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OSA’s BBC Handling

October 2, 2010

If you’ve ever looked at online news articles about Scientology, you may have noticed the occasional lame and rather disconnected comments from Scientologists. And you may have asked yourself “how can they sound so clueless?” A letter sent out to some Scientologists in the UK, recently posted on WWP, provides some insight into OSA’s “strategy” to deal with the BBC program. The letter is from Zabrina Collins, a UK Ethics Officer tagged by OSA UK to carry out their “campaign” in Ireland. The text of the letter follows, complete with typos and misspellings:

Hi Guys,

I am working with OSA to get some good PR onto online versions of the Irish newspapers. You may or may not know that Panorama is doing a 2nd take of their documentary on the Church a couple of years ago. This new documentary will be aired on Tuesday night on BBC.

There will be media coverage both before and after the airing. The majority of the coverage is expected to be on line. So therefore OSA UK have organised a counter create on this whereby certain Scientologist are selected to post comments/readers opinions/ratings etc where possible next to the articles on line.

The purpose of this is so that when public google SCN or read these articles the majority of comments/posts etc will be theta, rather then untruths.

Here is what I need you to do:

1. I will contact you with data on where a negative article is – I will probably text you as that will be quickest.

2. You log on to the site of the newspaper and go to the article. Please do this as soon as possible after getting the text from me.

3. You do not necessarily have to read all the article.

4. There will be an opinions section or forum close to the article.

5. I need you to write a good roads, good weather comment here stating some true data about SCN – using a personal experience is good! DO NOT take up any entheta – grant to no beingness. It is important not to engage the opposition and get into a debate or react to provocations. You can also if you wish deviate off the subject onto a new topic. The concentration of your post is to fill the vacuum per PR Series 18 and continue to talk about expansion!!!

6. When you have done – copy and paste your post and email it back to me. If you have any questions, call me on <NUMBER REMOVED>. I know this is total pain in the ass guys – and postulate that the Irish newspapers don’t put anything on line so we don’t even have to bother!




This is classic OSA glutz. In the first place, in order to implement this “handling,” they have to let Scientologists know that the BBC show is airing and when. I am sure that they assume Scientologists will “of course” not watch the show. I wouldn’t count on it, OSA. Not these days.

Secondly, note the tacit assumption that any media coverage is going to be bad. And the assumption that any reader comments are going to be bad unless they specifically deputize Scientologists to write “good” things. So they already know that public opinion is running heavily against them, that is implicit in their “strategy.”

But do you suppose they ever stop to think, “Gee, I wonder why people don’t like Scientology? Do you suppose it has something to do with our actions? With the things we do to people? With the way we act? Do you suppose it might have something to do with our practice of disconnection, where we split up families? Do you suppose it has something to do with the creepy way we have reporters and whistleblowers followed by private investigators in black SUVs, with instructions not to talk to anyone, but stand around silently and creepily with camcorders? In other words, do you suppose it might have something to do with the very actions exposed on the BBC program?” No, of course they don’t have those kinds of thoughts.

But they are in a bind. How do you get Scientologists to comment on negative articles without actually reading those articles? Well, you tell them, as Zabrina has, to post comments but “you do not necessarily have to read all the article.” Well, you might ask, being a rational person, how can anyone comment on an article they haven’t read? Won’t they sound like a total ditz?

The answer? Follow OSA’s lead. Change the subject. That’s right, don’t bother to comment about disconnection or staff abuse or creepy PIs, just talk about something else. Talk about “good roads, good weather.” Talk about your “personal experience.” Talk about “expansion.” Talk about anything but the subject of the article, which is, after all, “entheta.” Don’t comment on it. Don’t even read about it. Just go on there, having not read the article, and talk about something else.

And you wonder why Scientologists sound so clueless and disconnected on these public forums.

Because they are told to be clueless and disconnected.

After all, if they actually read the article or watched the broadcast, if they actually got a clue, if they actually had to confront and address and defend the very real abuses of the Church, they might realize what is really going on. And they might not like it. And they might stop giving money. And they might leave. And we can’t have that, can we OSA?

Really? This is your PR strategy?

The only “vacuum” to be filled, apparently, is the one between the ears of OSA and its operatives.

  1. idle org permalink
    October 2, 2010 11:14 pm

    What’s interesting here is that lately it seems as if comments on various online articles are nearly all negative against the church.

    But then, suddenly, somebody will toss in something like “Gosh, this article is such a waste of time. I mean, why bother picking on Scientology? Aren’t there bigger problems in the world?”

    To which about a dozen commenters immediately follow with “Gosh, hi OSA-bot! How’s it going in the cult? Do you realize how much you stick out like a sore thumb on these threads, you silly troll, you! Hurry on now so you don’t miss your rice and beans!”

    You are right, Jeff. Public opinion about Scn is in the toilet.

    And anyone who’s been an indie for more than about ten seconds can spot an OSA troll, or at least one of their robotic public, on the article threads, faster than you can say “Back to 100 hours of Objectives with you, you stupid OT8!!!”

  2. John Doe permalink
    October 2, 2010 11:57 pm

    This lame strategy is the only thing OSA or the church has been able to come up with after at least 12 or 13 years. Not only is it ineffective, it actually gets “on-purpose” scientologists exposed to data they probably wouldn’t otherwise see, which, at the very least, riles up their cognitive dissonance and, at worst (for the church), can often lead to them beginning to look for themselves.

    I speak from personal experience. I was tapped for such a project years ago, but I had to give it up because it seemed like an utter waste of time to “post only good stuff!!” in an effort to try to dilute the negative comments most people left. It also led to my spending quite a few hours reading forbidden sites and beginning the process of thinking for myself.

    It is a counter-productive strategy for the church. It leads to worse results than if they left it alone completely.

    This strategy didn’t work for the head of such a project from years ago, who went on to become a vocal critic: Tory Christman.

    To OSA: Guys, please, this type of “handling” is getting really painful and embarrassing to watch. Really, I do know how you feel. If nothing else, just try to ignore it. That worked for me for about ten years…

  3. Genesis permalink
    October 3, 2010 12:33 am


    Thanks for another uplifting and enlightening article, it explains a lot.

    Davy’s latest attempts to go “straight and vertical” …….just went “limp and floppy”….. again.

    • Jason permalink
      October 4, 2010 4:47 am

      LOL this is great

  4. Synthia permalink
    October 3, 2010 3:24 am

    Okay class, tomorrow you will be taking a test on the Gettysburg Address. Reading the Gettysburg Address is optional and in fact, discouraged. Good luck to you all. See you tomorrow.

  5. Nightmares Getting Less permalink
    October 3, 2010 4:05 am

    Dear OSA and Dear Leader,

    FU. I am tired of your antic’s. Good night.

  6. Tony DePhillips permalink
    October 3, 2010 4:20 am

    Great article as usual Jeff!

    That sums it up nicely. They can’t confront and will not confront the issues. They have become cult members. I define a cult as a group of people who follow blindly a leader who tells them what to think. That is what the cult of miss cabbage is.

  7. Doc "Smith" permalink
    October 3, 2010 5:41 am

    Hey Jeff, That was a great post about strategy and, oh I remember you talking about walking in the woods one day and how exteriorizing that was and I once had a big win like that and…. ( just kidding)

  8. Cool Observer permalink
    October 3, 2010 9:00 am

    Astroturfing for a clear planet. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. And no, they do not think about why they have to stoop so low, they don’t ask themselves why the public despises Scientology so much. Management has been aware of this contempt for quite some time. During the Lisa McPherson trial Scientology asked to have the trial moved away from Pinellas county, because they claimed that in this county (the spiritual epicenter of Scientology with the highest concentration of Scientologists worldwide) they could not get a fair trial. To prove this they did a poll which revealed that over 90% of the people felt utter disdain towards the organisation. Management continues to spin that the world reaches out to Scientology, because this helps to keep the drones on lines. As long as they believe in the cause, they will keep up the desperate fight. This is like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.

  9. October 3, 2010 12:29 pm

    Looks like things are essentially the same.

    Office of Special Affairs has checklists and canned programs to operate on, and this is just the same old stuff that the old Guardian’s Office “GAS” members did for the GO for working to achieve the GO’s, and now OSA’s valuable final product, of something to do with securing the indispensibility of Scientology.

    Really, this is just continued proof of how institutionalized the LRH policy, like PR Series 18 which the letter writer (an OSA wordsmith, and NOT the Scientologist lady who authored this letter) writes.

    And it is LRH’s intricately detailed policies, and I HIGHLY recommend people read and re-read and refer to media who are inquisitive enough, to look at the Wikipedia “Scientology” leaked documents, particularly the “Frank Oliver” section.

    Read the Office of Special Affairs Network Orders, those are LRH!

    That is what OSA executes via a number of fronts to deal with the negative PR.

    LRH policy generates the negative backlash, and OSA follows the LRH policy to “deal” with the negative PR.

    The bigger irony is that LRH didn’t realize HE was the source of Scientology’s glutz PR in the first place.

    LRH himself is like the Mission Earth earthling PR incompetent J. Walter Madman, with LRH’s organization dishing out the controversies, and having a heavy intelligence/flap handling operation bureaucracy like OSA to try to deal with it.

    And all the while, the initial reaction by outsiders, like Jim Lewis who did the editing of the 2009 edition of “Scienotlogy” anthology by Oxford Univ Press, in Jim’s chapter, like many outsiders to Scientology, they conclude the very SAME conclusion that LRH concluded in Mission Earth. Which is all this negative PR that Scientology generates, in fact DOES draw a lot of attention to Scientology.

    Some people, like me, I myself heard about Scientology FIRST from negative descriptions of it.

    We need MORE survey results I feel, to see just how many people HEARD negative info on Scientology and still went on to join Scientology for a time.

    I think there might be something to this negative PR approach.

    I don’t think LRH consciously dished out crap on his followers though, to cause negative PR, to get more people interested in Scientology.

    But LRH has jokingly said a lot of joking things, including this newly issued tidbit of tape lecture where LRH jokingly boldly calls Scientology a cult:

    I don’t think he was constantly aware that he might be the source Scientology’s negative PR, but he seems to be aware enough to joke about it from time to time.

    “Scientology doesn’t work!” “That is what I tell people.” – L. Ron Hubbard

    It sticks people in wonder what the heck this guy is talking about, and they see the orgs so nicely renovated, and wonder if there isn’t something to this operation.

    body thetans and Xenu to everyone.

    Chuck Beatty

  10. lunamoth permalink
    October 3, 2010 10:38 pm

    A friend once told me that as a very young child her younger sister was convinced that nobody could see her when her eyes were closed.

    I wonder why reading this article reminded me of that?

    • October 4, 2010 3:10 pm


      Using OSA logic: because your eyes are closed?


      • lunamoth permalink
        October 4, 2010 4:38 pm

        Michael, wait… how can you see me?


        No, but perhaps the common elements are the extreme degree of self-delusion, accompanied by a complete and total lack of understanding of HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS, that is demonstrated by OSA and church management.

        And like the famiily of the little girl with her eyes shut, the rest of the world is sitting here, watching the church’s response to the show, amused by their clueless-ness. Only difference is that little girl was cute. This is just sad.

  11. Karen#1 permalink
    October 3, 2010 11:45 pm

    Jeff says
    Follow OSA’s lead. Change the subject. That’s right, don’t bother to comment about disconnection or staff abuse or creepy PIs, just talk about something else. Talk about “good roads, good weather.” Talk about your “personal experience.” Talk about “expansion.” Talk about anything but the subject of the article, which is, after all, “entheta.” Don’t comment on it. Don’t even read about it. Just go on there, having not read the article, and talk about something else.
    End of quote.

    The Non Sequitur in the Church ‘s response is quite something.
    Like John Doe says above “Post only good stuff!”

    Anderson Cooper’s “A History of Violence” depicts the theme of ASSAULTS, BEATINGS and DM’s VIOLENCE.

    Church Rebuttal Video :

    CNN missed the REAL story. Look at the Buildings, Look at the Volley Ball Court, Look at the Sound Studio


    BBC Panorama poignantly covers Family disconnections, Mike Rinder attack with foul mouthed wife, Claire Headley prohibited from talking to her own husband about her pregnancy.

    CHURCH Rebuttal video :
    The REAL Story is John Sweeney losing it (NOTE this was after deliberate and malicious reverse Scientology comm cycle techniques designed for that reaction)

    Non Sequitur is right.
    But it also speaks *VOLUMES* of how they are utterly unable to respond to actual issues and charges.
    The Sound of Silence on the charges made against DM’s cult is deafening.

  12. Sinar permalink
    October 4, 2010 1:00 am


    Great article as usual! It’s amazing that these OSA and their bots have no concept that trolls aren’t like and they usually live below a Bridge and stick out like neon signs in Sin city and really create bad BR. I think we should give them a TR2.5 as continuation of their message just feeds fuel to the fires.

  13. Jason permalink
    October 4, 2010 4:44 am

    Powerful post, Jeff.

    It looks as though we may have under-estimated the effects brain drain has had on “Management”.

    • October 4, 2010 11:11 am

      The brain drain is systemic. Look at the “brain drain” surrounding the coming to shore of Flag, and how Arte Maren and all just “failed” left right and center to deal with the CW scene.

      No, if you take the longer historical view, Scientology is LRH, and LRH is the source of this continuing pattern.

      DM is just the Stalin super advanced totalitarian leader for a long stretch.

      Were LRH alive, he’d have ejected DM, shuffled a new round of “top management” into position for a couple years, only to replace them again.

      LRH’s operating pattern was shuffle leaders in and out MUCH faster.

      Only when we moved himself “off the lines” did this new pattern of king of the mountain Lord of the Flies DM personality do this stretch of stable increased totalitarianism.

      Scientology has SO MANY more major flaws, that DM blots them out for the moment, but those flaws are there and those flaws are LRH. And those flaws are institutionalized by policy.

      And this OSA letter writing campaign is off those LRH GO, now OSA, policies.

      DM’s “ruined” management, but were LRH around, he’d have shuffled things around every 3-5 years guaranteed.

      LRH was a far most volitile micromanager.

      DM’s a Lord of the Flies guy. DM doesn’t know policy nor tech, so can do as much orchestrated activity by a long shot to LRH.

      Jeff, thanks again for going public all these years and Karen, love your posts.

      I urge people to read the scholar books on Scientology, even if it takes them years to absorb them. The two best are “The Road to Total Freedom” by Roy Wallis, and “Renunciation and Reformulation” by Harriet Whitehead. And this “Scientology” anthology, it is wise for the ex member experts on Scientology, in my opinion, to network and be connected with academics who are still a long way from getting Scientology’s intricacies, but those scholars DO have the perspective of comparing Scientology to other religions, and really if you read the “Scientology” 2009 anthology by Jim Lewis carefully, you see the academics are NOT fooled by everything SCientology does. Scholars DON’T buy the membership numbers, and Jim Lewis shoots down the Scientology membership in his chapter, as do other academics in their chapters.


  14. October 4, 2010 9:51 am

    Org Ser Fac´s in full dramatization.


    Don´t look – listen.

  15. Maria permalink
    October 4, 2010 1:08 pm

    I believe that a big factor in all of this is that the C of S is so out of communication both internally and externally. Over a period of two decades as a public Scientologist, I was never once given an explanation for the disappearance of various staff members, public members or any information that wasn’t carefully broadcasted through a Church event or magazine. I’d run in on time to do whatever services I had paid for and run back out as fast as I could go so that I could avoid being regged for money. I simply had NO information. None. I saw the receptionist as I ran in, the Course Supervisor or my auditor/tech people and my fellow students / members. No time for reading newspapers, watching TV or surfing the Internet. Just not enough time in a day between my course schedule, working and raising kids.

    I would never have looked at the Internet if a non-Scientology friend hadn’t clued me in. One day she asked me how I could possibly tolerate such awful conditions in the C of S. My response was huh?!? She told me a bit of what she had read (I forget what it was now) and I recall telling her that staff members do mess up but c’est la vie, people mess up, and it must be some situation that got picked up and reported as happening all the time. I HADN’T SEEN IT MYSELF. All I saw was reception, the washroom, and the courseroom and nothing bad or horrible was happening there.

    She disagreed and said that there were many such incidents reported but agreed that things could really get blown out of proportion.

    I went and looked on the Internet myself. I felt completely betrayed, a sitting duck being made to look like a completely idiotic RonBot because I knew nothing, had no information, and no slightest clue of how to even begin to verify anything personally. I’d have to join staff to even begin the verification process. The few sites I visited were SO over the top – angry, ranting, with explanations and descriptions of the tech that were spun so hard I sometimes barely recognized them.

    I was completely pissed off at the C of S for not effectively handling these cycles and people and so allowing a PR nightmare on the Internet! It seemed to me that if the situations were accurately described, some staff members needed some serious cramming and/or retraining for mishandling the daylights out of people or making such a bloody mess. It never occurred to me to just label “bad guys” but it sure occurred to me to label “bad handling” — after all how could it be such a “good handling” if it resulted in so much upset?

    Long story short – it wasn’t until I started to personally cross flow “bad handlings” in the C of S myself, until the original LRH books were “canceled” and crush regging began in earnest that I had any other viewpoint. These I could easily verify myself. And I didn’t like what I was seeing. I complained to no avail. Many instances later I walked away – the alternative was to join staff and get in there and try to correct things myself, a possibly fruitless effort, particularly since the major situations were being touted as “command intention” by the crush registrars. I asked several times (asked different reges and staff members) about this “command intention” and I was told point blank that command intention came directly and only from the Chairman of the Board DM and I had better tow the line or else.

    Clearly DM ordered these actions or else these staff members were just making things up to get their stats up by making it sound all very important. Add this to the Internet materials I had already read and clearly they were not making it up. It really was “command intention.”

    • lunamoth permalink
      October 4, 2010 4:49 pm

      Thanks for sharing this account, Maria. You became aware of what was going on earlier than I did, and I can see the particular problem you ran into having done so, where the day to day reality most public saw in the orgs still didn’t really match the accounts of over-the-top critics on the internet. It was easier for me and many others once The St. Pete Times articles came out on miscavige’s antics at Gold. Not only were his actions clearly not LRH, or even vaguely scientological, they were criminal and often insane. And by that time the ripples coming off Int were showing up at the local orgs.

      My antenna went up, too, at the first mention by a staff member of “command intention.” It was a huge red flag that was completely missed by so many.

  16. freespirit permalink
    October 4, 2010 6:01 pm

    “And you wonder why Scientologists sound so clueless and disconnected on these public forums.

    Because they are told to be clueless and disconnected.”

    Boy, you hit that on the head.

  17. JustSayNO permalink
    October 4, 2010 10:10 pm

    People are finally waking up. CofS is a house of cards.

    There have been sporatic reports/rumors on other websites recently, of the Church of Mischief-o-logy getting desperate and using members credit card numbers without consent.

    If you have EVER used a credit card at an org, you may want to consider canceling that credit card number within the next 24 hours. You can just call the bank and tell them you lost the card, cancel immediately, and please reissue you a new one. In most cases, the banks will do so immediately without further questions.

    Better safe than sorry.

  18. October 4, 2010 10:17 pm

    they are robotic like their spam. you unsubscribe, you write, asking them to stop sending you emails, but do they acknowledge the comm with decent manners and take you off their list and stop sending you email that you never signed up to receive in the first place, no, they just ignore you and continue to spam you, even though you’ll never do another service within their organization.

    they don’t care. so what can you do? I reported it to the ftc and made a complaint, it goes to a database, that is used by thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement authorities worldwide. I believe if enough people make a complaint they should act. Maybe a fine or two in the big numbers, maybe that will get them to listen cause per their actions the only thing they hear is the sound of money lol.

    file a complaint:

    • Genesis permalink
      October 4, 2010 11:30 pm


      Well, one way to STOP them in their tracks…… is to do the following……

      Go to the USPS (US postal service) website, go to forms section, select Form 1500 (Prohibitory Order), print it, fill in the one page questionnaire, sign it, attach the mailing they sent you…. to the form, and mail it to the New York address on the form. If you send it directly to New York, it will be processed faster than if you submit it to your local post office.

      This form is now being used by thousands of people who are fed up with any organization that keeps sending them voluminous junk mail . It was originally intended for pornography, but you get to decide what is obscene or offensive to you, and the postmaster can not refuse to process it.

      The USPS will then issue a Prohibitory Order against the cult, and mail it to them. The Order (which is a Federal Order) prohibits them, or their agents, or their assigns, from contacting you via the mail. If they do, they have violated Federal law.

      You will also receive a letter (from the New York post office) indicating the number of the Prohibitory Order, and instructions on what to do if the offender (I LOVE that word!) mails you anything subsequently. You can notify the postmaster (send proof of mailing with your complaint) and then the USPS can cite them for the violation and fine them lots of $$$$$.


      Good luck!

      • October 5, 2010 12:58 am

        to Genesis, you are referring to postal mail and not email correct? Or does this apply to email too?

      • Mike Hobson permalink
        October 7, 2010 10:20 pm

        @Kathy Gold: United State Postal Service has no authority over e-mail whatsoever. They only have power over postal mail and only in the U.S. and outlying territories.

  19. brendon permalink
    October 5, 2010 12:57 am

    Sorry this is so long, but your readers who are newly “out” may be interested to see an early (1994) COS response to dealing with entheta on the internet. There are certain similarities to the current example which suggests the COS hasn’t learned anything along the way. The quote from this email, “If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we’ll just run the SP’s right off the system. It will be quite simple, actually,” became an instant classic.


    (NOTE: If you know any other Scientologists on Internet or

    America Online, please e-mail this briefing to them).
    Dear Scientologist,

    As you know, there has been quite a bit of false and derogatory information going out over the Internet by a few detractors, squirrels etc.

    The Church fired a project to collect up all this information, and we have been in comm with some of you already. We have obtained legal input on some of the messages that individuals have posted that could be libelous or in violation of copyright laws.

    We have a plan of action that we are taking, to simply outcreate the entheta on these newsgroups (alt.religion.scientology and, and get positive information to the general public on what Scientology is, our activities around the world, successes stories and LRH writings. There will also be some legal actions, which you will be further briefed on. Basically, as a group we will NO longer put up with our religion being criticized, harrassed and denigrated on the Internet.

    As a first step, I want to thank those who have posted positive material and handled some of the entheta that has been posted. This is very much appreciated!

    Secondly, I would like to ask your assistance in getting each one of you to post positive messages on the Internet (at least once a week, more if you like), about Scientology.

    We want to make these messages “high ground”. In other words, don’t get tempted into a two way comm with some l.1 jerk on the Internet. Ack him and continue to post POSITIVE and HIGH TONED messages that really explain what Scientology IS doing, how it helped you or a friend, community activities of the Church, Church expansion. It is easy to get into an opp term situation with the detractors over this system, but this doesn’t necessarily communicate very well to the broad public who may read this.

    There is an excellent issue by LRH which is PR Series 27, THE ENEMY LINE. In here, LRH says that you never forward an enemy line, nor do you get into just attacking. YOU COME UP WITH A BETTER CAMPAIGN OF YOUR OWN.

    This should be applied whenever you post a message on Scientology, as we want to keep this on a theta, dissemination comm line to the broad public.

    The Church of Scientology International is getting our own site onto Internet, and we’ll also be posting messages regularly in there, so if you feel you are getting attacked by some detractor or jerk, let us know right away, and we can get you material to counter whatever is being said.

    If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we’ll just run the SP’s right off the system. It will be quite simple, actually.

    CSI will be e-mailing around various briefings and good news messages to individuals for posting also, so that you are getting new material to post. If you need material or want to get your material cross-checked with us for content, e-mail it (to this address for now, until CSI gets our own), and we’ll get you the material you need.

    The two newsgroups on the Internet are “alt.religion.scientology”, and also “” (which was set up by Homer Smith, a squirrel and declared SP). We need to fill up both of these newsgroups with positive information on the Church.

    For those of you with access to America Online, you know there is a similar situation with Scientology being attacked on that system. So this would apply to this newsgroup as well (posting positive messages on Scientology).

    The Planetary Dissemination Org (PDO) will be getting their own site onto Internet, which will be for the dissemination of LRH’s works, WIS book, and other materials and campaigns. We intend to put these works onto laser discs, and utilize all the tools of the Internet to disseminate Scientology internationally.

    This is very exciting, and will be a new era for computer users as regards the subject of Scientology.

    Look for CSI’s first posting very shortly. We WILL outcreate anything that is on there.

    I would like to hear from you on your ideas to make the Internet a safe space for Scientology to expand into. Thanks.

    ML, Elaine Siegel
    Office of Special Affairs International

    • Jeff permalink*
      October 5, 2010 1:08 am

      Thanks for posting that Brendon. It prompts one to ask, “how’s that working out for you, Elaine?”

      That they actually thought they could stamp out any and all criticism of Scientology on the internet with “40 or 50” people posting is mind boggling. They were and remain clueless.

      • October 11, 2010 3:46 pm

        Elaine Siegel’s letter:
        What had been happening was that some public had been posting pro-CoS material to alt.religion.scientology (ARS) to counter entheta. Some of it is preserved in the Usenet FAQ archive at
        Ms Siegel’s letter was OSA taking over this effort. It would continue, but with OSA pen pushers in charge.

        It seems the fanatics in the cult then found out what was going on, screamed that this was Defending, not Attacking, and reversed course. They ordered ARS to be harassed and dead agented until it shut down.
        Helena Kobrin’s famous ‘remove ARS’ Email to ISPs is dated 11 Jan 1995, and the FAQs stopped in March 1995. For the rest see

        Scientology had declared war on the Internet.

  20. Genesis permalink
    October 5, 2010 2:21 am


    The USPS form 1500 is only for US Postal mail.

  21. Soderqvist1 permalink
    October 5, 2010 7:03 am

    Maria: I was told point blank that command intention came directly and only from the Chairman of the Board DM and I had better tow the line or else. Clearly DM ordered these actions or else these staff members were just making things up to get their stats up by making it sound all very important.

    Soderqvist1: you seems to believe that to “tow the line or else” was introduced by David Miscavige, nothing could be further from the truth than that. Hubbard introduced it. Why? Because he had A hidden agenda with Scientology. That Ethics is a personal thing, and is a self-determined act by the individual is only his social veneer, because he overruled this by the aim of the Sea Org, which is “to put ethics in on the planet” which is definitely not a self-determined act. You may as his “lawyer” say that “to put ethics in on the planet” is only a figure of speech what he mean was “help the individual” or something to that effect, but that doesn’t add up with what he did. Read Monica Pignotti’s story, and “Give him a Too Gruesome” originated by L. Ron Hubbard 1968. An Essay written by Jeff Hawkins as linked by me here!

    The Commodore Arrives by Monica Pignotti
    I had thought that things would improve on the ship with Hubbard’s arrival; perhaps, get more humane. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. We, as Flag interns, were about to get a good strong taste of what it was like to be so close to “source”. (LRH was often referred to as Source). Several new disciplinary policies were instituted within a few weeks of his arrival.

    Expressing emotions on behalf of the entire group did not make life easy for me, to say the least. Things continued to get worse for me. One night, around midnight, I had just fallen asleep when we were all awakened and told we were to go to the classroom and write letters to the paying public, telling them about how great things were on Flag and to invite them to come to the ship for auditing. After all I had been through with the Kali ceremonies and other nonsense over the past few months, promoting Flag was the last thing I wanted to do!

    This was the last straw for me. I completely lost control of my temper and blurted out, “If I wrote the truth about how things were here, nobody would want to come to Flag.” I was immediately assigned a condition of Treason by Cathy Cariotaki. To speak in such a blasphemous way about the home of L. Ron Hubbard was considered an act of Treason to the group. Free speech was not a right we enjoyed. I had to wear a red armband, identifying me as a traitor to the group and do amends in the galley. Making a statement such as the one I had made was unthinkable to most people in the group, but, deep down, I think many people were feeling the same way I was, but didn’t dare admit it, even to themselves.

    One might ask, if I was so aware of what was going on, then why did I stay? The truth was that I was just as indoctrinated as anyone else. I still believed very strongly in the purpose of Scientology and my cult identity was very strong; it was just that the healthy part of me had not yet been suppressed and, as a result, I felt an intense inner conflict between my real identity and my cult identity.

    The RPF
    In November, 1973, Hubbard came up with an idea to handle troublemakers, backsliders or anyone else aboard who happened to displease him. He created the Rehabilitation Project Force (the “RPF”), the Sea Org’s version of a prison camp. RPFers were to do hard physical labor all day and in the evenings were to audit one another to get off their overts and withholds and deal with their evil intentions. RPFers were not allowed to speak to a crewmember in good standing, unless spoken to and had to wear black boiler suits. They were allowed to eat only after everyone else on the ship had finished and were not allowed to leave the ship. Hubbard considered RPFers to be psychotic criminals that should be grateful that he was giving them a chance to be rehabilitated. Isn’t it strange that some of Scientology’s top leaders today, including Pat Broeker and Norman Starkey have been on the RPF? Most Scientology executives have, at one time or another, been on the RPF.

    “Give him a ‘too gruesome.” By Jeff Hawkins

  22. Maria permalink
    October 6, 2010 1:18 pm

    LRH did not come up with the idea of the RPF. Ken Urquhart did, and writes of this in his online article. What Ken came up with was a good idea, which became terribly twisted over time.

    Too gruesomes — yep LRH sure did write that and it too has been twisted and abused to the nth degree.

    Monica Pignotti and the Kali rites – I read her account and did quite a bit of research on her. There’s no way of verifying most of what she says, and there is so much downright weird nonsense about / surrounding her that I don’t know what to think. I do know that she is the sole source of this anecdote about a Kali ceremony that I have been able to find.

    But Peter, you missed the point COMPLETELY. I described my state PRIOR to researching on the Internet. NO INFORMATION at all — just my interaction with the receptionist, course supervisor, auditor and staff on my service lines. And THAT was my point. How on earth can anyone be expected to do anything about something they know nothing about? There was NOTHING bad going on in my experience to even protest or complain about.

    Even now I have trouble verifying information on the Internet or even on the news outlets. And it seems to me that it is all too easy to exaggerate, twist, spin and mess with the information.

    Example: The 9/11 stories. so much controversy, so little means of verifying that there is no way I can personally determone the truth of what went down that day.

    So I speak of what I know about. PERSONALLY.

    And I take people’s stories with a grain of salt. A big grain.

    You might not like that but its better than jumping on bandwagons only to have to clean egg off your face later on. You think I’m thrilled about what I have learned about the C of S? Think again.

  23. Stop Altering The Tech! permalink
    October 9, 2010 4:37 am

    Great article!


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