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“Giving Good Scientologists Bad News”

November 12, 2009

In recent e-mails from the Church’s Facebook Police, Marc Headley was characterized as “doing everything possible to give good Scientologists bad news.”

I guess the definition of a “good Scientologist” these days is someone who only reads what the Church permits them to read.

And that certainly does not include Marc Headley’s new book, Blown For Good.

Why? Because it’s full of “bad news.”

Also known as “the truth.”

Seriously, the book is a must-read. It gives a rare and detailed look at Scientology’s notorious International Base in Hemet, California.

The Church will do everything in its power to keep you from reading this book. They will impugn Marc’s character, tell you that the book is “entheta” and so on.

Read it anyway. Get a copy any way you can and read it.

It is a powerful narrative – compelling, detailed. It shows you what daily life is like in the vicinity of Church leader David Miscavige. It describes a nightmare world of abuse and insanity.

Bad news? Sure.

But the good news is, it’s now being exposed to the light.

  1. Barney Rubble permalink
    November 12, 2009 6:56 am

    Regarding Marc Headly’s book, I am to a bit disturbed. And I know many other fence sitters are as well.

    Meanwhile,I agree their are too many incident’s referred to- all that has happened in his 15 year experience (s). I don’t think the book is doing any help for the cause, only because I truly do not know what Marc’s true ultimate intentions are.

    • Mike Hobson permalink
      November 14, 2009 3:46 am

      Appeal To Motivation Fallacy:

      Marc Headley’s purposes or motivations are entirely irrelevant to whether or not the incidents he reports in his book factually occured as reported.

      Michael. A. Hobson

    • Mike Henderson permalink
      November 17, 2009 3:41 am

      Just read the book. It does not slam Scientology. Obviously, some people get some good out of Scientology or it would not exist. What Marc is talking about are HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES at Gilman Hot Springs with a staff influenced by a sociopath leader. David Miscavige is a HUGE SP! He has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on 2 buildings at Int which house less than 20 people! On Super Power which does not exist! On a Freewinds full of blue asbestos! He is the personification of waste and extragance. So, read the book, then you will understand.

  2. SherryMK permalink
    November 12, 2009 7:46 am

    I anxiously awaited my autographed copy of Marc’s book checking my mailbox twice a day. When it did arrive, I tore open the box and sat down to read it (which I managed to do in two nights of no sleep) Marc’s tale of his escape from Int Base, his years of “adventures”..everything from the many detailed accounts of the “drills”(Blow Drill, Power Drill, Intruder Drill, etc) to the constant “event mode” antics had me in stitches laughing one moment and the next moment teary eyed by the shear audacity and cruelness of David Miscavige. Marc has a way of communicating a concept with humor and candid language that I’ve found in few writers for this genre of work.

    Truth is truth. If it’s bad news, but the truth, then bring it on. At least one would know what’s really there to handle. It’s the lies that are the real “bad news’ and what cause one to hang up, be confused and stuck in a “maybe” ridden with cognative dissonance. I’ve personally had enough of that for several lifetimes.

    So Barney Rubble, if you truly want to “help the cause” you may want to consider being able to hear/read the truth about things and get yourself straightened out. If it’s too much to confront right now, then that’s understood. Truly. But to question someone’s “intention” for writing the truth and being able to get some closure for himself is most counterproductive to “helping the cause” in itself. Think about it.

    • November 12, 2009 9:41 am

      Thank you for your excellent book review Sherry!

      If this book blows the lid on Miscavige’s answer to Abu Ghraib then I’m all for it!

    • Jim Logan permalink
      November 13, 2009 2:28 pm

      Well stated. The ‘maybe’ and the inability to act that results go a long way to describing what is up with those on the fence.

      Another point in favor of this book is the material on Group Dianetics from the early 50s. This book represents a ‘running of the 3D engram’ that we’ve all experienced under DM. That technology has been quashed by Dave. That technology is what this site, that book and what is ‘going on here’ are manifestations of, the confront and releasing of the charge that has built on the 3D.

      I haven’t read Marc’s book at this point. But if someone is afraid to, or ‘made’ afraid to read it, then that someone needs to raise their confront and face the dynamics and what goes on in life and assume a viewpoint of ability and willingness to be cause over it all. That’s the only route that leads to true spiritual freedom.

      • Mike Henderson permalink
        November 17, 2009 3:46 am

        Jim, I read your story in Sundays St. Pete Times. I am sorry for what you had to go through losing Annie like that. I hope her sacrifice and yours will help to bring this monster to justice. I feel for you, brother. REead Marcs book when you get a chance. It may be painful, but it will also make you laugh as well as cry. It is real; it is truthful. I have relatives there right now, and I know they are not happy. Mike Henderson

  3. Barney Rubble permalink
    November 12, 2009 4:16 pm

    OK, SherryMK your review has me convinced. I’ll take the plunge.

    • SherryMK permalink
      November 12, 2009 6:09 pm

      Good for you Barney Rubble!

  4. fishdaddy permalink*
    November 12, 2009 5:34 pm

    I spent fifteen years at the Int Base and knew Marc. He has a phenomenal memory for detail and has created a chilling and accurate picture of what life is like at the Int Base. It really is that crazy. And all the incidents he describes really did go down that way.

    I read it cover to cover, practically in one sitting. Although I was familiar with much of what Marc describes, it was amazing to read it from another’s perspective. I was very moved by Marc’s story.

    I would say that the book is vital reading for every Scientologist. Sure one could stick one’s head in the sand and try to ignore it, out of fear perhaps that one will be exposed to “entheta.” But the fact is, this is the truth. This is what is going on at the Int Base, at the top of Scientology. Sure one could try to ignore it, but that will not make it go away.

    What goes on at the Int Base affects every Scientologist, and every aspect of Scientology. If you don’t know about it, you will never be able to deal with it.

    • Sinar permalink
      November 12, 2009 9:36 pm

      I fully agree with fishdaddy, spent over two decades there. If you step back after reading the book, the following becomes rather obvious:

      Other than TC’s auditing Marc, there seems to be no Grade Chart actions given to almost all staff in their years of being there, nor training as auditors and thus no gains up the Grade Chart. Unless you do need the training as a posted Auditor.

      Can’t speak for fishdaddy, but my gains on the grade chart occurred before the current management’s coup and power takeover.

    • November 12, 2009 9:52 pm

      I’m totally with you on this Fishdaddy.

      Personally, I don’t understand why some Scientologists are such woozes when it comes to “entheta”, especially if that “entheta” happens to be true and based on a person’s personal experience!

      I audited for thousands of hours and ran into more actual entheta (which is what auditing is all about, disenturbulating entheta) in a given session then most people confront in a life time. Try auditing someone who was Special Forces in ‘Nam who’d seen it all! Or a convicted murderer!

      One time I had a PC who threatened to kill me, and another who was a former gang member who was so paranoid he always packed heat! I shudder to think what the guy might have done if I gave him an out list or overran a process!

      In my opinion Miscavige has gotten Scientologists so much in fear that they have become afraid of their own shadows!

      Sure it’s not alright to dwell on entheta, but the fact is that you have to confront entheta in order to be able to handle it!

      Personally even though I haven’t read the book myself, I can say from the excerpts that I’ve read that Marc has done that!

      So I suggest all you Scientologists put on your Auditor’s hat, get your TRs in and confront what has happened to what was once our church, confront the evil that has infiltrated and seized control of it!

    • November 13, 2009 3:23 am

      Scientologists who are continents away from the Int Base in Hemet will suddenly be able to piece together what is going on in their org areas after reading Marc’s book. The phrase “shit rolls downhill” applies in full.

    • Mickey permalink
      November 13, 2009 6:06 am

      Although never at Int base myself, those “downhill” can still experience what resides up the hill near Hemet because by natural law, it must roll “downhill” eventually. Lower orgs and public are the recipients, too.

      Additionally, may I point out “entheta” by definition is enturbulated “theta”, and since when can one call lies and abuse theta?? Therefore this policy of not wishing to expose oneself to anything “entheta” is a completely false label, a diversion and subtle misdirection of the true meaning of the usage. Where is the theta at Int that has become enturbulated when all we hear of are the lies and abuse, which do not meet the definiation of theta?

      Truth is life force (theta). If the truth of what’s happening in the current regime consists of the many abuses and criminal actions spoken of by former staffers such as Marc, then that truth only becomes “entheta” when when NOT confronted and made known. Hiding the truth enturbulates it, not the telling and exposure of it.

  5. Friend permalink
    November 12, 2009 10:16 pm

    Fascinating that the church is changing their PR strategy from “its total lies” to “spreading bad news”.

    Seems they are tacidly confirming things, perhaps the credibility of the reporting from so many sources is making denial implausible, even to the Church.

    As an example, I have referred at least a dozen people to your various sites, and no one who reads them all has said “he is lying”.

    Fascinating this is now coming from the Church.

    • rebel008 permalink*
      November 12, 2009 11:39 pm

      You’re right, when it was just a few people, they could say “he/she is lying.” But with eyewitness accounts now in the dozens, and climbing every day, that’s becoming less and less credible. So they fall back on “it’s bad news” or “its entheta.” But more and more Scientologists are realizing that “entheta” these days is just a Church code word for “facts about us that we don’t want you to read.”

  6. Miss Penguin permalink
    November 13, 2009 1:09 am

    It cracks me up that the same people saying “it’s entheta, bad news” etc are the same people who will use scare tactics to get you to contribute your time or money with an endless list of horrors that will occur if you don’t do. Horrors cause by “the psyches, big pharma” or “your children will be put on drugs” and my personal favorite which was actually said to someone “you don’t want to come back next lifetime to a mom on psyche drugs do you?”.

  7. jessicaheartsart permalink
    November 13, 2009 3:12 am

    Hi there,
    I absolutely loved the book. Marc is a talented writer and did one heck of a job of explaining such a complex situation. They way he did it is great because even people are that are not Scientologists understand what he is talking about. Explaining how the whole process of recruiting and keeping people works was almost like seeing the curtain lifted in the “Wizard of Oz”. I feel a great deal of empathy and sadness for everyone who is there that doesn’t want to be. The ending kept me on the edge of my seat.

  8. ExVet permalink
    November 15, 2009 7:33 pm

    The only Good Scientologist is a blown (freed) Scientologist.

  9. Mike permalink
    November 19, 2009 2:21 pm


    > I guess the definition of a “good Scientologist” these days is someone who only reads what the Church permits them to read.

    Hmm… I’m pretty sure that always was the definition of a good Scientologist.

  10. Gone Down permalink
    November 19, 2009 10:53 pm

    I am half way thru the book. I thought I had it bad in PAC staying up till 4-5 am doing reno’s then having to go on post the next morn to service the public, the misery of lack of sleep is indescribable unless you have gone thru it. Then reading about the terror of being chased around in the middle of night by motorcycles, making you run for punishment, then having to sleep on the ground – that’s horrifying. The instant declares and beatings, this happened to my spouse in PAC so I believe what Headley’s writing is true. Even if some of it is exaggerated, too many others can cooberate the stories. The human rights abuses are stunning. DM is not clearing the planet, he is destroying it. Can’t someone get DM the f___ out of there? DM/OSA, pay attention – you have just lost 4 more family members (I’ve been in Scn for 32 yrs) and more to come as I cannot support your suppression anymore. Can’t wait to finish the book. People, get your confront up and read, when I first started reading stuff 3 mos ago, it was definitely a confront process – I would reach & withdraw from it – it gets flat after a bit and easier to handle, just have to plow thru it.

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