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Explaining Away Failure

April 20, 2010

You can always continue to claim “success” if you can explain away your failures.

Let’s say that you’ve told all of your friends that you’re a brilliant pianist. You aren’t, you can barely play chopsticks, but you’ve told them that to impress them. Then you’re at a party and someone asks you to play. You sit down at the piano and pick away at the keys for a minute. It’s obvious you can’t play. But all is not lost! No, you can explain away your failure. Here are a few examples:

1. I’m having an off day, not feeling very well.

2. I sprained my hand a few weeks ago, still having problems with it.

3. My ex-wife is in the audience – I can’t perform with her around.

And so on. The possibilities are endless. Of course, you could actually buckle down and learn to play the piano, but making up excuses is lots easier. And you can continue to claim you’re a “brilliant pianist.”

It helps to have an enemy who is out to get you. Then you can blame failures on the enemy. It doesn’t matter if the enemy is real or not, just so you can make a convincing argument. Let’s say you are an investment adviser. You have promoted yourself as a brilliant adviser who can always pick the right stocks. Always. You get a lot of people to invest in a certain stock. Then it tanks. They lose all their money. But it wasn’t your fault! It was Jones Investing, your arch enemy. He sabotaged everything! You had it right, but then he sabotaged the deal!

Or let’s say you’re a mid-level executive in a large company. You’re assigned a very important project. Your job hinges on its success. Well, the first thing you have to do, as any real corporate power player knows, is to assign it to some junior. Then, if the project succeeds, you can claim credit, but if it fails, you can throw the junior under the bus and blame the failure on him or her. You’re “right” no matter what happens. If the project succeeds, you were right to assign them to it. It was your brilliance. If the project fails, then you’re right for spotting the incompetent, or the saboteur, and firing them!

And the brilliant part is, it doesn’t matter if the project or the company fails! You’re still right, and that’s the important thing, isn’t it?

And if you’re the top boss? Great, you can claim that you are surrounded by incompetents and hidden enemies. If a project fails, you can blame it on one of them. Just find a scapegoat and fire them. You had it right. Your ideas were brilliant, as always. They tripped you up!

Or let’s say you have a weight loss clinic. You claim that everyone who does this program loses weight. Everyone. But suppose that isn’t actually true, suppose only, say, 20% of the people doing the program actually lose weight. Well, you have to have a handy way to explain away the failures.

Like, just as an example, “you didn’t do the program correctly.”

“But I did just what you told me,” says the hapless weight loss customer.

“No, you didn’t do it correctly,” you say. “When done correctly, the program always results in weight loss. You didn’t get any weight loss, therefore you didn’t do it correctly. That’s obvious! Restudy the materials and try again.

And if you can actually convince your customers that this is true, you’ve got it made. Now, any failure is their fault! You can then put them on an expensive “weight loss correction program,” at their expense, of course, since it was their fault that they “didn’t do it correctly.”  With any luck, you can keep them on expensive weight loss corrections and redos and repairs for years, all the time raking in money. And blaming them for the continued failure.  And if they give up and walk away, you can write them off as incorrigible malcontents  – or enemy agents!

Of course, you could always buckle down and learn how to actually help people lose weight. You could actually admit your failures and use them to refine and further develop your methods. But that would be hard. That would require humility. It would require honesty. You’d have to actually admit that your brilliantly perfect program was possibly, just possibly, less than perfect.

And you’d have to actually want to help people lose weight.

But if you have a compulsion to make yourself and your agenda always right, to never, never, never admit the slightest failure, you can find more and more creative ways to explain those failures away. Then you can go on “being successful.”

And helping no one.

Sound like anyone we know?

  1. Fidelio permalink
    April 20, 2010 9:20 pm


    a weight loss company? Can’t believe the figurativeness…. LOL

    A bit off topic: Was on today and saw that they totally overhauled the site…. to definitely covering up failure…

    • Martin permalink
      April 20, 2010 11:32 pm

      Wow! I just had a quick peek (30 seconds before stomach convulsions forced me away from the site). There is FIVE PAGES of slobbering prose paying homage to Dear Leader including this truly baroque piece of fantasy: “It is Mr. Miscavige’s unwavering adherence to L. Ron Hubbard’s vision that has propelled Scientology so far and so fast in but a quarter of a century”.

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 21, 2010 3:07 am

      I checked this out, and I have to say it’s pretty aesthetic. If you don’t actually read anything, and you if you are brain dead while listening, you will want to find out more.

      I’m surprised that nobody in the organization thought to address what is obvious to everyone else ON THE OUTSIDE OF SCIENTOLOGY (who I assume is their target audience? I could be wrong about that). What they seem not to realize, perhaps because they didn’t survey or their surveys were done incorrectly, is that most public (based on people I’ve talked to) who’ve seen dm, think he’s weird. They say he’s “weird looking,”‘ too intense,” even “scary.” Why would you promote him as the face of scientology ?

      After the last several months, is there anybody left on Planet Earth who would believe anything that comes out of the mouth of any scientology official? Are they so unaware?

      And here’s the other thing that most people (who are not scientologists, anyway) seem to have noticed: 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

      • April 21, 2010 1:20 pm

        Why? Lunamoth, my dear, being out of touch with reality is requisite to living under DM. Out of reality. Therefore, out of ARC. And if you’re out of ARC you’re going to be making up a different reality, such as false stats. And it doesn’t seem wrong because what have you got to compare the lie to? Reality?

        Much love,


      • lunamoth permalink
        April 21, 2010 7:01 pm

        Well, Michael, when you put it all so logically how I can I not agree with you?
        It’s such a relief to be absolved of the heavy responsibility of thinking for myself.

        I find I feel at least 79% better.

      • April 21, 2010 8:08 pm


        You are doing much better than me. 79% better? Logic has yet to improve my feelings more than, say, roughly 8.6348756%, whereas art has improved my feelings roughly a zillion percent. Given the choice between a ballet and a concert, I’d take the concert any day.
        And, as for thinking for myself, I try to avoid thinking whenever possible. Thinking merely weighs upon my fragile mind. Which makes me socially awkward, but oh so blissful.

        Much love,


      • lunamoth permalink
        April 21, 2010 10:57 pm

        Ooooh! Ballet! LOL! I will take blissed out over social adept any day!

        So far, your comments have increased my enjoyment of this blogsite by an additional 47 percent, but I’m about 98.6% sure you’re making them up.

      • April 22, 2010 2:16 pm


        This is getting so off-topic, but what the hay.

        Of course I’m making it up. I’m a thetan. We do that kind of thing. Creativity uber alles.

        As I tell my friends, “This tongue hasn’t tasted truth for years.” I’d much rather be creative than accurate. If I could dance rather than walk, I’d dance. If I could sing rather than talk, I’d sing. I’d rather show off than be demure.

        I tried to change my original post from , “given a choice between going to a lecture and the ballet,” to “given a choice between going to a lecture and a concert.” Oooops.

        When I was younger and drank tea with little finger risen, I often swooned with an elation felt only by the elite about the ballet. Did I mention how effortlessly I could lift my little finger. Today, I prefer something more visceral. I still drink tea, but sometimes slurp and sometimes wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

        Though I have a very logical and scientific mind, I find its company stodgy and sterile. Fortunately, the poor thing is so busy analyzing and computing that it doesn’t notice when I leave for a few weeks of vacation. Logic is such a bore when you’re celebrating the joy and beauty of life. I love the poor chap, but grew tired of the continuous expostulations over my bacchanalian excesses. An orgy of the senses simply does not translate well as logical expression. Just as the world of the spirit does not translate to those insistent on using calculators and rulers.

        So, using that keen insight of yours, you have ferreted out my deception and in response I can only: grin.

        Much love,


        ps. If this reply comes up as a rehash of another I tried to send earlier, my apologies. I hit the submit button and went upstairs to give my wife a hug. When I came back the computer was performing its ritual incantation to the Great Internet God ,What The F#2@! And I think my computer burned my post as a sacrifice to WTF!

      • lunamoth permalink
        April 23, 2010 1:21 am


        I loved this. It made me giggle 34% more than usual.


    • April 21, 2010 8:19 am

      Miscavige is getting more and more desperate, now addressing SOURCE to protect him!

      All of this stuff is devastating for the Church of Scientology and will take many years before wounds are healed. When we look in the backmirror I think Miscavige will be considered one of the worst Scientologists ever. An SP running the church for decades after LRH, only applying the PLs that suits him. Many people will wake up and feel emberessed when they realize who’s been leading them.

      A personal word from me to Miscavige:

      “If you leave the Church of Scientology and walk out and never mention Scientology again, you are perfectly free to do so. It would be wise. But you can do it. You can also dive off a bridge or blow your brains out. That is your choice.”

      • Mary Jo permalink
        April 22, 2010 1:57 am

        Brilliant. From the “Orientation” film you yourself scripted, Dave!

    • April 24, 2010 6:38 pm

      Fidelio, I just clicked on the link you provided and went to have a look at the new Scn website. When I got there I watched the video then scrolled down. IMO, I thought the website was exceptional until I scrolled down past What is Scientology then it instantly went to hell in a handbasket! DM, DM, DM…what a freaking nightmare to see this!

      You know, I found the video to be rather captivating in its aesthetics and its comm. Indeed, it showed Scn as being, doing and having as I would expect it to ACTUALLY be. Essentially, that video pretty much showed the scn timetrack that I and so many others had envisioned for our church so many years ago. Interesting how its still being used as the hook. Unfortunately, though, as we have all discovered in our own way, the hook is not anywhere near being the actuality of what was once our church that we were so devoted to. Indeed, it is the antithesis of the church I joined back in early 78′.

      This process that I entered into a short while back (seems like years ago but really only a few months) wherein I’m gradually extracting myself from ‘my’ grand ole illusion of CoS, Scn, the tech (all colors of ink and paper included) and LRH, there has been something that has been troubling me. And this is something that, in my reading of the various blogs I have read, I have not seen discussed. What this “something” is, due to CoS taking a hard left and heading south away from the stated aims of scn, there have been multitudes of folks that have been repelled from learning about or applying Ron’s tech to themselves and their environment. And, I see that as being most unfortunate.

      I could tell you that I had nothing but wins and gains from using Dn and Scn tech and that would be a true statement. I would tell anyone that Dn and Scn are workable technologies but are far from being perfect and that they, upon applying those technologies to themselves, might not receive the same benefit as I or others did when we applied them. No doubt there is some incredibly useful information in the body of works produced by LRH, however, one must proceed through those materials with an acutely discerning mind and glean out of it what works for them. BUT…with the current state of affairs being what they are i.e., a thoroughly homogenized mixture of Dn, Scn, LRH, CoS, DM, CoM, SO and on and on…I don’t look for conversations about the subject outside of the few blogs (like this one) that I frequent on the internet along with the addition of a few private email exchanges I now have.

      If twenty years ago I would’ve encountered someone who proceeded to tell me what the state of CoS would be in the year 2010 I would have, with absolutely no comm lag, concluded that they were delusional and would, while maintaining high ARC, have promptly dismissed them. That noted, today when I happen to meet someone who is telling me some totally unbelievable, even perceived to be crazy, story or when I come across some “way out there” unbelievable info online, I do not instantly conclude that these people are delusional nor do I dismiss them or their stories. What I do is I put such occurrences into a column that I have labelled “Really Crazy Unbelievable Stuff” and when I happen across something else or have a personal experience that, even in the smallest way, corroborates something in that column, I begin a new cloumn for those two dots and add more connecting dots if and when they appear. And surprise, there is quite a bit of LRH’s material that resides in this particular column.

      Now why in the hell am I even going on about this? Because…it appears that at some point we all went through Alice’s “Looking Glass” and black is now white and white is now black and there’s a tremendous amout of gray in between. And, it has recently occured to me that this time round when I postulated and agreed to be here for the “duration” that was just another in a long line of reaffirmations of this same postulate of agreement and commitment. So, I tend to believe that with regards to this story, what we are looking at and attempting to better understand, is enormously more expansive than many of us could even begin to imagine. It is much more than being a matter of a train wreck that we can’t seem to stop watching.

  2. lunamoth permalink
    April 20, 2010 10:06 pm


    I think you’ve singled out one of the most essential of the lies used to make scientology right and others wrong, even usedby the church and by other scientologists to dominate others. I believe some would call it a “service facsimile.” We’ve all seen examples of this circular logic, even had it used against us. It’s been used on occasion on threads on this site.

    You were harmed by your auditing? You didn’t get the results you were led to expect? Out tech. Or perhaps you’re a No Gain Case (the ultimate invalidation). It relies on circular logic, as you pointed out. If you get gain, it’s scientology. If you don’t get gain, it’s either not scientology or else there is something wrong with you (at the very least, you were not able to spot that it wasn’t scientology).

    It’s insane. Yet its own infallibility, and the church’s subsequent right to “altitude” are the premise behind everything that the church asserts, argues, and decrees from on high. Were scienotology acknowledged to be “workable” rather than “perfect,” it would sorely restrict the scope of what the church could justifiably do in the name of promoting it (lying), defending it (disconnection, fair game, lawsuits, lying) and controlling it (copyrights, trademarks and lying). The “greatest good” computation that is used to justify so much criminal and immoral activity would not stand up to
    scrutiny if the tech that was being “protected” was acknowledged to be less than perfect.

    For me, the infallibility of the tech was one of the last lies to be exposed. I had had many wins using the tech, and so had bought it bigtime. I had also overlooked or taken the blame for times when it didn’t work, and I was not observing it’s obvious failure to work in the world around me. I was seeing what I was told to be true. But that lie about the tech’s infallibility and my blind state did not survive the process of re-evaluation, once other lies started to be exposed.

    Lucky for me, the process of confronting the truth only gets easier the more you do it. Ironically, that’s one of the first things I learned in scientology.

    • April 21, 2010 2:28 pm


      Speaking of ser facs and suppressives: I wrote an article at Steve’s request for scientology-cult which he said he loved and would publish, but never did. Here off the top of me skull is some of what was in that article.

      One of the things I discovered in my personal research was that there is a range of social IQ, if you would. We are all different. Some of us are more social than others, just as some are more artistic or more intelligent. And no amount of auditing will ever make me capable of sculpting like Michaelangelo or writing symphonies like Tchaikovsky. Nor will I ever have the compassion of Mother Theresa. I just don’t have the sensitivity and talent in those areas.

      The point of measure for the social scale is the capacity to care for others. A person at the high end of the social scale has great capacity to care. Along with this great capacity to care is a recognition of the rightness of another or others. A person at the low end of the scale has no (as in none) ability to care for another or others. And this is the anti-social personality or sociopath. He might mimic caring. A lot of sociopaths are charismatic and charming, but they don’t really care. I had a friend in high school who could steal girlfriends in minutes he was so charming. Turned out he hated women and was gay. But boy what charm!

      Part of our nature is the urge to be right. This need differs in all of us. A paramount need to be right also characterizes a sociopath. You are wrong and he is right. And because you are so wrong, he can do anything to you with impunity. You just don’t count. You are expendable. And because a suppressive both doesn’t care and has to be right, the actual solution for their case is ser fac handling and trying to educate them to regard the rights of others.

      LRH claimed that man is basically good. And to make this fit, he claimed that sociopaths were out of valence. This doesn’t fit with my research. A sociopath just doesn’t care. You trace it back to earliest track and you run across an entire population of such beings, long before anyone started assuming “identities.” Being out of valence might work sometimes, but not always. After all, if assuming the winning valence was key to this, you have to ask, “Where did the first suppressive valence come from?” There had to be an original suppressive for this to work. And it turns out there were a bunch of them.

      And the fact that the Church of Scientology is so fixated on the problem of suppressives, and has courses to handle the phenomenon and has been unable to handle the problem just says one thing: we haven’t a clue so we’re blaming you. Just like Jeff says. It’s all someone else’s fault.

      And it didn’t start with DM. LRH always seemed to have a scapegoat. But, if he was such an expert on sociopaths, why was he unable to handle them? What about KRC? If you are an expert in any field you can recognize the manifestations of the conditions of that field. A doctor recognizes diseases from symptoms. A plumber, electrician? If you know, you can fix the problem.

      Just like Jeff writes. It’s easier to blame someone else.

      So, because all of us are suppressives in the eyes of the church, and because they have failed tech with regard to suppressiveness, you might want to set your mind at ease by asking yourself, “Is there anyone who I actually care for?” If there is, you are not suppressive. The more people you actually care about their well being, the more social you are. And that includes your children. If you care about your children, you aren’t suppressive. A true sociopath does not care about his or her children. Nor do they care about you. After all, you’re wrong and they’re right.

      Much love,


      • lunamoth permalink
        April 22, 2010 12:12 am

        I thought this was pretty interesting. You know, I just realized that most scientologists think that enough auditing WOULD make them capable of sculpting like Michelangelo, or create or uncover some similar area of genius in them. I did. I wonder if that’s common among scientologists?

      • VaD permalink
        April 22, 2010 6:18 am

        I did.
        Now I see that with scientology I could become like John Nash… not his intelligent side but his “beautiful mind” side for sure. 😉

      • April 22, 2010 12:05 pm

        Michael, that was excellent! Thanks for “getting off the top of your skull” what you could of the article you wrote for Steve and adding it here. Appreciate it. BTW, I have more to say but no time to do so now. I shall return with a few boxes full of my favorite words. I might even bring along a Monteism or two or three. 🙂

        lunamoth, I always thought that with enough auditing and training that I WOULD eventually arrive at a state of existence where I could BE absolutely anything that I desired or needed to BE. There was a particular quote of LRH’s that used to really resonate with me…(paraphrasing now)…You can be the sunset and know that you are being the sunset. That regaining such a state was possible through scn was totally believable to me. Furthermore, I assumed that LRH had long since achieved such and was now (now being the time I was ‘in’) way beyond being able to knowingly be a sunset and was heading for those vistas that even he had not ever imagined. Jeeez! what a wonderful illusion I had created for myself.

      • April 22, 2010 7:16 pm

        Oh, one important thing I left out about suppressives: they don’t really have overts so running overts on them won’t work. After all, they are right and you are wrong so anything they do to you or to anyone else is right. The suppressive really does not see what he is doing as wrong. DM really believes that what he is doing is right and anything he does to you is right. And because you are wrong, he actually can do anything to you without consequence. You put a suppressive on the meter and he can confess to the worst of crimes without any needle reaction at all. He can f/n through the whole process. About all he will read on is the threat of getting caught breaking someone else’s rules and then being punished. He’s aware of those things. He may not care that he embezzled all the church’s funds to go gambling, but he will care that he might get punished because someone else thinks that’s wrong. So running o/w on a suppressive is almost a waste of time. You can run getting caught or getting exposed or the threat of being punished or the like and sometimes find out what’s going on.

        The only person who reads on overts is someone who has the conscience to see that what they have done is wrong! So why is the church wasting session time trying to find suppressives by running sec checks? A true suppressive won’t read. He’s right. His harmful acts are right. He’s got no charge on hurting others. Why should he have charge? Charge indicates resistance. He’s got nothing to resist or withhold. Except getting caught or exposed or punished.

        Only decent beings read on overts because they care about what they’ve done.

        Much love,


  3. Genesis permalink
    April 21, 2010 12:00 am


    Brilliant !

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read your articles and gleaned wisdom from them. I’m still on the path of de-lousing my brain from 12 years of Scientology mindfuck, even 17 years after leaving the cult.

    Keep writing….and keep us laughing. After all, laughter is the best medicine for healing!


    • Fidelio permalink
      April 21, 2010 1:19 pm


      oh, you sure made me laugh very hard:
      De-lousing my brain from 21 years (mind you!!) of Scientology mindfuck in my case!
      Oaahh, my Gawd, wiping tears, chuckling – submit button….. still laughing…

  4. April 21, 2010 12:18 am

    I suppose most will have in mind the usual suspects.

    But I have to ask: Would the following kind of excuse also qualify:

    “If I had the time and the inclination, I could make mincemeat of [name placeholder]’s ‘research.’ But, I have neither”


  5. VaD permalink
    April 21, 2010 3:08 am

    Great parallels with “brilliant pianist”, investment adviser, executive and weight loss program. Opens many “memory files”
    Brought many pictures to my mind from the past and from the recent times.

    While reading this post, I remembered old Russian saying “Bad dancer is always hampered by his balls” 🙂
    With that remembered one of the funniest series of Budlight commercials (for a great luagh):

    Re: Sound like anyone we know?
    Hell, yes! Any dedicated scientologist. I was like that (had to be), scientologists around me were like that (had to be), DM is like that (has to be?).
    The man who started it all, and “the best friend of man” was like that (couldn’t help but be that way?). – To this, I have digged much evidence from the Internet by now. Now, reading and listening to his words I can see through how Self Important he much of the time was, and how – saying to his listeners and followers the most incredible things, he would gain their total attention and mind control.
    I think, DM just keeps doing what he inherited from you know who. I believe he’s been the most brainwashed of us all. (I might be wrong). Just saying.

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 21, 2010 6:07 am

      The problem with dm is not that he is brainwashed, VaD. There’s a very special name for what dm is, and those like him don’t get off the hook for their crimes because of any excuses (see article, above).

      • VaD permalink
        April 21, 2010 10:16 am

        I got you. I try to avoid scientologese lingo in my speech, writing and thoughts.
        Name calling within scientology is rampant. I’m glad that I’m not connected with that any more.
        For me DM is just as brainwashed as any other scientologist – with KSW Series, scientology “Justice Codes” and ethics policies.
        For me, brainwashed = insane = not normal to an average off the street person. With endless ramifications in manifestations. As an example, couple weeks ago two radical muslim women blew themselves up (and many innocent people) in Moscow subway. Who were they? What was their diagnosis? – Not normal = insane = brainwashed.
        ANY religious fanaticism is such.

        But I won’t argue further. May be I’m wrong. I just said what i had in mind.

        Wasn’t Budlight commercial funny, though? – I think it’s just drop dead hilarious! I laugh every time watching it. 🙂

      • VaD permalink
        April 21, 2010 7:52 pm

        Dear Actias luna,
        I didn’t mean to offend you.
        It’s just hard for me to keep to myself the truth that I see to myself.
        My truth is never your truth.
        Brainwashed or not brainwashed are just the names for things. They can be different. Important is what you observe.
        At the same time as reading this blog, I go through posts and comments on ESMB. There are reports about many things going on in scientology since founding.
        I’m sorry to have taken “the gradient” too far.

        And – I want to excuse myself to all those who had spent tremendous amount of years being dedicated to scientology. – You must have gained out of it WAY more than me. And I like that! I like scientologists that learned life for real!

      • lunamoth permalink
        April 21, 2010 11:09 pm


        You certainly didn’t offend me at all! I enjoy your posts, and you are just as entitled to your reality and your truth as I am. I think you make many good points. I hope you’ll continue to share your perspective without concern about it being the same as mine or that of anyone else.

        Here’s the point I wish to make about dm: He would be acting in a destructive and evil manner no matter which group he had infiltrated. This is a problem he brought with him
        to scientology. I am not saying that being in the s.o isn’t abberative. But dm is an extreme case, and I do mean CASE.

        That’s all. But however you think dm got the way he did, he’s still the same psychotic
        tyrant that is running the church of scientology into the ground, isn’t he?

      • VaD - seeking own truth permalink
        April 23, 2010 3:48 am


        I feel compelled to answer. I see here and even more on Marty’s blog – posts and comments “against DM”as “the ONLY culprit within wonderful scientology”.

        Does it mean that removing DM will make things better? – Yes, it will be a good start. Families and friends will be able to reconnect. Beings will be rehabilitated, false labels removed. That’s about it on the scope of what the good that will happen.
        But then history will repeat itself.
        Without even DM on the lines.
        Somebody will take over. Will it be Marty? What principles and doctrines will he use and apply? The same! Another turn of the same wheel.

        The cause of current ongoings is the subject itself, along with the Founder. DM is just an “Executioner”. Evil or kind, he is not the source. It’s LRH himself who sentenced us to scientology’s mindset.
        The subject itself was created by the person who lied liberally while WE had to be extremely honest. So, at the top we have a liar (DM, before that LRH himself) at the bottom we have “most honest beings on the planet” (which is true for meas I’ve never been in a group that honest before).
        It’s not because of DM we have what we have now. It’s because PEOPLE tend to blindly believe anyone who claims “I know THE TRUTH! Follow me!” (or in case with DM “I OWN THE TRUTH! Stick to my Church!”
        Until people are like that, history will repeat itself over and over and over again (examples in history with religions are many – Catolicism vs. Orthodox vs. Protestantism vs. Calvinism vs. 7th day Adventists vs. Mormons vs. Judaists…. – all at odds with each other, all base their religion on the same basic Bible).

        For me, the way to go is just remove myself from that “bandwagon” completely, and seek my own truth. Not “true scientology” (meaning with DM removed).

        Sorry for my poor statement.

        My views are way better illustrated and stated here:

        1. About “it’s simply history repeating itself yet again” and “It seems that humanity is incapable of an autonomous collective…Despite our innate need to rule all we see, we are hypocritically also governed by a need to be issued orders. Leave a group of people to their own devices, they will elect a leader, make a government, and create a god. We seem unable to exist without the guidance of a higher power, which is disheartening”.

        2. About culture of scientology BEFORE any DM:

        Respectfully, Vadim

    • Fidelio permalink
      April 21, 2010 1:24 pm


      had not yet stopped laughing because of Genesis post – and here is yours:

      “A bad dancer is always hampered by his balls” – nothing compares to Russian imaginery–
      you’re killin’ me…

  6. April 21, 2010 12:50 pm

    One of my favorite “how the hell does THIS work?”things was:

    If I get audited by the IRS, I pulled it in.

    If I get sued by a former disgruntled employee, I pulled it in.

    If I leave a relationship that is just too forceful, it was my overts.


    If the church gets attacked by the IRS — THEY are SPs

    If the church gets sued by former members, THEY are SPS

    If former members, leave the Church — THEY are SPS

    How does THAT work? 🙂


    • lunamoth permalink
      April 21, 2010 7:11 pm


      Can I get an “HALLELUJA!”

  7. Impressive person permalink
    April 21, 2010 1:27 pm

    Hi VaD,

    it seems like you’ve fallen for all the “character assassination” against LRH. Please wait for the usual suspects to explain why this logic was okay under Hubbard and turned nasty when Miscavige picked it up.

    During my time at the university I met a few people who were staunch communists. They glorified Lenin, the man with the vision, who had fought the tyrannical Tsar, who had brought literacy to Russia, who had acted like Robin Hood to take from the rich to redistribute the goods among the poor. Lenin had been a ‘true communist’, but when he was on his deathbed, paralysed from a stroke, Stalin forged his last will and took over. Then he twisted the wonderful and benevolent ideology and turned it into a bloody tyranny.

    Sounds like a story we know?
    The parallels are almost too eerie, don’t you think? Unsurprisingly, those young communists were willing to explain to me what a great man Lenin was, but they refused to listen to anything that might besmirch his good name.

    Here are a few facts they refused to acknowledge: Lenin didn’t dethrone the Tsar (who had resigned months ago), he forced the temporary government to step down, denying the Russian people democratic elections.

    Lenin started bloody purges, during his revolution appr. 10 million people were killed – mostly innocent people. The Tsar was executed without a trial, including his entire family and personal servants, a bloody campaign against the clergy was launched, most were killed or deported, the churches were looted and ransacked.

    Lenin himself brought Stalin into the circle of power, because he needed a ruthless and unscrupulous man for the blood work . Beautiful quotes can be referenced to Lenin ( Democracy is indispensable to socialism), but they don’t reflect his actions. Oh yes, he did start a literacy campaign.

    Why do people cling to the rose-tinted image of Lenin? They know how devastating the communist effect has been during the 20th century, approximately 140 million people were killed, and the ideology itself has always been a mixture of mass indoctrination, terror and denial of all liberties and human rights.

    It’s hard to admit that they believed in something that sounds so great in theory (equality for all) but turned out to be the opposite, so it simply can’t be flawed, it was perverted and misapplied. All the time, wherever it was implemented. If Lenin loses his ‘holy status’, everything unravels, and this must not happen. I think the same method is applied to ‘The Ol’ Man’ aka Mankind’s greatest Friend.

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months now, and it’s been an eyeopener for me what you’re all going through. I was never involved in Scientology, so I guess it’s easy for me give my ‘analysis’. I decided to post it anyway, some might find value in it, the others are free to ignore it – I guess some asocciate my nickname with entheta anyway and will skip this post.

    So this will be my last post, I wish you all the best for the journey ahead of you, but judging from the tone of your postings you’re doing all right. In the hope of raising you tone even more, I’d like finish this post with a typical German saying: “If one is neck-deep in shit, it’s advisable not to hang one’s head. ”

    Over and out.

    • VaD permalink
      April 21, 2010 7:19 pm

      Impressive Person,
      Pleeeeaaaase, DO come back here. (At least from time to time). I DO love your post, and – it is true. It was that way.
      Lenin was “The source”, Stalin was “The Executioner” of Lenin’s will. Both were doughed on ideas of Marx and Engels (?). Those were based on utopia of Gegel and others…

      Up toage of 16 I believed in it. I grew up in it. It was my “faith!”.

      Then, in adulthood (in 1994 to be exact), scientology replaced it. Well, now I see that “everone has to believe in something like others around you. Otherwise, you are an outcast”. And now I don’t lik uch an attitude from people. I want to believe. Yes. I want to choose my faith freely and not be forced to it by any means. If all systems of belief do so, I will better be an atheist, and believe in MY OWN GOD i create for myself than go for other’s gods (read, ideals)

      I like the book of Eclessiast (?) in The Bible. Based on that you can found ANY religion.

      Vadim Dolgov
      Moscow, Russia

      • Mark permalink
        April 21, 2010 7:50 pm

        When I was much younger I too had that realization: my religion has to be up to me. So I started my own — Pragmatic Pantheism is what I called it and one of the basic tenets was that no one else could join. It was just for me. I still think it’s a better choice than many extant religions. IMHO

      • VaD permalink
        April 22, 2010 5:40 am

        Pragmatic Pantheism? Hmmm! Sounds like a good religion for me, too… I was looking for one to replace scientology. Where to I sign for it? 😉 (Just kiddin’)
        It’s a good point you brought up and confirmed with me – “my religion has to be up to me and no one else is welcomed or forced or “helped” to join”.
        My friend Mark, I’m with you on that. 🙂

  8. April 21, 2010 1:46 pm

    “And the hits just keep rolling on!” Wow! Glad I found your site. (would have said, “sight” but who would have gotten the pun?) Nearly every day I am struck by the amount of amazing talent that was at the disposal of the Church of Scientology. And how that talent has been wasted. And I do mean wasted. Look at all those thousands and thousands of productive hours that have been flushed down the sewer–and for what?
    And what you write about here isn’t new. In the seventies I had over six hundred hours of auditing and felt like a hamster on a treadmill. The dreaded endless repair. And it was always my fault. After all, the C/S’s were all class 8’s and 12’s and most of the auditing was from Sea Org orgs. Well, when I left I “inadvertently” discovered I had taken a waist hight stack of my folders with me. Ooops! So, I FES’d them, corrected all the crap with “squirrel” auditing and ended up burning the folders.
    Point is, if I had continued to listen to the Scientology “experts” I would have remained caved in (and I was not caved in at first, having gone fully exterior and running whole track on life repair) by their mistakes. Granted, most of the trouble came from what is now called the NOTs case. But, what the hay, if you’re advertising standard tech will resolve every case and you don’t even have that “standard tech” yet, then you’re just full of…..
    So, what else don’t they know now (that will one day be discovered) which they’re blaming on the pc or pre-OT?

    And what could a sane organization accomplish by properly utilizing all this talent? Jeez, I read the articles and the posts and just feel sick and empty about all this waste.

    Thanks Jeff for providing a much needed view.

    Much love,


  9. Mark permalink
    April 21, 2010 2:04 pm

    And a corollary to this: the customer pays for any fixes that are required when there’s been a failure on the part of the “tech”. Can you imagine a car company issuing a recall and insisting that the car owner pay for the needed repairs??!! How many dedicated followers were told there were problems with what had been programed for them…but now it was going to cost them thousands of dollars to get it corrected?

    Wait, what?

  10. Mat Pesch permalink
    April 21, 2010 4:33 pm

    When a person first starts examining the subject of Scientology he is told that what’s true for that person is what he finds to be true. Sounds pretty safe to examine further. Once that person actually walks into the organization and sits down for his first paid course, the reality is totally different. The first time the student finds the simplest concept or even grammerical error that he does not agree with he is told his reality is WRONG. There is ZERO tolerance. Its called Keeping Scientology Working (KSW) and is the first policy to be read on every course checksheet.

    The student is told that he has a misunderstood word, earlier false data or a hidden out ethics situation, etc – PERIOD. The student learns that his reality is only correct when it agrees with that of LRH – PERIOD. The student learns to invalidate his own reality and to stop observing and thinking for himself. He learns to just robotically accept anything uttered in the name of LRH and the “church”.

    He also accepts the idea that anyone else who does not robotically accept and follow the system has an outness that ranges from uninformed to insanely evil – PERIOD. The mind control is extremely

    • VaD permalink
      April 21, 2010 6:33 pm

      so true!
      And at the core of this onion we can see LRH himself who WAS NOT the man he proclaimed himself to be – “omni-powerful, omni-knowing, omni-able”. He was darn sick in his late times. Most of the time.
      Yet, he was able enough and charismatic enough to create stable illusion within us that he was full of knowledge and power” – while being more than “full of it”.

      I don’t regret having this experience for about 16 years of my life. Thanks to LRH, I’ve became wiser and now, thanks to him – I will not fall for anything that smells “the best teaching, theory or practie”.
      I prefer to stay just myself – without any special Self Importance attached. It’s not easy to overcome it. But I will work hard at it. (Scientologists and LRH say it’s “ser fac”.. Well, it’s not the name that matters and not the “case condition”. It’s simply something I “caught” trying to be better human, and LRH caught this phenomena to “make people better”.
      Now I look at his ways to “make people better with ‘STANDARD TECH'” and my eye is twitching. Who the hell did I trust my most intimate experiences? Why the f&%k did I trust them? – Well, now it doesn’t matter. They have my folders. Good for them. May be they realize something reading them. 🙂

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 21, 2010 7:15 pm

      This is the EXACT mechanism by which the mind of the individual is brought under control. I remember clearly how I felt the first time I read KSW, how it changed everything, and not in
      a good way. At the time, though, I had NO idea how right that was.

      For me, KSW was the biggest red flag I ever ignored.

  11. Geo permalink
    April 21, 2010 6:17 pm

    Jeff, I bet you’re a Dilbert fan. Cartoonist Scott Adams has put out some hilarious parodies highlighting this darker side of managerial incompetence.

    If I can add one more weasel rule: Blame it on your predecessor.

    That might not have been much of an option for Saint Peter – but his modern-day counterpart David Miscavige seems to be doing just that. Books published under LRH’s leadership were found to be riddled with “errors of every variety” – but it’s all been fixed now, thanks to Glorious Leader Miscavige.

  12. VaD permalink
    April 21, 2010 6:43 pm


    Me thinks this post is a reincarnation of “Bridge to Nowhere.” Reworded, “in a new unit of time”, it has the same basic idea.
    I personally would like this post to be continued since I got to “Bridge to Nowhere” too late and you blocked posts to it before I started “rubbing my eyes” about scientology.
    I hope to read more posts on this thread.

  13. Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
    April 21, 2010 11:25 pm

    Great Essay Jeff !
    If anything good ever happens to you, the public, the Church takes the credit asif they are the source.
    Example: You get a windfall on some investments. The Church says this is because of auditing.
    Example : A Health check shows you are well and healthy. The Church says it is because of their case actions.


    If you get the flu, if you have a minor accident, if the auditing was the wrong program…
    It is all YOUR FAULT.

    YOU are connected to a nefarious source.
    YOU are No-Case-Gain on a bad program because of continuous O/Ws
    YOU declared clear fraudulently even when the CS sent you to attest…..

    The arrogance is the CHURCH has the position that it can make no error.
    Anything good that happens, was because you are on lines.
    Any bad things happen because of YOUR Overts and YOUR Ptsness.

    And because the CHURCH can make no error, you are forced to pay over and over again even when the CSing and auditing was greatly in error and the hours are used up.

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 22, 2010 12:16 am


      Now you’re getting the hang of it! And as long as you accept that premise you will be a scientologist in good standing with the church. Deviate from that viewpoint and you’re a target.

      Btw, I feel I should announce that the church of scientology is no longer in good standing with me.

  14. Mary Jo permalink
    April 22, 2010 2:39 am

    You know, they are doing this with OT VIII’s. Dragging them back to the Ship for “recalls” though of course not calling them that! Rather it is “come Home, your Ship is your home and you will be duplicated as the OT you are….” and then BAM!! Sec checks, whatever reads on the thought-police interrogation style with the e-meter used as a lie-detector, you are guilty of. If you have been reading the “blogs” you are told that is a “case manifestation” and you need auditing to handle that! And “ethics”! Oh yes, plenty of amends and the “In God we Trust” is the favored-type amends!

    And if you have had any alcohol (all OT VIIIs I have met like their drinks, including myself!) then you have “reverted to drugs” and are an alcoholic and need to redo your Purif ON THE SHIP! Oh, and while you are at it, sign a form agreeing to never drink again!!! Because ytou have been BAD, BAD, BAD!

    The Cof M has the “recall- it is your fault” drill down to an art AND a science. What saddens me so is how bright, hard-working, intelligent and big-hearted people fall for this!

    Guys, pleeeease wake up!

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 22, 2010 4:39 am

      Is that for real, Mary Jo? I don’t even know what to say. Just when you think it couldn’t get anymore ridiculous.

      You have to wonder if any of these VIII’s know about dm’s fondness for expensive scotch.

      • Fidelio permalink
        April 22, 2010 10:46 am

        good point on the scotch; and I would be surprised if he hadn’t quite some boxes of it stored in his apartment on board the Freewind ….hypocrite.

      • Geo permalink
        April 23, 2010 1:50 am

        David Miscavige’s alcoholism is minor league stuff. Let’s talk adultery. It’s an “open secret” that after he sends his wife away into seclusion, DM wastes no time going to work fµcking his “personal assistant” — talk about overts!
        (Does Shelly have anything to say about this?)

      • craig houchin permalink
        April 23, 2010 2:55 am

        No worries for DM about drinking alcohol. He’s not OT. Never did the auditing. He’s too smart for that. So he gets to drink all he wants.

    • VaD permalink
      April 22, 2010 6:08 am

      Mary Jo,
      I DID wake up. 🙂
      It is interesting how LRH said that in Dianetics that “if your environment bothers you, change the environment” (go somewhere and do something else). But in scientology you CAN’T do that. Even after OTVIII. “It’s your home” Yeah, asbestos laden home 😦 It’s SOOOOO Theta there!
      If you want to exercise your will to change the envionment and live a bit on your own, you are “disaffected, PTS, … (diagnoses of what they would like to indicate you that needs to be handled immediately for a “paltry” sum of money).

      I won’t ever fall for this sh*t (while the ship keeps sending me emails every day to come for some “convention” or buy “limited-time offers”, I enjoy reading it for trends in prices and offers. Looks like they have not too many “bodies in the shop” since their prices are going down).

    • VaD permalink
      April 22, 2010 7:22 am

      Got this thought: it would be cool to pay them for their invaluable services with “In LRH we trust”. We should come up with such bank notes.
      Scientologists will be raving with such a truly worldwide recognition. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • John Doe permalink
      April 23, 2010 4:34 am

      Come on, people! No alcohol! You are a drug revert! No masturbation! You are risking your eternity! No free thought! You are disaffected! No socializing and just having fun! You are a dilettante! No wanting a day off! You have other fish to fry!

      Sheesh, where do I sign up?

      • ButterflyChaser permalink
        April 23, 2010 4:28 pm

        That’s hysterical, John Doe!

        Here’s more:

        No reading anything but LRH! You are a squirrel!

        No communicating about what happened to you! You are a “victim”!

        No mercy, love or compassion! You are “reasonable”!

        More anyone?

  15. Soderqvist1 permalink
    April 22, 2010 6:29 am

    The Impressive persons analogy between Lenin-Stalin and Hubbard-Miscavige is excellent. We all know about David Miscavige ‘s “SP-Hole”

    But how many knows that the basic on the chain of suppression is L. Ron Hubbard’s chain locker on the ship Apollo, even small children was put in the locker on Hubbard’s order?

  16. April 22, 2010 8:28 pm

    Hi Jeff,

    There are some interesting comments on this board, many I agree with some I don’t but this is all part of debate and freedom of speech.

    From my perspective I noticed this subtle shift or change that accelerated when Miscavige and his clique seized total control of the organization and that is before most staff and auditors were willing to admit committing an error in justice, in administration or technically.

    Now any of the above perceived by anyone must be solely because “they have overts or missed withholds”. In other words the Organization now is never wrong and anyone who finds any fault must be “disaffected” or “suppressive”.

    In fact I’ve noticed that practically every action the Church of Squirrelotology takes these days makes themselves right while making others wrong, are efforts to escape domination while seeking to dominate others and enhance their survival while inhibiting the survival of others.

    The Organization under Miscavige is totally running on a Service Fac, Fixed or Safe Solution and anyone who challenges them must be in effect *wrong*. A position that is assumed by many totalitarian and even some democratic or republican governments:

    That is that the State is right and the Individual is wrong.

    In other words the Church of Squirrelotology has become a collectivist cult that will not brook any challenge to its divine right to oppress its members.

  17. Just Me permalink
    April 23, 2010 3:08 am

    I was in the church for 15 years. I left a long time ago when I saw things going weird. Obviously, the scene has since gotten much worse, but when I hear the time/place/form/event specifics of how bizarre the current scene is I often feel totally disoriented.

    Tonight’s gobsmacking story was not about mental or physical torture, but the idiotic practice referred to above by Mary Jo—that the Co$ now considers drinking alcohol to be “reverting to drugs.”

    Sometimes I try to think rationally. Sometimes I express my feelings. And sometimes I just say fuck ‘em. This is one of those times I choose Door Number Three.

    Just Me

  18. lunamoth permalink
    April 23, 2010 8:21 pm

    No Yoga! That’s other practices!

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