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Messin’ with the Eights, Part 2

October 2, 2009

A friend of mine attended the 2006 Maiden Voyage Anniversary, where David Miscavige pressed for all OT VIIIs to join staff. Many did. My friend was one of them.

Why the VIIIs joined staff is pretty obvious. They are committed, dedicated Scientologists. They wanted to help. They wanted to boom the orgs and prepare the way for the release of OT IX and X. And having reached the top of the Bridge, they wanted to help others make it. All of these are commendable motivations.

Why David Miscavige wanted OT VIIIs to run the orgs is less clear.

To state the obvious, OT VIII is not an administrative training level.  Many of the VIIIs recruited to staff had no admin training. A few, like my friend, had some Policy training, but many had absolutely no staff or executive training.

Let’s compare what LRH did when he was faced with an executive shortage in 1971. He instituted a crash admin training program on the Flagship. He required all orgs to send their most promising staff, and put them through the Org Exec Course and the Flag Executive Briefing Course.  Sure, the students got their cases in shape – they were programmed for and given the L Rundowns (and no, they weren’t given endless Sec Checks), but the emphasis wasn’t on case – it was on training.

But no, Miscavige wanted OT VIIIs. And no, he didn’t put them into executive training, he put them right onto post without any Policy training.


For my friend, the answer soon became obvious.  Her ED, also an VIII, had no admin training. Her only stable datum was to carry out the orders she was being given, to do, in essence, whatever David Miscavige’s managers told her to do. My friend, having some admin training and some previous staff experience, knew that many of the things they were being ordered to do were off Policy.  Like pulling students out of the course room during course time for IAS Reg cycles. Like ripping people off post to “sell the Basics.” Like ripping people off to go to the CLO. Like pushing programs that had nothing to do with the actual situations in the org.

My friend did object to these things, and did write Knowledge Reports. She was branded as “CI.”

Counterintention? Counter to what intention, we might ask. The intention to destroy the Org?

Her ED did try to do the right thing, and went to Flag for executive training.  Where she was promptly ripped off and sent to a newly forming “Ideal Org” as their ED, part of the endless shell-game of musical chairs to make it appear that these new Orgs are staffed.

Apparently, this is how Miscavige runs Int Management.  They are not put through standard admin training courses, but instead are given an endless series of “study orders” on odd PLs – whatever Miscavige’s latest hobby horse is.  And Miscavige himself hasn’t done a standard checksheeted course in 15 years and holds no valid admin training certificates.  And he transfers and removes people with abandon.  He has apparently removed the entire executive structure of Scientology, keeping them in a virtual prison at the Int Base. And he has destroyed the Evaluation Corps, supposed to provide real evals and tailor-made programs to the orgs.

So why put OT VIIIs with no admin training in leadership positions in the orgs?

Well, they have status in Scientology as those who have reached the top of the Bridge. They are “trophy execs” for Miscavige, a demonstration of his power over top Scientologists.

Secondly, if they have no admin training, they will not question any of his orders. They’ll be “his people” (not LRH’s).

Third, if they step out of line, he can threaten them with Sec Checks, Ethics handlings, and ultimately threaten to pull their eligibility so they won’t get OT IX and X,

And fourth, if they are on staff, they will be so busy, so enmeshed in constant emergencies, orders, inspections, programs, stat demands and pressure that they won’t have time to think or ask prickly questions.

Questions like “Why haven’t they released OT IX and X after 20 years?” Or “Do these levels really exist at all?”

  1. ExVet permalink
    October 2, 2009 5:50 am

    You nailed it, Rebel008.

  2. TRUTH permalink
    October 2, 2009 6:30 am

    Where is DM on the processing side? Has he done his OT levels, if so when was the last time he was in session?

    • October 2, 2009 7:48 am

      Last I heard was that Miscavige did new OT IV but he’s read everything else, including the hand written notes for the levels above OT VIII. If there was a poster child for what exposure to advanced levels will do to someone not ready to receive them, Miscavige would be it!

      Again the scuttlebutt is that the last person who tried to audit him ended up in the RPF, obviously they weren’t robotic enough because rumor has it that is when he got the “bright” idea for the “Golden Age of Tech”.

  3. Rebel Too permalink
    October 2, 2009 6:12 pm

    Rebel008, Incredible post. This is EXACTLY what happened at our org. The poor Sr. Execs at our local Class V org were all OTVllls and almost all of the Div Heads too. Only 3 people in the whole org had any real admin training and NONE of them were the Sr. Execs at the org, which resulted in something like managing from below. And boy, did the people with admin training get hit when they objected to all the off policy actions. I saw it happening. Not surprisingly those with the admin training have now all left in disgust. Many KRs were fact, extensive KRs but our CLO was way too busy selling the Basics to help us out. (what the ED actually told the us was that “we were on our own”). Unbelievable. But that didn’t mean we didn’t have to pay “management” every week despite not even being able to pay our rent. No siree.

    DM totally undermines LRH policy by his action of “put the OTVllls in an org and leave them alone and they’ll make it go right”(translated to “put the OTVllls at the head of the orgs so they won’t object to what I demand of them, since they don’t know what is or isn’t standard policy”)

    I seem to recall that LRH wrote somewhere about how to bring about true expansion and success of missions.(and orgs?)Put Class Vls at the head. Are you familiar with where that is written?

  4. October 2, 2009 10:16 pm

    You mean he is not an OEC/FEBC DSEC PR trained exec??? No wonder we don’t see eye to eye.

  5. TRUTH permalink
    October 3, 2009 3:46 am

    Thanks RJ for the data on DM. I am not surprised that DM would send his auditor to RPF, may be his auditor spotted DM’s “stuck needles” and was trying to pull his evil intentions, knowing DM, he won’t like that. Would he?

    Wow! he read all the higher OT levels materials? Shame on him!

    • October 3, 2009 6:13 am

      You are welcome Truth.

      Yes a stuck needle is possible but I bet you it was that Rockslam that was hitting the pins so hard it sounded like a fire alarm 🙂

  6. October 3, 2009 9:26 pm

    This is a great post. I was there in 2006 and I posted about my own encounter with DM on that very Maiden Voyage: When I met David Miscavige.

  7. TRUTH permalink
    October 5, 2009 8:07 am

    You are absolutely right on RJ! It must have been that bloody Rockslam on DM that got his auditor in trouble.

    I bet DM is now reading this and caving-in even more. Especially the stronger our theta team becomes, the worse DM’s mental and physical condition will become.

    Thanks to all you guys for getting the truth out.

  8. MissedGarbage Watcher permalink
    October 11, 2009 11:04 am

    I guess that the real purpose of his putting OT VIIIs onto org staff posts is as follows.

    DM has no intention to release OT IX&X and above at all for some reason.
    Therefore he doesn’t want OT VIIIs to be public who will demand the delivery of those levels.

    So putting them onto staff post or making them SP declared or ripping off all their money and letting them escape from Scientology would be the best solution for him.

    Looks like achieving OT VIII is the final stage of the Bridge where you start going down the hell.

  9. StarsAwait permalink
    October 19, 2009 8:21 pm

    Regarding LRH talking about Class VI’s running orgs, I remember something like that. But I think he’s talking about the Class VI’s opinion of who should be running the orgs, and some of them say only Class VI’s should be on staff. I can’t remember what lecture. It would help to have more auditors either way. Some of the best auditors make the best execs.


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