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Post Game #5 – Enough of the Crazy

April 3, 2010

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the series is finished. After AC 360, I spent a nice evening watching Monty Python.  John Cleese and Eric Idle sounded positively sane and rational after listening to Norman Starkey.

I have to agree with the Village Voice:

“Mostly, we have to give Anderson credit for bringing us the utterly unhinged former wives of David Miscavige’s accusers. These women oozed the crazy.”

  1. Barney Rubble permalink
    April 3, 2010 5:42 am


    Me as well,

    Time to move onward and forward. Wish you” good intentions”.

  2. April 3, 2010 5:51 am

    Just like to say VWD Jeff you did us proud.

    Take a break and catch your breath but don’t stop posting on your blog.

    Love ya.



  3. sherrymk permalink
    April 3, 2010 5:56 am

    Kudos to all of you, Marty, Steve, Tom, Amy, Christie, Mike. There should be no doubt in anyone’s minds who was telling the truth. It took a tremendous amount of courage and confront to expose yourselves to the viciousness of the C of S. Take some long walks, go have a beer or ten, relax in a hot tub, have some fun…definitely freedoms that you now possess…and which, unfortunately, the desparate wives are far from owning.

    “Blessed are the cheesemakers…” and all that!

    • lunamoth permalink
      April 3, 2010 6:42 am

      …and the orangutans and the breakfast cereal,” or something like that…

      I second Sherry’s kudos. You guys are really something. Thanks for stepping up.
      You all really made a difference, and I think you gave the group some real wins while
      you were at it.

      I don’t think any of us were prepared for the degree of insanity that would be displayed
      by the church for the world to see. I personally expected something a little more professional
      and slightly less obviously decrepit and degraded.

      And after all those days of waiting for the shows to be on, the endless”teases” and the disappointingly short time dedicated to the story, I think my favorite part was seeing it all recapped in about 60 seconds on The Colbert Report. It may not be the most in-depth, it didn’t reveal any new data, nobody got interviewed for it and it’s not considered “serious journalism,” but it reached a whole new public, and distilling hours of interviews down to their essence, it made a virtual cartoon character out of dm.

      Today, life is good.

      • April 3, 2010 3:18 pm

        lunamoth, what you said…

        “I don’t think any of us were prepared for the degree of insanity that would be displayed
        by the church for the world to see. I personally expected something a little more professional and slightly less obviously decrepit and degraded. ”

        …my sentiments exactly!

        Obviously, what the church brought to the world media table to counter the accounts of alledged violence within the church, is the best they can do. It was incredibly pathetic and revealing! And it was a graphic display of insanity. Those scientologists who are still ‘in’ and who watched this program must be reeling right now. If what was displayed on that program by the church was not a stable datum vaporizer, I don’t know what would be.

        It was smart of Anderson to let sanity (the husbands) end the program. And the expression on Anderson’s face at the end revealed what he was thinking i.e., “these guys are okay. These are good guys.”

        I feel that we have all just participated in a historical moment of no small magnitude on the timetrack of Scientology.

        Yes, lunamoth, today life is good.

      • whotenanny permalink
        April 4, 2010 1:59 am

        “I think my favorite part was seeing it all recapped in about 60 seconds on The Colbert Report.”

        Absolutely! And he really did capture the gist of it, didn’t he? Essentially, DM is a nut with a ridiculously high opinion of himself. The end. Onto some political fundraising lunacy…

        And speaking of fundraising lunacy; was I the only one wondering just how much of the money the IAS takes from Scientologists (under the guise of it being used for things like VM projects) actually goes to fund things like lawyers to cover up DM’s crimes in court or from the press?

  4. Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
    April 3, 2010 6:14 am

    Editor ~~

    You cared so deeply for her. You likely lasted more years in that Hell at INT BASE BECAUSE of her and the relationship.

    One would need to be in your shoes to grasp the impact of seeing her turn on you on National TV at the behest of DM.

    I know you will forgive her if she blows and comes back to you.

    But in the meantime, may I express the wish that you find happiness with someone else. You deserve something better than THAT.

  5. April 3, 2010 6:31 am


    • Sinar permalink
      April 4, 2010 12:47 am

      Very awesome Monte, thanks!

  6. April 3, 2010 8:15 am

    Even though abusing people is totally unacceptable and wrong, there are other issues that are far more serious about the CoS and Miscavige:

    For example:
    The 98 % SP-declares of Old Saint Hill.
    Auditing fees up to 2-3 times higher than what LRH established in his PLs.
    The falling statistics (trues ones).
    The public image of the Church of Scientology is rapidly becoming worse and worse as long as Miscavige doesn’t resign.
    Abuse of RPF, Disconnection and other PLs that I believe originally was a good idea to a certain extent, but not abused as of today.

    (E.g. If you were married to somebody who devoted his/her life to destroy Scientology and the philosophy, disconnection might be a good idea, or if somebody truly was out-ethics, like Miscavige is as of this writing, a couple of weeks (not months) in the ditches might do that person good.)

    • Rosemarie permalink
      April 5, 2010 12:55 am

      You’re not serious, right? Worse than kicking, choking, slapping, beating? Really?

      Oh yeah, policy letters and the image of Co$ are FAR more important. Riiiight. Come out of the clouds before you do some real damage. And, by the way, the image of Co$ was never very good to begin with. Hubbard was and still is a bad joke.

  7. April 3, 2010 3:04 pm

    Monte — thank you for this … I’m moved to tears.

    It’s just the healing song I need this morning as I vacillate between despair and a low boil of rage. As I sort through my feelings of WHY WHY WHY does it take so long for people to wake up? And will they ever? And how come their eyes are so tightly closed?

    I wonder what is it in me that requires my wishes to be met, quickly? Where is my ability to have patience and perseverance?

    Why do I start to lose hope so quickly? When I read on Marty’s blog this morning, for example that dm is launching a new “pr” broadside – I start to think — this will never come right?

    And THEN I remember — Nelson Mandela and his enduring spirit … and Leonard Cohen, who still considers himself a Jew, although his a Zen Buddhist Monk, and HH Dalai Lama who witnessed the pillage of his beloved Tibet and 50 plus years later STILL persists through a message of compassion. My president, Barack Obama who has been vilified by so many, his life threatened and yet he persists.

    So — I pick myself back up. Send as much love as I can to you all on this blog, on Marty’s, to those locked INSIDE, to the others blindly following a very damaged man and someday — perhaps I can even send him love.

    But, I’m not there yet …

    Love to you

  8. Flur permalink
    April 3, 2010 5:28 pm

    I pray for Mercy for the Catherine, the other ex-wives, the folks at Int, the SO, the parishoner’s, and all.

    Bless you all.

    My father could use a little mercy now
    The fruits of his labor
    Fall and rot slowly on the ground
    His work is almost over
    It won’t be long and he won’t be around
    I love my father, and he could use some mercy now

    My brother could use a little mercy now
    He’s a stranger to freedom
    He’s shackled to his fears and doubts
    The pain that he lives in is
    Almost more than living will allow
    I love my bother, and he could use some mercy now

    My church and my country could use a little mercy now
    As they sink into a poisoned pit
    That’s going to take forever to climb out
    They carry the weight of the faithful
    Who follow them down
    I love my church and country, and they could use some mercy now

    Every living thing could use a little mercy now
    Only the hand of grace can end the race
    Towards another mushroom cloud
    People in power, well
    They’ll do anything to keep their crown
    I love life, and life itself could use some mercy now

    Yeah, we all could use a little mercy now
    I know we don’t deserve it
    But we need it anyhow
    We hang in the balance
    Dangle ‘tween hell and hallowed ground
    Every single one of us could use some mercy now
    Every single one of us could use some mercy now
    Every single one of us could use some mercy now

  9. Sinar permalink
    April 3, 2010 5:42 pm

    Jeff, Tom, Marty & all really nailed it in the Grand Finale. You guys really hit the long ball out!

    The ‘splainin the mindset of not going to the Police and Acceptable Truth was perfectly done! Methinks that it was obvious as to which side was truly embittered and unflourishing. Jenny did a good job of first saying that Marty was kicked out and in another statement left. It’s a difficult job in cowwobewating to twist the truth.

    Many more people saw it nation and worldwide compared to the St Pete Times last year. It will surely increase with the next BBC coverage! Kudos to all who contributed!

  10. Gary Sekigahama permalink
    April 3, 2010 5:43 pm


    Once again I very much enjoyed hearing what you had to say. You come across matter of fact and without any need to embellish or “impinge”. Unlike some others on the show. It was this type of calm, here are the facts type of exposing that got me to wake up and leave. I’m sure many others who are on the fence saw this and saw something similar.

    I look forward to the day when Catherine and the other ex’es wake up and leave or vice versa. Thye’ll come out and say, “I lied”. Just like all the others before them. It will happen. You can’t be an honest, ethical person and reconcile lieing on such a broad scale. The next time she sees a beating or abuse she will be reminded of what she defended and who she threw under the bus for speaking the truth.

    My friend I hope you find peace, joy and happiness in your life after the cult. I finally have after leaving 6 years ago now. It took a number of years and getting restablished was a journey that took me down many paths.

  11. craig houchin permalink
    April 3, 2010 6:20 pm

    Thank you, Jeff, Marty, Tom, Amy, Steve, Mike and Christie.

    You guys are eloquent, sincere and courageous and these qualities come through in your presence and in your speech. They are qualities of truth.

    Thank you for telling your stories.

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