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The Tangled Web of Tommy Davis

March 9, 2010

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott

For anyone who missed them, there were three great media stories about the Church of Scientology’s abuses and human rights violations.  This morning, it was Matt Lauer’s interview with Christie King Colbran on the Today Show. Christie did a great job describing her experiences, and the current threatening atmosphere of the Church.

Christie was also the subject of a major New York Times article on the 6th, “Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse” by Laurie Goodstein.

And there was an excellent, in-depth program on Scientology on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Four Corners, “Scientology: The Ex-Files.”

Each of these gave Church spokesman Tommy Davis another opportunity to demonstrate his complete incompetence. I can’t believe Tommy is still being trotted out as the Church spokesman, but then who else do they have? Rinder blew, and Heber Jentzsch has disappeared.

Tommy tries to push the Church line that big buildings and renovations are what is important, and that these things demonstrate “expansion.” He proudly gave the New York Times a tour of the interminable Superpower Building:

“’This is a representation of our success,’ said the church’s spokesman, Tommy Davis, showing off the building’s cavernous atrium, still to be clad in Italian marble, at the climax of a daylong tour of the church’s Clearwater empire. ‘This is a result of our expansion. It’s pinch-yourself material.’”

“Pinch-yourself material?” Really? Maybe someone should pinch Tommy Davis and get him to wake up from his delusional dream. What matters is not buildings, Tommy, it’s people. And on that subject, he was deliberately evasive.

“The church is vague about its membership numbers. In 11 hours with a reporter over two days, Mr. Davis, the church’s spokesman, gave the numbers of Sea Org members (8,000), of Scientologists in the Tampa-Clearwater area (12,000) and of L. Ron Hubbard’s books printed in the last two and a half years (67 million). But asked about the church’s membership, Mr. Davis said, ‘I couldn’t tell you an exact figure, but it’s certainly, it’s most definitely in the millions in the U.S. and millions abroad.’

“He said he did not know how to account for the findings in the American Religious Identification Survey that the number of Scientologists in the United States fell from 55,000 in 2001 to 25,000 in 2008.”

It’s interesting that later in the interview, Tommy stated “One can’t be a Scientologist and not be part of the church.” Well then, maybe he should tell that to the people who compile these fanciful totals of numbers of Scientologists. Are you trying to tell us, Tommy, that the Church that keeps statistics on everything, that can give us down to the inch how many square feet of renovated buildings were done last year, cannot tell us the total number of Church members? No, they know exactly how many active members they have, believe me. And it’s in the five-figure “order of magnitude,” not the seven-figure.

And I loved his response on ABC’s Four Corners program to the heart-wrenching story of Liz Anderson, who hasn’t seen her eldest child, Fiona Peachey, since 2005.

“TOMMY DAVIS: Well, let me put it this way. Considering just in the last couple of days and on my last trip to Clearwater, I saw Miss Peachey walking down the street. I believe, come to think of it, the street that she was walking down I saw two or three pay phones that she most capably could’ve stopped, picked up the phone and called whomever she wished to speak with. So if she wanted to speak to her mother, I am sure she’s perfectly capable of doing so.”

Really, dude? Pay phone? Why don’t you hop in your DeLorean and jump on up here to the future. In 2010, believe it or not, people don’t use pay phones (and there are none, by the way, on the walk from the Fort Harrison to the Bank Building or the West Coast Building). Nowadays, people have cell phones. Except of course, if you are a Sea Org Member, where they are forbidden. And, as anyone who has been in the Sea Org knows, if you are caught talking with your family on a pay phone, without a Master-at-Arms or Security Guard present and covertly listening in, you are toast.

Tommy Davis is the master of blathering Doublespeak.

“QUENTIN MCDERMOTT: But once you expel someone from the church, you tell that person’s family inside the church to have nothing to do with them?

“TOMMY DAVIS: No, that is not the case. What… specifically what you’re referring to is if somebody is expelled from the church, anybody who insists on continuing to be connected to somebody who’s been expelled from the church would be told that as long as they maintain that connection they’re not welcome in the church because the church… any organisation and particularly a church, like other churches, has a right to not welcome in its… in its ranks people who are supporting or connected to people who are attacking the church and mean the church harm.”

Oh, let me get this straight, Tommy. You don’t tell the person’s family to have nothing to do with them, you tell the person’s family that if they do have anything to do with them, they’ll be expelled from the Church. I get it.

And there’s plenty more of Tommy’s Doublespeak. Recruiting underage children becomes “not discriminating against people by virtue of age.” The Rehabilitation Project Force becomes “a private religious retreat.”

And when a private investigator was caught, on camera, tailing Marc Headley and an ABC reporter, Tommy has this gem of a response: “I couldn’t comment on that. I couldn’t comment. I mean, I couldn’t be able to… I wouldn’t tell. I wouldn’t know how to answer that. I have no knowledge on it, so I don’t know how to answer it.”

There’s not much Tommy does know how to answer. And I don’t think either he or the Church realize the damage he is doing to the Church’s reputation by his incompetence. Those being interviewed tell heartbreaking stories of abuse, coercion, and disconnection. They come across as honest human beings who have suffered tragic experiences. And the normal human response to anyone telling stories like this would be concern, empathy, and a desire to right the wrongs they have suffered.

But the Church, in the person of Tommy Davis, exhibits no empathy for these people. He calls them liars, all of them. He denies any and all wrongdoing on the part of the Church. He comes across as arrogant, cold and deceitful. And as he is the spokesman, that is what people think of the Church of Scientology.

And unfortunately, it’s an accurate perception.

  1. Fidelio permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:17 pm

    Jeff, again, you do an incredible job: sharp, concise, straight between the eyes – I love your style and admire the impact of your communications! Thank you very much! Fidelio

  2. Eleanor Gehrig permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:25 pm

    Great piece, Jeff!

    The spins put on recruiting children into the SO and disconnection would be laughable if they weren’t so disgusting.

    Tommy Davis’ nose is growing. Pretty soon the cameramen will have to stand in the next room to get Davis’ whole face in the shot. Every sentient person who comes away from the Today Show, NYT and Four Corners pieces will draw the same conclusion: Tommy Davis is a big, fat liar.

  3. Fidelio permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:29 pm

    Jeff, there is a German saying:
    “Ist’s noch so fein gesponnen, es kommt doch an die Sonnen!” meaning something like
    “Even if it’s finely spun, finally comes up to sun” (sort of:))
    This is inevitable. ML Fidelio

  4. SherryMK permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:44 pm

    Another well written essay by the master himself.

    I wonder how much longer Tommy can keep this up. Truly. It’s got to be an exhausting activity. Watching him on the ABC AU interview, denying denying empathy, no humanity, not even a correct emotion for what was being presented him, the worst part of it all being that he doesn’t even get how ludicrous he looks and how lacking in credibility he comes off to the general public…he’s got to be going a little batty. I actually feel sorry for the guy.

  5. Fidelio permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:53 pm

    And just a wonderful definition of arrogance coined by a Swedish OT (a very powerful and funny guy!):
    “Arrogance is the effort to look down on something or somebody from a position below.”
    Isn’t that one a beauty?

  6. March 9, 2010 9:01 pm

    Another fine article Jeff!

    Tommy’s evasiveness reminds me of a CIA or as I sometimes call them “Caught In (the) Act” flack trying to spin the latest blown covert op.

    It’s obvious to me that Tommy has never read ‘Scientology 5, Press Policy’ or studied any of the PR Series especially the PL that says you never lie in PR. I mean practically every word that comes out of his mouth is a blatant bald faced lie!

    Tommy makes Nixon look like a model of veracity!

  7. March 9, 2010 10:21 pm

    Tommy is not really being incompetent. It’s an impossible job. What would doing the job competently mean — telling the exact truth? That would be relatively easy. Any number of exes could do that. But he isn’t allowed to tell the truth, is he?

    I find it an impossible exercise to work out alternative answers that he could have given without opening Pandora’s box, at least in DM’s eyes. As soon as the CofS admits egregious wrongdoing it lays itself open to hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits. I don’t see it happening by accidentally having an honest PR spokesperson on post.


  8. lunamoth permalink
    March 9, 2010 11:02 pm

    I have never appreciated tommy davis more than at this moment! Consider that we are faced with
    the job of communicating to the outside world the cruelty and arrogance of the current church, of showing the public how conniving, cold and utterly heartless dm and his henchmen are –
    it’s a daunting task, and few who have not experienced it themselves are able to really
    duplicate the truth of that situation.

    But every time an ex-member comes forward, tommy steps up and he delivers! He succeeds in
    demonstrating brilliantly in a few sentences what it would otherwise take years for us to convince the public of: the church of scientology is hostile, shrill, nasty and weird. They will never answer a direct question, never admit wrong doing or error, and never express compassion for anybody. What happens to others is never as important as what happens to them. They consider all reporters and anyone listening to be so stupid that they (the church) don’t even both to keep their own lies straight when they respond to questions. Anybody who disagrees with them is a liar, a coward, an apostate, or a disgruntled employee, and has “crimes” against the church.

    He’s amazingly effective at making our point.

    Are we sure tommy isn’t actually working for our side?

    • Fidelio permalink
      March 10, 2010 3:22 pm

      Thank you Luna, haven’t look at TD this way, but you are right – he is doing the Independant Movement a big favour

  9. VaD permalink
    March 9, 2010 11:09 pm

    Tommy acts just like anybody being within the Church. He CAN’T speak any other way.
    You know.
    I know.
    Even outside the church, living on your own, you can’t live without thinking about your eternity… and part of it is being faithful to your church. Not just while you are within but loyal to LRH’s teachings any moment of your life.

    No surprise Tommy speaks like that.

    I like Jeff’s joke on Fox 11, “I’ve secured my eternity!… and then the next one, and another one after that”.

    Sherry, who (in discussions of “Bridge to nowhere” thread) said about her own feelings about being on church’s lines – said it all for me and said it all for anyone I know and now looking inside (including myself). It’s been looking onto life and people through the prism (filter) of scientology teahings.
    It’s like drinking Kool-Aid all the time – whether you want it or not.. UNTIL you disconnect from it completely, i.e. stop drinking Kool-Aid.

    About Tommy Davis – it’s just the same. He keeps drinking Kool-Aid. He likes it. Until he’s fed with it he will keep saying same lies over and over and over.
    May be – luckily for him – DM stops feeding him and getting him off-loaded.

    I will have compassion for poor Tommy (notice – NOT sympathy but compassion!)

    He’s been trying! He’s been trying hard to stay there and satisfy the leader.
    Just like all of us stayed until the last hope.

    Now we see those guys and gals. It’s hard to see from within but from outside – well, we can see SO MUCH MORE from outside!
    It’s actually FREEDOM in itself.

  10. Just Me permalink
    March 10, 2010 1:08 am

    I just got off an airplane where I had a fantasy 30,000 feet up in the air. In my fantasy, Tommy Davis is being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

    Matt says: “So, Tommy — what do you have to say about these charges against the Church. Are these charges by ex-members of the Church about human trafficking, forced abortions, and physical abuse true or not?”

    Tommy replies, “Yes, Matt, they actually are true. And they’re worse than you can imagine, more horrible than anyone has ever yet told you. Please, Matt, please don’t let them take me back there. I can’t do it anymore. Please!” Then he starts sobbing on national television.

    Wouldn’t that be great television?

  11. John Doe permalink
    March 10, 2010 5:01 am

    Ya know, when I watched these interviews today and saw Tommy lying lying lying, I got really irritated.

    Then I saw this posting by Jeff and the comments many here by many of you and I realize my initial irritation has softened to compassion for him. He is not doing any damage to the Independents, quite the contrary. He is trying do an impossible job, and it will wear him down, as day follows night.

    He’d actually do less damage to his cause if instead of trying to spin everything, he just kept to one word answers: “Nuh-UH!!”

    • lunamoth permalink
      March 10, 2010 5:35 am


  12. Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
    March 10, 2010 6:40 am


    Tommy Davis ~~

    Is it possible he is only playing to DM as an audience ? Perhaps he just wants DM applause which explains why he is so out of touch with reality.

    Why is DM in hiding and not speaking up with this Tsunami wave against the Church ?

    How can they deny abortions ? There are a huge amount of SO members what went to “Planned Parenthood” in Riverside.
    Hundreds of them from 1984 onwards.
    It is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Hubbard writes all about the savage impact of the engram and abortions in DMSMH and Dianetics, the Original Thesis. The ENGRAM is what the philosophy is based on.

    But the corporate greed for stats demands 60 to 80 hour weeks, sometimes days of no sleep up at INT base. All family time of 1 hour daily was cut off by DM. Children were considered nothing more than a nuisance, taking away from Sea Org unmerciful slave production, sometimes at 37 cents an hour
    Then Sea Org execs pressure their own members to have an engram with anaesthesia. This stopped in the last 2-3 years, but the cat is out of the bag on what was done for decades previously.
    Click here~~

    Affidavit of Mary Tabayoyon

    Affidavit of Astra Woodcraft

    Law suits on Abortions

  13. Fidelio permalink
    March 10, 2010 8:28 am

    Tommy Davis is a poor sod. Wonder why his mother doesn’t do anything…

  14. VaD permalink
    March 10, 2010 10:40 am

    If you dare to let yourself view the whole scientology thing as a con, you’ll see this: behavior and words of Tommy Davis are consistent with both scientology teachings (policies) AND DM’s orders.

    Some say that what Davis says is NOT scientology.
    What if this IS scientology? Just what if?
    Isn’t what he is using for himself being technology of scientology? Well, he does! And it’s okay for him between the sessions to say lies.

    Just dare! Take a causative view. You CAN. Even for a few minutes.

    I encourage you to watch this video:

    Even just for luls. I had goodbumps. I had tears in my eyes at how much TRUTH is out there.
    Alo read details on the right. “Chanology works and it helps people.” It’s true. Proven by two years of wins.
    IT has helped me – and many of you, even by letting you see the whole thing from outside, and that there is some “trulier ” truth than you had possibly dreamed of, while being trapped inside the orgs and even after – being trapped with “my thought patterns – taken and adopted from LRH”.

    • ButterflyChaser permalink
      March 10, 2010 6:45 pm

      Great video, VaD. Thanks for sharing it with the group. The term, “Shoulder to Shoulder” really takes on a new meaning lately, doesn’t it?

      As usual, great comments on this blog from each poster. Each person who posts on this blog imparts valuable wisdom to me. I appreciate all of you immensely.

      Jeff, another great article on “Leaving Scientology” or, rather, my longer name for it: “The Thinking Man’s Guide to Leaving Scientology”. : )

      Thank you again. XO

  15. ExVet permalink
    March 10, 2010 4:12 pm

    The reason the Catholic Church started to put things right when widespread sexual abuse was occurring in that church is because its parishoners started screaming about it. Although church leadership resisted at first, their resistance – to my knowledge – did not include ex-communication of all members who spoke out against the abuses and publicly calling all of them liars and labeling them as “disgruntled apostates.” I wish someone would point that out to Tommy Davis in his next interview.

  16. VaD permalink
    March 10, 2010 10:43 pm

    It’s the only answer we have – to end this fight.

    I figured we now have at least 3 camps involved into fight.

    1st is the Church with DM, and TD as the spokesperson.

    2nd is “Independents” (who don’t agree with the church but are all for Scientology Technology). I include there long existing FreeZone into this “group” since they are both for “free application outside the church”…

    3rd are those who left or are leaving scientology (I unite them with those who have never been there but touched by it). It includes Anonymous and those “wogs” who has never been reaching for scientology yet got involuntary involved.

    It’s quite crude and rough break-down.

    (If you ask me, I’m within the 3rd group).

    What do we have now?
    Now we have war, battles and fights. Mostly, against the church (with DM and TD).
    2nd and 3rd are together.
    What will be next? – If you let yourself broad-scale long term view, it will be fight between 2nd and 3rd (after the 1st goes down to pieces).

    It’s not the way to go, brothers and sisters!

    If you remember slogan, it goes “Scientology is the only game where everybody wins”
    We’ve wanted EVERYBODY to WIN! Not lose.
    AND! Guess what? We are all in this game now! We are in the game of/with scientology. Since you are reading this post, you ARE in this game.
    Why? – Because you want to win.
    Guess what! – majority of people don’t even care what scientology is all about, living their life and having their fun with it (as much as they can). They are not in this game. At all!

    So! We are three here – in this game, trying to win and not lose.

    Remember “Games Conditions”? – Well, it’s just that! That’s what we are doing. Playing games and trying to win and get opponent to lose.

    So, it’s been broad scale GAMES CONDITION (if you want to call it this way).
    (I’m using LRH words here since we all understand what I’m talking about)

    And – it’s NOT the way to go!

    To the subject of Tommy Davis.

    I have a vision that he will be offloaded by the end of May.
    It’s just impossible for any individual to say so many lies, and not be “rewarded” with punishment”.

    And – I encourage you, instead of pointing fingers at him, give him WARMEST WELCOME!!! He deserves it. He worked hard. He tried.

    And! You know what will happen? – He will not feel that there were his enemies. He will feel there were friends. He will feel we were people who understood him all the way – and what he had done and what he had said. And why.
    We will save one more person.
    I’m sure he is quite able person. He’s just afraid of us now (2ndS and 3rds).

    Love and Compassion IS the answer. It’s the best answer.

    Let’s stop fighting. Scientologists or non-scientologists – let’s use some good sense and better feelings than hate, antagonism and desire to “fight back”

    • ButterflyChaser permalink
      March 12, 2010 2:47 am

      Wow – VaD. Your post really touched me. My sentiments exactly on everything you said.

      Your comments on love and compassion especially resonated with me. They ARE ultimately the only way.

      One of the first books I used to sneak off and read when I was still “in” was a book by the Dalai Lama. Oh, the tears did flow when I realized that I belonged to a religion that did not practice love and compassion. No wonder I felt so empty and dead inside.

      Yes, Tommy Davis, if he ever leaves – should be welcomed.

      However, I find that having love and compassion for David Miscavige stops short. I simply cannot go there. I think the concept of “gradients” definitely applied in this case! ha ha
      My primal instinct to have him deeply humiliated or punished in some way still brings a warped sense of joy to me. Guess I’m not quite enlightened yet! : )

      Thank you again for your wise post, my friend.

      • VaD permalink
        March 12, 2010 9:27 pm

        Thank you, my dear friend!
        Thank you, ButterflyChaser!
        We are not alone here, and hopefully everyne will be wtih us soon.

        About DM.
        Yes, I understand he acts inhumane at times.
        Yet, i strongly believe he has been using KSW # 1 AND FO 1432 Ethics Presence to the letter. He DOES what LRH said. That’s his ultimate perception. He won’t change his views (just like any scientologogist won’t change his views – no matter how full of evidences you are, and how many of them you show them).
        It’s just “faith” thing. It works for him. He just applies his favorite policies.

        So, I don’t feel anger to him anymore. He is a product of it – just like you or me. He is just another person trying “to make it right” and not seeing the end.

        Our advantage is that we see it, and him, and Tommy Davis, and what is going on. He just can’t. For hm ” Policy is the ultimate truth”.

        This is how he comes across to me.

        I remember from before being in scientology some oriental wisdom (I think from Buddhism) which says something like, “The only thing left to do for a freed being is compassion to others”.
        We are free. We CAN and SHOULD have compassion to our entangled fellows (even to DM)

  17. VaD permalink
    March 10, 2010 11:02 pm

    This might be off-topic… but this is the great vision of the GREAT personality.
    I wish I had heard him before 😦
    He was not FOR, he was not AGAINST. He just spoke his mind.
    Just like what we are trying to do now – with, within or out of scientology.

    Let us be such as this person. And may God stay WITHIN us (not in the textbooks and/or memories)

    George Carlin – Saving the Planet

  18. EXILO permalink
    March 11, 2010 3:57 am

    Great article. But let’s not forget that Tommy answers directly to DM himself. And his answers are really DM’s answers or DM’s twisted interpretations of the HCOPL on Glutz PR.

    When Tommy called Christie a “liar”, my first thought was: “The Criminal Mind at work”.

  19. Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
    March 11, 2010 6:58 am

    Jeff ~~

    Here is something that makes no sense.
    All situations far departed from the ideal scene are supposed to be handled with the technology. The green on white volumes.
    Now there is a whole Hubbard series in Admin Tech of Surveys and Survey Tech which you probably know only too well, given your time track.
    Why is this not used ?
    The common denominator of every outrage on what the Church and Miscavige is doing, is that it is OFF-SURVEY and violates the reality of the public.

    The public is not surveyed, things are ENFORCED on them by GREED and know-best by current Church management.

    Holding on to staff for a year or more after they have asked to leave is OFF SURVEY.
    Sending Blow Drill teams to capture them back is OFF SURVEY.
    Screaming, beating, threatening, invalidating, cursing in the workplace (at a religion !) is OFF SURVEY.
    Superiority and hierarchy of Scientology Execs at INT BASE and the insane programs put out for money (STATUSES) for Ideal Org buildings, for IAS, for Super Power Building is hated by Scientology public and is OFF SURVEY.
    Demanding tens of thousands of dollars for “Freeloader Bills” was not only OFF SURVEY, it put EX – SO into internet groups and the Church is now withdrawing Freeloader bills as part of their damage control.
    Co-erced abortions were so OFF-SURVEY that it flapped to Government level in some countries and the Internet put ethics in on the Church by exposure and they have changed their policy to offloading a couple with child.
    Sleep deprivation in the workplace, (and there are numerous INT horror stories on this)
    is OFF SURVEY.
    Paying SO members a pittance $37 cents an hour is OFF SURVEY.
    OFFLOADING and THREATENING OFFLOADING where there is a medical condition is OFF SURVEY.
    Holding SO members for YEARS in an RPF is OFF SURVEY.
    Tommy Davis lying to the media that RPF cycles take weeks or months is OFF SURVEY.
    Not trusting at ot7 so that he must pay for sec checks every 6 months is OFF SURVEY.
    Scamming the public for library donations when the Church knows the scam is OFF SURVEY.
    The horrible machines installed to do an Emeter test to newbies in orgs is OFF SURVEY.

    I think Miscavige just spits out whatever he wants in any given moment and does not care of how badly OFF SURVEY his actions are.

    In earlier times, much could be hidden, but with the transparency of the INTERNET, the conduct of Scientology comes across as disgusting and despicable and off the deep end.

    • Editor permalink*
      March 11, 2010 6:35 pm

      In my experience, Scientology only used public surveys to change people’s perception of Scientology with slogans, ads, press releases, etc. They never used surveys to change what they were doing. After all, what did a bunch of “wogs” know? There was this arrogant superiority that we always knew what was best and therefore one would only use a survey to present it in a palatable form to the public using the right words, buttons and positioning. Miscavige takes this to the ne plus ultra of arrogance. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his actions as they are ALL (public, staff, SO Members) inferior to him.

      • March 11, 2010 9:11 pm


        You are so right about everything Management is doing right now being OFF SURVEY.

        In fact there was an extensive survey done in the late sixties that found that practically every thing that the Organization is doing right now was considered detestable by the public at large (forced disconnection and Fair Game topping the list) which was the reason for the Reform Codes in ’68.

        If Tommy was an actual PR instead of a Flack he’d have studied these surveys very carefully and proposed the elimination of these practices. Of course it would have been doubtful if he would have kept his post for any length of time under the current regime but at least he would have kept his integrity.

        Jeff, I agree with you.

        Yes we all had this superiority complex but this complex is pretty much endemic to any professional culture whether it be Scientologists or Psychiatrists!

        Fortunately we had people like you and many other good people in Div VI who kept us somewhat grounded!

        I wince when I remember what an arrogant SOB I was as a highly trained auditor!

        At least we tried to grant beingness to others. The current regime doesn’t even bother!

        The arrogance of such a statement as you can’t be a Scientologist unless you are a member of an organization, is proof positive of this fact.

        I wrote about this earlier but I’ll write it again because I consider it an important difference and that is back then the definition of a Scientologist was very broad and inclusive and included anyone who applied Scientology principles to their lives and the lives of others.

        For example I had a “wog” friend who constantly complained about his constant upset with his “bitch” (he was a biker) so I asked him if he ever listened to and acknowledged what she said and went over rudimentary TRs particularly TR4.

        Next thing both of them are now lovey dovey and this guy thanked me for the advice which was basically Scientology communication skills.

        As far as I was concerned this biker was more of a Scientologist than Tommy and the current regime are and he’d never been anywhere near a Scientology org or even read a book on the subject!

        Yet he was able to perceive a true datum when he saw it!

      • Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
        March 11, 2010 9:39 pm

        Thanks Jeff
        I get it.
        Possibly the WHY of the entire blow ups and attacks that increase by the day is that this is an operation that does not provide what the public need and want.

        It provides what the C of S WANTS from the point of arrogant superiority of David Miscavige. (e.g. regging for statuses)

        C of S could not be further OFF-Survey.
        Another example of OFF-SURVEY is disconnections. Especially family husband/wife enforced disconnections……but they enforce it right down to Facebook, My Space, and so on.

        On the one hand they want all the $$$$$ they can reg out of you.
        On the other hand they want to dictate who you talk to.

      • brendon permalink
        March 11, 2010 11:59 pm

        If you want to see how real people react to Scientology in real time, just watch the video at the link below. The page provides a “believability” analysis of a recent Scientology commercial. The users’ composite data is plotted as a graph as the video plays.

        As the owner of the research comapany put it, “I have never seen such a precipitous decline in curves as was seen when the Scientology identification was shown on the screen”

        *This is the second time I’ve tried to post this; the first time it didn’t appear to work right; apologies if this is a duplicate.)

      • Mickey permalink
        March 12, 2010 7:01 am

        Jeff said: “There was this arrogant superiority that we always knew what was best…..”
        RJ said: “Yes we all had this superiority complex…..pretty much endemic….
        I wince when I remember what an arrogant SOB I was as a highly trained auditor!”

        Now being for a good while far removed from the former Scn scene, able to look back, unfiltered and uninfluenced by the outside pressures visited with intense frequency upon both the Scn public and especially staff, it is my observation written right into the policies and technical issues are the unmistakable seeds that breed the attitudes you two mention above. To name just a few:
        -Going from being a “homo sapiens” to “homo novis”
        -Auditors are the top 2% strata of beings
        -Scn is the only hope for mankind
        -Only the tigers survive
        -The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions…..

        And for a more clearly delineated (and way more articulate than I) idea of this culture of arrogance in Scn, check this segment of Jason Beghe in Hamburg, 2008 to further bolster the few points above,

        As such, the arrogant attitudes, feelings of being superior to one’s fellows, the hubris in expressions will never change, perhaps even in the Indie field….as we have experienced here on this blog in a prior posting. It’s part and parcel of the training and indoctrination into the subject. No matter how many surveys will ever be done and new ways of saying the same ol’ same ol’, the unkind and less than loving attitudes eventually will surface again, to one degree or another. But, I think in time people become tired and grow weary of the onslaught, reach their individual levels of pain tolerance (both physical and spiritual) and have and will move on, hopefully humbled** by their experiences.
        Again…just an opinionated observation. 😉

        “Wherever I go, with whomever I go may I see myself as less than all others, and from the depth of my heart may I consider them supremely precious.” the Dalai Lama


      • Mickey permalink
        March 12, 2010 1:23 pm

        The “tinyurl” didn’t work for me in my post, so here it is recreated. If that still doesn’t work, this is the actual link:

        PS. Jeff, how do some YouTubes get imbedded within the post itself (like the George Carlin one above) and some don’t and just the address appears, highlighted and when clicked launch the YouTube in another window? Thanks!

      • lunamoth permalink
        March 12, 2010 5:18 pm


        Clearly, the “highly trained” but “arrogant SOB” that you see yourself as having been, was only a step in your evolution.

        A being with the desire to help mankind and some ability to do so, and the humility you have learned from this experience, is a wonderful and rare thing. If you are able to discard the c of s and come out of the experience the better for it, you are not only on the right path but you really are an asset to the human race.

        At some point we’ll have our attention on that and what it means for the future of the race, and not on this game of Happy Horseshit with dm.

      • Mickey permalink
        March 14, 2010 3:34 am

        Dearest little moon-moth….please note it was not I who was the “highly trained, arrogant SOB” as you referred to me in your post. But rather I quoted RJ from above in his post saying this about himself. Not to worry, no feelings are hurt.

        Hell, I figure your slip was just some unsuspecting, unconscious psychological defense mechanism employed on your end to get even with me for calling you “lunamouth” earlier!

        Ha! I’m just deploying a little levity here while in correction mode and having some fun with you!

      • lunamoth permalink
        March 14, 2010 3:39 pm

        Oh Sorry, Mickey! I missed the quotation marks entirely – my comment should have been directed to RJ!


  20. March 11, 2010 6:26 pm

    Jeff — this blog continues to be one of my favorites. Even more so when you revealed that Counterfeit Dreams was your creation. I lost about one nights sleep reading that blog article by article.

    Having known you a smidge at Flag in the late 70’s and I know my ex-husband knew you well at Gold/Planetary Dissem it’s such a pleasure to read this blog. How you keep it on point as well as open and kind.


  21. Sinar permalink
    March 11, 2010 9:16 pm


    Thanks very much for another great article and your insight on the matter.

    I actually feel compassion for TD, Hansueli, Mike Sutter and those OSA guys having to “do their jobs”. I’m very certain that these guys know and have seen tons of outpoints/situations – those very things they are trying very hard to “defend” and use mechanisms to make it OK to do.

    Digging up “upstats” like Square Paces of space, number of books sold, new names to CF (central files) and promoting those is a delusion & smoke and mirrors to back up the idea of expansion. Those are simply sub statistics. Where is the figures of number of Clears and OT’s made? Isn’t that the ultimate product that is supposed to be gotten? Good products of shiny new buildings and facilities well promoted does not mean good PR as that’s not the ultimate product which is supposed to be gotten.

    Seems that defending a lot of psychoses, abuse and non-LRH policy actions is like putting ABC gum into the increasing amount of pinhole leaks in the Hoover dam. Along with those justifications and reasons why lying and doing bad deeds which is accumulating in their conscience as incidental. I really feel for those having to put in extra long hours to do so and coming up with pitiful answers or PR lines and dirty deeds.

    The payphone line really cracks me up – when has anyone used a payphone these days?

    • March 12, 2010 12:26 am

      Even funnier is that when I was there in the late ’80’s was the fact that there wasn’t a single payphone from the FH to Cleveland St and this was before the cell phone explosion!

      So I doubt if Ma Bell has installed any since.

      One wonders what Twilight Zone Tommy and current management exist in?

      Yeah right make a call from a payphone.

      Is that before or after the poor girl clicks her heels together and says to herself…”There’s no place like home.”

  22. Rebecca-Tribecca permalink
    March 12, 2010 10:32 am

    RJ ~~ good postings.
    Thanks Jeff for the wider viewpoint on use of SURVEYS.


    The Church apparently is stuck in NOT-isness of current situations.

    Quote ~~

    “OSA has written to the German State of Hamburg government accusing Mark and Claire Headley, Bruce Hines and me of not only being liars but worse, being “members of Anonymous, “a known Internet hate group,” ”

    My God, instead of acknowledging the hell Marc went through up there (and Claire), instead of acknowledging the 100 hour weeks of hell with sleep deprivation at 37 cents an hour was slave labor, Cof S try to portray Marc and Claire as Anonymous hate group members !!!

    First of all Marc Headley is anything but ANONYMOUS. Heck, he put out a book with his full name.

    Secondly the public relate to Marc Headley. His Book, has now been #1 in the Scientology category for some 5 months straight on trumping all Scientology publications

    Even his Kindle edition trumps most Scientology books ! To write off Marc Headley as an Internet hate monger after 15 years of hell at Gold Base is ridiculous.

    • VaD permalink
      March 12, 2010 9:02 pm

      Read the reviews of dianteics and scientology’s book on
      I had such a great laugh after reading reading review on dianetics on:

      Here is a quote (unless it’s moved)

      “This book is worthless without the platinum coated E-Meter (TM).
      I bought this book and paid $2300 to buy an E-meter (TM) to measure my engrams and Thetan levels.
      “By reading this book and implementing the methods therein and using E-Meter (TM) regularly my Thetan level dropped considerably. (Take that, Mayo clinic! )
      “I am already OT II now. Looking forward to OT III. ”
      “Please do not buy the copper coated E-Meters($1000). They are not that good at removing body Thetans. Only Platinum coated ones will do.
      “Only with the help of Platinum coated E-Meter(TM) you can audit yourself and get rid of those pesky Thetans.

      “Here is the suggested plan for you people to achieve OT II level like me.
      1 Buy this book. : $16
      2 Buy a Platinum coated E-Meter(TM) : $2,300
      3 Course fees for level I and II : $35,000
      4 Course fees to be pre-clear ( needed before Level I): $18,000
      5 Boot camp at Sea Org : $20,000

      “So, for a paltry sum of $80,000 you can be an OT level II.
      “Go for it, you won’t regret.

      I laughed my ass off from just reading it. Anf it’s what’s on Amamzon’s reviews.

      Read them Have fun! 😉

  23. March 13, 2010 5:41 pm

    Just getting to this thread and, as is the usual, it’s another remarkable exchange amongst some very brilliant beings. My thanks to you all for your most valuable input. My wheels are turning at a much faster clip now that I’ve read through this thread, viewed all the videos and followed all the links. Man! Definitely some good stuff put out on this communal table.

    Jeff, again I thank you for creating such a safe, free and fertile space here at your blog site. I find the diversity of discourse here to be continuously insightful and stimulating. Indeed, I find myself so stimulated in thought at this moment that I might just begin gushing who knows what.

    Okay. I’ll just start writing and see what the hell comes out.

    There was a time (not all that long ago) where I was thoroughly convinced to the core of my being that LRH was “The OT” and Scientology had ALL the answers to any question that I might ever possibly have about the workings of the mest universe, spirituality and beyond i.e., the 8th Dynamic. This was my personal integrity and I would have bet the farm on it. And with having such and incredibly deep level of conviction there came with it a matching level of arrogance (mostly covered with a pleasant social veneer). I figured that because I had been able to find Scientology, amongst the copious amounts of extant spiritual practices and, not only find it, but recognize it as “THE” ultimate truth…I must be an incredibly special person. After all, I had managed to find, by the age of 25, the proverbial needle in the haystack! And upon first coming into contact with my fellow Scientologists I had this almost instant feeling of deep kinship and bond on a level I had no memory of experiencing previously. We Scientologists were “preselected” out of the races of earth to come together in a shoulder to shoulder effort to salvalge the planet. And this was not our first attempt. No, we had been together fighting the good fight for eons and we were back. But this time it was different. This time we finally had “The TECH.” We were the elite of planet earth and SO members were the elite’s elite. And…we were the ONLY ones who had a chance in hell of accomplishing this monumental task because we were the ONLY ones with truly workable Tech, LRH’s Tech, our TECH. All that other spiritual technology that had been in existence on the planet for thousands of years was flawed in some way because, per LRH, no one prior to him had been able to successfully get through “the wall of fire.” If they had tried they perished in the attempt. Using Scientology Tech was the ONLY way a being could actually get free of the trap and achieve total spiritual freedom because if you couldn’t get through “the wall of fire” you couldn’t get free of the trap. The “wall of fire” became the spiritual “Iron Curtain.” On one side was an eternity of suffering in the illusion of the mest universe wherein a spiritual being would eventually dwindle down to becoming a solid little insignifcant particle completely void of any awareness and from there on existing forever within the illusion we know as the mest universe. On the other side was FREEDOM! Freedom like we had never previously known in our infinite existence. Freedom with wisdom! A state of FREEDOM that could only be possible because we had the tech. But on this road to the ne plus ultra state of spiritual freedom, we not only had a planet to salvage, we had a complete universe to salvage! And it may very well take billions of years to win the game. And God help anybody who might get in our way. If you weren’t with us you were against us. PERIOD!

    When I was in Scientology it appeared to me to be all embracive. EVERYTHING, and I literally mean EVERYTHING, in someway came under the umbrella of Scientology. However, in my continuing multi-layered process of leaving scientology, scientology is not nearly so all embracive. Indeed, scientology is becoming increasinly smaller and smaller in my field of perception and beings like DM and Tommy Davis and the multitudes of other slavish minions are steadily shrinking into nonexistence before my very eyes. In the grand scheme of things CoS, DM, et al are insignificant specks playing a sick aberrated game. Certainly, not even worth my attention. For sure, such beings feed on any attention that comes there way so why would I want to feed them? Why would I want to grant life to such death?

    IMO, it is by no chance circumstance that the beings who have, over the years, by whatever means, extracted themselves or got themselves ejected from CoS came to do so. And, on the other side of the coin, it is no accident that those who continue to uphold and support such an aberrated leader and sick game do so. It’s a matter of awareness, confront and personal integrity.

    We create our reality and we choose our games. We each have a perspective that is unique to us as individuals. It is unlikely, especially in view of where we are right now, that we will ever be able to share the exact same perspective on any given thing. However, that said, we can have agreementsI think that it would be safe to suggest that we, as unique as we are, do have many things in common. One of which is that it is obvious that we do not want to play a sick aberrated game orchestrated and conducted by a sick aberrated being.

    Shifting gears….personally, I have a tremendous amount of affinity for L. Ron Hubbard. That being gave me such an enormous amount of assistance on my spiritual path and I will always be immensely grateful for that. And, looking back, I have not one iota of regret for having been a scientologist for more than half of this life time. It was my path. It was the path I created for myself and the lessons I learned and new tools I acquired were very much needed. There was a time when I considered that I really knew Ron but the truth is I didn’t know Ron at all, I only knew my mock-up of Ron. I do wonder what happened to that being that gave me and others so much. Perhaps that is a mystery that I will never resolve but I am postulating that at some point in time I will come to know exactly what happened to L. Ron Hubbard. Because…something DID happen.

    Finally, in closing this blogment, I would like to indicate that it appears that there is a convergence underway of no small magnitude that we, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy…maybe even our entire universe is included in. Some very big pieces of the game are in flux and the rapidity of change is on the increase as we seem to be entering some sort of bottleneck in both time and space. It has been my experience that individuals who have been or are associated with the teachings of LRH are some of the most intelligent genuinely caring people I could ever hope to meet. And while I do understand the importance of hashing out what has transpired with Scn and the preoccupation with DM and the current CoM, I would really like to hear what this diverse group of highly intelligent and aware beings have to say regarding the current state of the world, even galactic, affairs.

    That’s it! I’m done. Much thanks to Jeff and everyone else here.

    May you each have what you desire and intend become manifest in the appropriate time and space so as to only serve to enhance your greater good.

    All the best, Monte Smith

    p.s. Spring is almost here and with spring the garden calls. As a result I will not be so frequently visiting my friends out here in cyberspace wherever the hell cyberspace is. But rest assured that you all will be in my thoughts. If you want to visit the garden of which I speak please go here: And, by all means, feel free to join. You’ll see.

    • craig houchin permalink
      March 14, 2010 4:55 pm

      Monte “P. Henry” Smith,

      Your comments about finding and being in Scn resonate with me. I will never regret my nearly 25-years in Scn. It was, as you say, my path.

      However, I too have lately found the whole Scn game dwindling in importance. While I still like to tease apart the web of lies that I got myself stuck to, the whole saga of will or won’t the Church survive, will or won’t DM be legally prosecuted or even be toppled is becoming little more than a gossip column diversion.

      It is indeed Spring in the world, literally and figuratively, and a lot of gardens need tending.

      Have fun with yours!


      • March 14, 2010 8:09 pm

        Craig, you nailed it! What took me a paragraph to articulate you were able to digest down to three words. I’m so damn long winded! LOL

        “…gossip column diversion.”

    • March 14, 2010 8:49 pm

      When I wrote…

      “In the grand scheme of things CoS, DM, et al are insignificant specks playing a sick aberrated game. Certainly, not even worth my attention. For sure, such beings feed on any attention that comes there way so why would I want to feed them? Why would I want to grant life to such death?”

      …I was vaguely recalling that there was an LRH reference that applied here. And, guess what? There is. And I found it. Here it is…

      “So, let’s look at the bracket of death: greed, lust, crime, sin. you look at this bracket of unwanted things, and psychomatic ills and all the rest of it. It comes to life, actually, just because you are looking at it, and for no other reason. It could be there and be dead for a long time.

      “Actually, if people with life in them paid no attention whatsoever to crime, it would not continue and would have no continuance, no life, and no power to hurt. The power in the communication line always comes from the upper bracket of understanding: affinity, reality, communication.”

      A bit more….

      “This is a principal on a social dynamic, a very interesting principle: every time you close terminals with entheta, you are being asked to duplicate – what? – entheta.

      “What do you do with an entheta line? Ignore it. Don’t even bother to cut it.”

      -LRH Untitled tape No. 5412C04 HCAP-1: Last Lecture 1954

      You know…it appears to me that we, with all our discussions concerning DM, his cohorts, his growing number of victims and the evil CoM, that we are certainly granting a great deal of life, and therefore persistence, to something that is quite dead. Re the DM and CoM entheta line…it’s obvious that we aren’t ignoring it and it seems that we’re definitely trying our best to cut it. Curious, for anyone reading, what are your thoughts on this?

      • Mickey permalink
        March 15, 2010 4:31 am

        Wow Monte! If you literally took LRH’s advice, poof, no more Indie blogging exposing CofM and all the entheta generated currently and over the years. Man, if this was really taken to heart seriously and applied, there would be no organizational structures in Scn, only individual independents out in the field auditing and helping in peace and quiet.

        I think the formal Scn organizations need an external enemy du jour to justify asking for more money to go after them with legal and PR, for the sake of their own members as no one outside buys the CofS PR anymore. Not saying orgs were in this shape back when we all first joined, but they sure have evolved in outward appearance into what the world must see today as merely an attack-defense machine. This state of affairs could never exist without enemies in some form (IRS, critics, exes, journalists, psychs, “entheta lines” and on and on).

        And this is why I mentioned above about how there are unmistakable seeds written in the subject itself that breed the attitudes of superiority which are the genesis of these horrible results. I believe LRH had this dark side to him as well, where there needed to be an enemy of some sort in order to perpetuate the Scn movement organizationally. The seeds of constant conflict to one degree or another are systemic and written in along the way (in addition to the good stuff, too) and as such, eventually as long as attention is paid to outside enemies and “entheta lines”, the vertically implemented organizations will continue to suffer a fall into their current state of less than “theta” activities.

        My hope from the very get-go in watching what Marty was doing with this Indie movement was that the Scn pathway (for those who continue to choose it) revolve back into a horizontally integrated community. Marty did a post about this idea and it garnered a plethora of interesting comments. Here’s one paragraph from this post made on Jan 12th, called Friendship:
        “Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point contains a very interesting section on the power of horizontal organization. That is, the superior strength of bonds created amongst people who consider themselves equals as opposed to imposed, vertical bonds of hierarchical organization structure enforcing the superiority of not necessarily superior beings.”

        Bottom line: in addition to what you discovered LRH wrote, I think revisiting the Friendship post and blogments (cool concept) and moving in the direction of a non-vertical, decentralized no hierarchical system will assure a greater chance of continuance and relevancy for the subject, given the sea of spiritual choices that exist today.

        On the other hand, perhaps all that is occurring is so interesting and makes for such a fascinating “who done it” and “how’d they do it”, that it cannot be ignored! Somewhere a balance can be found.

      • lunamoth permalink
        March 15, 2010 2:51 pm


        I think your comment is brilliant. I agree with you that the seeds of all that now is happening within the church have been there all along. This doesn’t in any way mitigate dm’s apparent insanity or the effects he’s personally responsible. He’s late on the chain.

        LRH did indeed have a dark side. This seems to have caught some/most of us by surprise, since we bought the sanitized, church-issued version of his life and personality. Would have been nice to have known the truth from the beginning; it might have saved us all this heartache if we’d been able to evaluate the data according to a correct estimation of the source. Knowing years ago that LRH had consuming fears, that he tended to either see or create enemies wherever he went, would have made it possible to see the danger in some of his policies. Knowing early on that LRH took credit for the work of others without acknowledgment would have put KSW in a whole new light. So many things would have been different if we’d known the truth.

        But I find that I, too, am losing interest. It’s taken me several months to get to this point.
        I started out glued to my computer screen, losing sleep, staying up till the “wee hours” searching out and reading whatever I could find on this subject. Now I’m getting bored.

        My gardens call to me, too, the real ones and the metaphorical.

      • VaD permalink
        March 15, 2010 8:46 pm


        What you said about being glued to computer screen for months is quite similar to what I have been doing for a couple of months now. That I’m not “the only one” like that gave me some joy. Since February I just couldn’t help but listen and read EVERYTHING that could dig out from the Internet on the subject of Church (now, “church”), Scientology (now, scientology) and Hubbard… There’ve been SO MUCH knowledge – facts, opinions, BS… Well, if there is a smoke, then there’s a fire somewhere. I was able to separate out what’s BS and what is FACTS. Moreover, I FELT there was something wrong but hadn’t been allowed and able to look myself prior to that.

        That time wasn’t wasted – for you, for me, for anybody who dared to take care of their sanity and compare THEIR experience with that of others.

        It gave me certainty that MY conscience and integrity wasn’t lost. …

        Now I can SEE. (Oh my God! How long have I been depriving myself of it!)

        It was my reward for filtering what’s “entheta” and what’s truth, and staying at it until full picture had developed in my mind.

        I have ENORMOUS relief!
        And, yes, my viewpoint has shifted. Confusion (that was while process of reading and watching) is gone.

        Now my interest is on cults, sects and other religious movements. I ‘ve noticed similariity of patterns in any of them (full devotion, impossibility to leave freely, disconnection from members of family who doesn’t share and doesn’t care, total belief in the leader, leader knows ALL the answers for everybody…).
        I’m now curious of the ways how to extract people from “ultimate and ONLY religions”.

        But that is my path.

        Gardens are quite pleasant to deal with – they give you REAL PLEASURES fruits that you can feel, eat, share and sense of living in THIS REAL world (and not created for you by some “god”)

      • March 16, 2010 5:30 am

        Mickey, thanks much for your input. And yes if we were continuing to operate per what LRH advised, according to the reference I found, we would not be doing what we are doing with the continuous discussion and examination of the CoM pool of entheta. Instead, we would just be going our way and getting on with our lives and gathering, or not, in the various groups that we might form. But that said, it appears to me that this is pretty much what we’re doing as it is once we get through the process of leaving the church and maybe even leaving scientology.

        Leaving the church is indeed a process, at least it has been for me. And if it weren’t for blogs like this one, Marty’s, Steve Hall’s, Jeff’s Counterfeit Dreams story and others, including of course, all the people who frequent these sites like yourself and share their own viewpoints and personal stories…that process, speaking for myself, would certainly have taken a great deal longer and undoubtedly would have been considerably more difficult. Also, I consider such sites as I’ve mentioned, and there are numerous others that I’m not mentioning, are sites that serve as safe egress points from the CoM. One could say that it’s our version of the “underground railroad.”

        Lunamoth and VaD, I too have spent many long hours glued to this computer acting as a sponge just soaking up everything I could about what has been going on with the church of scientology, DM, et al while I have been working to get my wits around all that has happened as well as simultaneously managing this wild ass emotional roller coaster ride that I’ve been on as aa result of my finally deciding to look into this can of worms. It has certainly been a process leaving what I thought was Cos but in actuality was CoM. But I have finally reached a stable flat point in that process. However, the process of leaving scientology as being my sole belief system and spiritual operational system continues, but that process too, I sense, is quickly approaching its flat point. And as I move through this process, new understandings of a depth and breadth that I have not previously experienced are becoming manifest. Also, as a consequence of this expansion of understanding, there is nothing too kooky, too weird, too esoteric, too wacky, too way out, etc. for me not to look at an examine in my search for the truth. Ironically, as a scientologist I had become shackled and had been herded into a tunnel. Well, the shackles have been removed and I’m out of the tunnel into a new gradient of freedom.

        Mickey, I have yet to read, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. It is, though, now on my reading list. I am interested to learn about this horizontal organizational structure. I am also interested in learning more about a holographic power structure as Alex Collier briefly touches upon in his talk at the Project Camelot’s Awake and Aware 2009 Conference. See here: (begins aprx at 23:00 on the vid)

        Now, re LRH…

        Stable datum 1: things are rarely what they appear to be.

        Stable datum 2: every level has a different lie.

        Stable datum 3: the best lie is the one that is readily accepted as the truth.

        Stable datum 4: people, in general, see and believe what they want to see and believe and will reject and/or attack data that does not fit into their prefered illusion “truth.”

        Either LRH had a dark side or a “dark side” had him. And, noting that, I do not believe that it’s a case of either or. At this time, I am unable to accept either side as conclusive. In other words, in my estimation there is more to the story and IMO, it is a story worth sorting out. What in the hell happened to LRH? is a legitimate question. For example, read this excerpt from Ken Urquhart’s blog titled, My Return to Reality and Responsibility.

        “I have another apology to make. When I first knew L. Ron Hubbard and worked close to him, in the early 1960’s, he was almost unfailingly cheerful, up-beat, high-toned, positive, energetic, friendly, courteous, respectful, helpful, tolerant, considerate, kindly, firm, commanding, inclusive, open, purposeful, warm, and generous. I remained close to him physically or in the hierarchy until 1978. Over those years he changed profoundly. Over those years it never occurred to me that I had it in my power to influence how he developed; I never tried. Looking back on those years in which his behaviour deteriorated from what I had known it to be, it amazes me that…”

        Ummm….curious…look how Ken describes LRH as he was in the early 60s…what happened to make him change so profoundly in the years following? Also, the admin tech, the HCOPLs didn’t start being issued until the early 70s. Curious. LOL…I guess reading all those Hardy Boys books when I was a young lad had more of an influence on me than I would have ever thought.

        lunamoth, in the early works LRH did acknowledge other sources but as time moved on that went by the boards and Ron became the only “SOURCE.” Again, why? What brought about that change?

  24. Aeolus permalink
    March 15, 2010 2:22 am

    Well Monte, since you asked, I happen to think your community garden is an important aspect of the current “state of the world”. It should be obvious to anyone not still writing checks to the IAS that the Church of Scientology is not saving the planet. Your garden just might.

    One of the outpoints I’d noticed, quite some time before I’d started reading blogs like this, was that people doing the upper OT levels did not necessarily expand on the dynamics. I’ve known OT VIIIs who didn’t have pets, couldn’t grow a plant if their life depended on it, and considered the idea of buying a fuel-efficient car just an attempt to cut their havingness. More recently, I came to the startling realization that I had more in common with the other participants in a gardening class I was taking than I did with most of the Scientologists I knew.

    Humankind’s ability to exploit the planet’s resources and apparently (if temporarily) bypass nature’s checks and balances has brought us to a crisis point. It’s still only a minority who are confronting this crisis but the number is growing daily. Paul Hawkins, Elizabeth Satouris and many others believe that we are also on the brink of a great spiritual and cultural transformation as we are forced to take responsibility for each other and the life forms who share this planet with us.

    At one time it would have seemed only natural to me that Scientology should lead the way in this transformation, but I now expect that as a group they will be completely sidelined, as will any other tightly structured hierarchy marching in lock-step to their own doctrines. If it happens at all, it will be done by a billion unique individuals whose awareness and good intentions may overlap only slightly with each other, but that overlap will be in the areas that really matter. Like gardens.

    • March 20, 2010 7:38 pm

      Thanks Aeolus, I appreciate your thoughts on this.

      My “ace in the hole” for so many years with regards to the future of this planet was embodied ultimately in the OTs that the CoS was continually producing. Anything that was going good on the planet, any near catastrophe (by any cause) that was avoided was, in my mind, the result of some OT or group of OTs involvement. And even though I perceived the quality of life around the world to be rapidly dwindling and the planet seeming to become ever increasingly more unstable, I viewed such as being the naturally occurring disorder rising up as the “new order” of the OT that was being put in. A wonderful mock-up I had going there yet, in actuality, only a flight of fantasy on my part. And in the instant I awoke from my fantasy and had to face the fact that it was the camoflauge over the hole, the cavalry I thought was there in the wings was only a mirage, I said to myself, Oh Shit!! We and this planet are f**ked! That was the knee jerk on it, I don’t think that any longer, although, the potential sure is there.

      I tell you, in deciding to exist for so long in the mocked up universe of Scn I had really inadvertedly acted to effectively clip my wings. I had shut myself off from so many things. I had ceased to be open minded because if one was open minded one was type “H” on the A to J list. And if one is type “H” one cannot be in Scn. Ironically, while my every effort and thought was focused on becoming more and more “aware” and “causative” I was in effect dumbing myself down on so many levels. And being a person who veritably wanted to help make the world a better place for ALL, by becoming a scientologist, I had actually cut myself off from the world. I had sawed off the very branch I was standing on.

      In 03′, being away from close proximity to any facility of CoS for a couple of years, I had to face the fact that I would not be going up the Bridge this lifetime. The Bridge, due to its enormous expense, was no longer accessible to me. And, I had had it with all the stress tied to living a life that had become all about getting more and more and more money to buy my next church service. My thought, “Screw it! I’ll do my Bridge next time around.” In the meantime though, why not work to do whatever I can to help better conditions right where I am in the here and now. Thus, I launched myself into community activism. My slogan has become…think globally and act locally.

      Where I find myself now is in a place where I am interested in what the ex-Scn, the FZ Scn, the Indie Scn, and even the Scn and LRH haters are doing in and with their lives apart from any attention they may have on the subject of Scn and/or L. Ron Hubbard. I am of the opinion that within this group of individuals that I have just mentioned are some of the most brilliant minds on this planet. And with the world in such a precarious state of affairs on so many fronts, I would very much like to hear what this particular group of individuals have to say about it from their unique vantage points.

      A while back I set up a Ning network called Walking Around the Elephant ( ). It was created with a certain purpose in mind but as it has turned out it did not have any broad appeal i.e., it’s a dud. In view of that I believe that in the near future I will be revamping that network to accomodate those who are now away from or out of scn to have a place to discuss other wordly subjects. When I get that done I’ll let you know.

      Aeolus, I think you nailed it when you wrote….

      “If it [transformation] happens at all, it will be done by a billion unique individuals whose awareness and good intentions may overlap only slightly with each other, but that overlap will be in the areas that really matter. Like gardens.”


      “Now more than ever, people are looking for activities that help them to relax and connect with the world–and nothing accomplishes this goal more completely than gardening. By tuning in to the processes of the natural world, millions have discovered that gardening acts as a conduit for experiencing creativity–not just in the garden, but in life.”

      – Author Unknown, National Gardening Assoc

      • VaD permalink
        March 22, 2010 9:31 pm


        I think that you came up with a great idea. Not only discuss the worldly subjects but actually direct efforts mostly towards CREATING things (like gardens 🙂 ).

        After having read and watched quite much about dark side of scn, I kept being stuck to the idea that “COS must be destroyed” or “scn must be destroyed”…
        95% of videos, texts and comments in the internet are after DESTROYING the thing.

        What’s missing is intention to CREATE something – be it another belief or garden or job well done outside “the church”.

        There are so many statements in the internet to destroy and so few to create that it seems that the whole world is going mad about scn.
        It doesn’t seem sane – in itself. It would be saner for us to “rekindle” efforts to CREATE something better (if we were duped into “creating the better worldS”, so what? We still are essentially creative beings not destructive).

        I’m not for and I’m not against. I’ve made my choice and I’ll stick to it.

        But what is going on around scn makes me think that people are just going after repeating History – French revolution, Soviet revolution.. . It’s kind of nihilism that takes over people’s minds.

        Maybe it’s because very few of us (at this point in time) share what they DO and CREATE in life besides fighting scn (or maybe I’m just blind to see people’s creativeness).

        I recommend people here to watch and listen to the video of one member of Anonymous who resigned due to some of the things mentioned above observed by him.

  25. VaD permalink
    March 15, 2010 8:12 am

    I think Monte referred to Voltaire’s quote:

    “It’s all well said, but we need to cultivate our garden.”

    Beautiful thought, isn’t it? 🙂

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