAVE real immediate impact to an RPFer’s RPF life, the second that the RPF member “fails” the “thought crime” meter check question.

        So “thought crime” IS an actual physical event that DOES take place amongst the RPF members to the other RPF members.

        The “blow thoughts” are what one is punished for. One gets a meter check, gets asked the “Have you recently had any thoughts of blowing?” question, and if you get a dirty needle, or a read (the “fall” needle reaction), then you’re gonna be “watched” until you get further sec checked and are “cleaned up” of your “blow thoughts.”

        “Blow thoughts” on the RPF mean something, at least they did during the years I was on the RPF, and if an RPF member coughed up having “blow thoughts”.

        In fact, to the other RPF members, the way we explained to one another WHY any particular RPF member had to have their twin with them all the time, and had to have other RPF members “watch” that particular RPF member, the explanation MOST given, you guessed it, was “blow thoughts.”

        “Blow thoughts” on the RPF is or was so commonly associated with the RPF members who needed to be “watched”, that it became almost a class system, a sub class system on the RPF.

        I never felt any “lower classness” for having SO much time spent in the “baby watch” or the less stringent “normal” “watch” category.

        I lived in my own reality while on the RPF, knowing damn well the outside world would understand this RPF world someday, and condemn it.

        LRH would NOT for a damn second EVER allow someone to put him under “watch.”

        I agree the damn RPF should just be evaporated. It can be, although in my case I don’t think it was, since I had he knack of just painting my world as I chose, but the RPF can be a degrading conditioning experience.

        Luckily, the RPF still has so many escape loopholes, and since I loved reading, I took advantage of “escaping” the degradation of the RPF, during our 5 hours of study, when I often spent way too much time reading the Encyclopedia, or the reference books in the course room reference book area.

        I read the whole Oxford English Literature Guide book, and ALL of the non Hubbard reference books, were my friends, when this damned Hubbard RPF system was a sick Catch 22 trap!

  23. January 28, 2011 5:46 pm

    Way to go! Miscavige and OSA like to confront through many vias (PIs, lawyers, public Scientology dupes, etc). I assure you that your direct approach was unsettling to them and it obviously got results. More people need to walk their body into a Scientology “church” and politely ask to see the family member they are concerned about or ask about something that doesn’t seem right to them.

    I was on the RPF in Clearwater in 2005. I also did the RPF in 1984. The differences were drastic.
    While the spaces where we lived and worked were GREATLY improved, the mental condition and moral of the members was GREATLY decreased.

    In 1984 you could visit your children every day and sleep with your spouse once a week. The average RPFer had been there for a year. If you wanted to leave the process took 2 – 5 days. The moral was generally fairly high.

    In 2005 the average RPFer had been there for 7 years. The members had not had personal contact
    with there children, spouses, friends, family, etc during that time. The moral was out the bottom and people were losing it mentally and spiritually. It was some sad shit. Leaving was extremely differcult and there was an insane dramatization about holding on to people. It truely defies logic.

    • Just Me permalink
      January 29, 2011 4:42 am

      Mat (and others above), thank you for telling these specifics about the RPF conditions — as stomach-churning as it is for me to read them. Imagining even a little bit how I would feel and fare under those cruel circumstances makes me feel very bad. I am so sorry for those who are in these prisons.

      Again, Australians, I am so proud of you for having the courage and energy to free your family and friends from these prisons. How appropriate that the Aussies, with their historical connection to prisons and freedom, are the ones demanding, “Let our people go!”

      Just Me

  24. January 28, 2011 6:01 pm

    Just to clarify – the RPF of 1984 that I was referring to was the RPF in L.A.

    The RPF at the INT base in Hemet California (I lived at INT from 1978 – 1984) was always a slave labor camp. No enhancement time, an average of 3 – 4 hours of sleep a day was the usual, total seperate from family and friends, extreme pressure and supervision. No joke.

    • January 29, 2011 12:33 am

      Didn’t that Int RPF have some mild sounding name, yea, I remember now, the “GCT” Gold Construction Team!!!! The Int RPF was such a NON RPF that it was transformed into just plain slave labor, the good old GCT! There are HUNDREDS of GCT stories, and that should be the title of a blog, and all the old GCT people ought to contribute what they remember to the GCT history!

      LRH in the early 1980s wrote a few despatches, related to the “security checking for false and evil purposes” that became the False Purpose Rundown, and simultaneously the GCT was supposed to be doing that on itself, but the GCT staff were so NOT on schedule the majority of the hardest working and skilled GCT members just never got hardly into session (not that the stuff works, in my opinion it’s only as good as the compassion and friendship of one’s twin that one gets any “case gain”). And LRH also wrote the “new” or “latest” requirements for WHAT was supposed to be accomplished to get a product on the RPF, and today that is the KEY RPF Flag Order to accomplish to graduate, although like you say, and like “we’ve” discussed long ago on the XSO and other chat sites, the RPF today is impossible to graduate until you truly turn yourself into a butt kissing sychophant who has truly brainwashed yourself into thinking DM is a mighty all time leader to end all leaders (Tom Cruise would be a good RPF model graduate for having the correct pro DM attitude!)

      There are so many layers of crap and Catch 22s on the RPF, maybe someone ought to set up an “RPF” history site, and have the GCT as a sub site. And have forums by Sea Org unit, like the EU RPF, the UK RPF, the FLB RPT, etc, and let people insert their RPF history stories there in the correct sub niche.

      One thing, I always tried to look on the positive, and to me, the best thing about the RPF, my 7 years on it, I looked upon it as “advanced shop class.” I loved all the hard manual labor, and loved working for almost 5 years on the Happy Valley ranch, loved working with the farm animals, the chickens, loved chasing and feeding the pigs, loved harvesting tomatoes, potatoes, squash, olive picking was fun, and loved all the raw manual labor, trenching, the millions of movie sets we made from 1997 till set making was done again at the Int Base.

      If it weren’t for the downsides of the bullshit mind control crap, and in my opinion, the fraudulence of the “tech” like the “Truth Rundown” which is so easily misapplied to a person’s detriment. I remember talking with Amy about how it was impossible to get the EP of the Truth Rundown, I never finished my Truth Rundown, and wasn’t allowed to finish it, it just wasn’t possible for me to finish it. I couldn’t change my views of LRH, I felt LRH’s tech just could NOT be shoe horned into me and replace my views (the views of the outside world actually). One of the ironies is LRH, for instance just take the “False Data Stripping” HCOB, where LRH disses the whole subject of logic and philosophy and disses Aristotle. One part of me ALWAYS was thinking, to myself, “I’m with them, sorry.” I’m with the outside world that thinks Aristotle and the other philosophers are the bigger cheezes with more wise ideas, than Hubbard.

      The best I could realize on the RPF, was that I was “PTS” to the intellectual class. LRH just does NOT and never will rate, in world idea history, and my Truth Rundown was going nowhere, because I think I was adding MORE “black propaganda” against LRH, than getting rid of it, the more I was on the RPF, and the more I had a chance to read the books in the reference library!

      So, that’s really how I mentally kept from being swamped by Hubbard’s “tech” that made me invent a whole past lives transgression fantasy, with invented “false purposes” and “evil purposes” and “prior confusions” that all lined up and somehow explained my deep seated faults for which I had to do the RPF program.

      I believe Ray Mitoff, if he were allowed to sort out the RPF, he’d do so, and get it back to being doable in less than two years, and if it took longer, then route the Sea Org members out without Freeloader Bills.

      there is so much wrong with the Sea Org, I have written so much over they years.

      Others have written so much and there is so much good advice from ex Sea Org members on all the controversial points of Sea Org history.

      The problem with Scientology, is it has become a big lumbering operation, with fad trends of disgraceful behavior, but it’s a big lumbering operation with a whole life of its own, despite the nut job leader who dominates and has decimated ALL people working directly under him (not even Shelly, his wife, is around him today).

      Once some more of us get to retirement age, I think I’ll start up some sites and compartment history, and go through all the old chat sites, pull up the best history and opinions, and plop them into categories of history, and sort of start organizing the history so people can ADD to the history, for the various categories.

      There is so much good material and history online on the chat sites.

      Thanks Mat!

      • January 29, 2011 7:25 am


        I had the “TRD” too.

        The “Black PR lines” they ran on me were KRs I had written on Int Management Terminals including RTC.

        As if writing a report on all the out tech and off policy that was endemic was “Black PRing” management.

        You can bet your sweet boopie I never got the “EP” on the RD that they expected.

        However I was quite happy with the result 😉

        I mean it was shortly after that that I decided to blow Dave’s koolaid stand.

  25. Karen B permalink
    January 28, 2011 8:57 pm


    I am in complete agreement with you on bringing this issue to light. I love what all the Aussie’s are doing and wish I could be there to support them. It is ironic that the church was key in revealing psychiatric abuses in Australian facilities and now it is Annonymous taking on the church for their human rights violations.

    And to the Aussie’s running Operation RPF, has anyone been able ot solicit their family members to help get these guys released? I know this was broached with Heber’s cycle but these guys are originating and it seemed like Shane’s release was helped because his dad was on the cycle.

    Hooray for the Aussie’s! It really is hard to ignore abuses when you put a name to it. Carol, Brian keep that postulate going…you will get out!

  26. Valkov permalink
    January 31, 2011 6:02 am

    Hooray for the Ozzies indeed! Here is a great thread on ESMB about the Ozzie’s defiantly independent attitude towards “authority”:

    Melbourne Org, A Disaster in the Making

  27. Bodil permalink
    January 31, 2011 6:52 pm

    My sister, Inge Marie Linde, was in the RPF in Copenhagen, Denmark for a year and a half. My best guess of why she was there was that once she pressed me really hard as to why I was not moving on the bridge I told her about David Miscavige beating up people, the “hole” etc. and convinced her I’d done all I could to verify it was not true, but ended up believing it was. I guess she made waves about that and ended in the RPF for it.

    I decided to come out of anonymity and posted on OCMB that would they not give her her policy mandated Board of Review I would report the matter to the Danish police and have them come in and verify she was okay, and if that did not help I would have my brother and ex-husband (who live in Denmark, I live in the US) distribute “Free Inge Marie Linde Fliers” all over Copenhagen. Within a week she was out.

    They really don’t want to be exposed. I recommend all family members to do something similar.

    • Karen B permalink
      February 1, 2011 12:28 am

      Well Done!

    • Just Me permalink
      February 1, 2011 1:53 am

      Bodil, you are my hero, too.

      And I swear, as God is my witness, if I had a loved one in the RPF I would do the same thing. I would tear the fucking walls down.

      Just Me

    • February 7, 2011 5:11 pm

      Very nice work, Bodil!

      I have for a long time been embarrassed to be from Copenhagen in that it’s one of the few places in the world able to do something about the RPF and choosing to do nothing.

      A court case in Denmark about people held in the RPF would go very badly for the Co$. The Copenhagen local court recently ruled that the Copenhagen police had been wrong in law when it detained people without arresting them (during the climate summit). If the court will tell the police that they’re wrong, think what they’ll do to the Co$ :-).

      Of course, what the law needs is victims who are willing to complain. I know that this is far from the thoughts of people who manage to get out, and that it is desperately difficult to break the psychological hold that the organisation has on its victims[1]. I am also NOT addressing this comment at you or anyone you know. I just want to leave the comment here for everyone to reflect on 🙂

      Best Regards


      [1] including many forms of illegal coercion, some of which were probably responsible for the Co$ being convicted of extortion / blackmail in Italy (I need a good English language cite for that…)

  28. February 1, 2011 11:01 pm

    Anyone with names or information about people in the RPF: I’ve created a web page to host and list the detainees. Instructions on how to post or submit information is there as well.

    There is an added benefit to listing people there. Each person listed will get their own special search engine treatment. Family’s, activists, civil & human rights groups and hopefully, law enforcement can use it as a resource. (google Shelly Miscavige and see the freeheber placement and what the caption says)


  29. February 8, 2011 5:50 am

    The Danish police are some of the most righteous and just groups you’ll ever meet. They can be trusted more than any other police force in the world in my opinion. It takes an actual victim with actual grievances to get them to act – not just a sister – and the “cult” have their victims programmed very well so when they’re ready to file claims the statute of limitations has run out. When a little mo0re pressure is put on the police to be more proactive that will be eliminated and the “cult’ will ultimately have it’s come-up-pance – in Denmark and elsewhere – the truth will prevail – I totally believe that.

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