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“To sin by silence…”

October 21, 2009

Abraham Lincoln once said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.”

Most Scientologists know that there is something very, very wrong with the Church. One would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to notice. Violations of LRH Policy have become the order of the day. Violations of HCOBs have become rampant. We see the orgs being destroyed in front of our eyes, staff being mistreated, OTs being harassed and invalidated.

A few have written Knowledge Reports, only to see those reports disappear, with only the lamest of acknowledgements. Or worse, others have found themselves to be the ethics target after writing KRs – censured for their “counterintention” and “enturbulation.”

Most just keep quiet.

Which is exactly how OSA likes it. Quiet.

In fact, OT VIIIs who have recently spoken out report the exact same reaction, almost the same wording, from two different OSA people:

“Why didn’t you just stay on the fringe.”

In other words, it’s fine to “be on the fringe,” to be “disenchanted, disaffected, disillusioned,” to see all the outpoints, as long as you keep quiet about it. They actually don’t care that people see outnesses in the Church. What they object to is people speaking out about it.

Recently, two very brave OT VIIIs have spoken out publicly about outnesses they have seen in the Church – Mary Jo Leavitt and Sherry Katz. Their KRs were ignored, so they used the only open, safe forum they had – Marty’s blog.

Recently, a friend of Mary Jo was summoned to a meeting and told she must disconnect from her. Present at the meeting were several Ethics terminals and members of the friend’s family. Amazingly, no one present had actually read Mary Jo’s Knowledge Report.  When she offered to let them read her copy, they actually refused to even touch it. She then offered to excerpt the LRH references and let them just read those – still they refused.

So now it’s a crime to show people LRH references? (Yes it apparently is – another friend was recently reprimanded for showing a C/S Series HCOB to an OT!)

But back to the meeting. Mary Jo’s friend then asked to see the SP Declare on Mary Jo – they could not produce it. She asked for any information they had on Mary Jo’s supposed crimes – they could produce nothing. They had nothing in writing – only the verbal assertion that she was “psychotic.” When asked how an OT VIII could suddenly go “psychotic,” all she got was some insipid comment about “implants in restimulation,” or “sudden psychotic breaks.”

Excuse me, but who is “dealing in generalities” here and who is giving specifics.  It seems that Mary Jo was the one citing actual facts and LRH references, and the “Ethics” people were trying to forward unfounded verbal gossip and natter.

And what is amazing is that here was a room full of intelligent people, perfectly willing to accept verbal generalities and unwilling to look at specific written facts and references.

Why? Because they knew what they would find out.

The truth.

The truth they already know. The truth they have refused to face. The truth that they have remained silent about for all these months and years.

It is time to stop “sinning by silence.”

It is time to speak out, all of us.

  1. Ex-RPFer permalink
    October 21, 2009 5:36 am

    AMEN!! I am speaking out to all of my family and I am getting them to look at this site and Marty’s as well. More information is better always.

    You have to know that these people that won’t look or touch a KR with FACTs in it are scared. They are terrified to see the curtain pulled back and find out that the all powerful wizard is really just a man pulling leavers. It is sad but true. They don’t want the “Magic” to be fake. It is a bitter pill to swallow so it has to be doled out in doses and patience is needed every step of the way on our parts to slowly reveal the truth.

    • October 21, 2009 5:52 pm

      I had to swallow it with force when I wrote my KR to RTC. Not fun for sure and I wanted to do myself in but instead after I got past most of the upset which has taken me 8 years to get past I got my refund this year.

      I did not sign their so called release form but used one that IFA passes out now.

      I started to wonder before I wrote the KR even though I did not have references as I am not trained but I knew tech was not in.

  2. October 21, 2009 6:39 am

    Rebel I think you’re doing an excellent job here!

    There are times myself that I wished I said something yet remained silent. One time in particular that comes to mind is when Miscavige released the “Golden Age of Tech”. Maybe if all of us who were trained Auditors said something back then when we had our doubts about it then instead of just getting “reasonable” about it and going along with the glitzy PR we may have been able to salvage the scene. Well who knows?

    I know when I had finally woken up from my slumber I did try to do something about it and as they say better late than never.

    Anyway, thanks to people like you, Marty, Steve, John and Geir there is at least a cyber record of events that have transpired.

  3. TRUTH permalink
    October 21, 2009 7:53 am


    Thank you!

    You are right, it is very sad to see some people are so scared and blind to LOOK instead of LISTENING to all the garbage that DM is feeding them with.

    I have been alerting on-line Scientologists with LRH’s policies. Some replied agreeing with LRH and are BIs with how the church is pushing fundraising (IAS and Ideal orgs), some didn’t even respond and only 2 people responded asking me “why are you sending this? You seem to be having some upset.”

    Of course, I replied back with more LRH and asked them if they have any upset with LRH’s policies. I am waiting for their response. It is very obvious that they are brain washed by Miscavology and are completely against KSW.

    I’ll keep communicating to them until they come up tone and start LOOKING.

  4. October 21, 2009 5:49 pm

    You are a fantastic writer, rebel008.

    And it helps that you are *right*, too!

    The time that I spent getting out of the Church, and first began speaking out about what I saw, was one of the most terrifying times of my life. I had to stand against everything and everyone I thought I believed in, and who I thought believed as I did. Only to find out that they never did, and that they will now start to target ME with the “business end” of Scientology.

    But I am here to say that it was very much worth it. I had to take my lumps for a while, and they tried their best to damage me as much as they could.

    But now, the battle is over, and I have won. I am free of their suppression and their tyranny over my life. I am happy. I am prosperous, and I am loved.

    Every single one of you can achieve this, too.

    I will do all I can to help you.

    It just takes a little courage, that’s all.

    Courage is being terrified, but doing it anyway.

    Good luck.

    And let me know what I can do to help.


  5. Rebel Too permalink
    October 21, 2009 6:01 pm

    “Stay on the fringes”…this statement is more telling and sad than 90% of what I’ve read anywhere. What it says is that the church no longer cares that the field is totally messed up and ARCXen. As long as they all keep quiet, refrain from making any “noise”, don’t post on the internet, it’s ok. Let the public write their KRs like good little Scientologists, knowing that absolutely NOTHING will be done about any of them. Totally disgusting. No wonder Mary Jo and Sherry and Geir used a public forum. There’s simply no place else they could go and Marty’s blog is indeed about the safest place to post.(Geir doing his own incredible blog) I have a tremendous amount of admiration for these three OTVllls. We need more to come forward in their support and I’m including myself on that list. Soon..very very soon.

  6. Hubbardianen permalink
    October 21, 2009 7:33 pm

    I think Rebel008 is good with words. Hubbard once said that the most suitable kind of people to become auditors were writers.

    All these open-minded blogs are important. Keep it up.

  7. StarsAwait permalink
    October 21, 2009 8:03 pm

    Here’s what Ron says about it:

    “I’ll tell you the clue to all this. Every time you try to enter order or enter order
    (better stated) into a confusion you blow off some confusion.

    “Now, you think it’s—people object because you’re trying to make them more orderly.

    That’s not true; you’re just seeing the confusion come off. So if you just remember this as a rule, a lot of things get explained very rapidly.

    “You try to make things more orderly and everybody objects to what you’re doing. They don’t object to what you’re doing at all. That’s just some of the confusion coming off.

    “You try to enter order and some confusion will blow off. All you have to do is ignore the confusion and enter more order. And that’s the secret back of control, the reason you have to control a pc.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Excerpted from the lecture Preliminary to Engram Running delivered on 3 January 1959.

  8. Biga Watts permalink
    October 21, 2009 8:28 pm

    There may be those of us who are not speaking out, at least not on the net, but keep in mind we are no longer making any “donations” toward the various campaigns and have no intention of taking any further services within their doors. This also contributes in a big way.

    • sherrymk permalink
      October 21, 2009 10:38 pm

      Thank you for this Biga Watts. You are right, pulling your support is a very creditable way of silently saying “I’m mad and I’m not going to take it anymore”. But from all that’s happened over the last week with Mary Jo and I and now Roberto Sanchez, it sure would be great if more people would voice their non-support publicly using their real identities. I understand how difficult a decision this can be..but I can also tell you that it is delightfully freeing! I can speak for Mary Jo when I say that the two of us are having some real fun now…just like it used to be in the Church of Scientology. And our supporters(many friends(especially OTVllls) we had no idea felt the way they feel) are coming out of the woodwork contacting us…something that never would have happened had we not come out with our true identities last week.

  9. martyrathbun09 permalink
    October 22, 2009 1:57 am

    Great report Rebel. Your insights are always enlightening.

  10. Dagny permalink
    October 23, 2009 2:07 am

    I think it would be fair to say there are a number of us at various stages of handlings. That could be withdrawing support, looking around, speaking to someone about what you see, writing reports, etc. and, yes, with our real names. Along with those actions many are researching – which is how we ended up here under a different name.

    For me it is important to follow the agreed upon guidelines as listed in Ethics/Review. Just because others inside the group choose to blatantly violate the policies and guidelines of the Church does not justify me violating them as well. Frankly, if we failed to do this we would be no different than those we are standing up to.

    Along with numerous others I am sure Geir, Mary Jo and Sherry applied these same gradients and arrived where they arrived. I can see that these individuals can emphatically state that they did follow proper channels but continued on any lines available to them. They all have my respect and admiration.

    Sadly there are those that will sin by silence and when it is all exposed by others they will say “I saw that too, I thought something was wrong, etc.”. Then there are those that will apply due diligence and protest alongside you.

    • sherrymk permalink
      October 23, 2009 4:34 am

      Thank you Dagny. Yes, all three of us went along for a long long time trying to get the situations handled per “policy”. There comes a time, when you have exhausted all that can be done within, when you know you have done all you could do and it wasn’t good enough/wasn’t working, that you realize something else has to be done. Each of us came to that realization separate from each other. Unfortunately, the only way to work this is to continue to apply pressure from without, while those within write their reports and relinquish their support. It’s all good.

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