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Miscavige’s House of Cards

September 10, 2009

According to the recent 80-page Freedom Magazine, extolling the many accomplishments of David Miscavige, there are plans afoot to create three more Advanced Organizations:

“To dramatically speed progress of parishioners up the Scientology Bridge to the Mecca in Clearwater, Mr. Miscavige has inaugurated a program to establish Advanced Organizations in every continent.”

I just heard from a friend who lives in one of these areas. They tell me that the push now is to get all Scientologists in the area to donate towards the new AO. And if they don’t? The usual – Sec Checks, Ethics interviews, HCO summons.

And the local Class V Orgs? Struggling along, with the course rooms virtually empty except for staff on their Basics courses, and a few preclears in the HGC. They are not able to make enough to pay their bills on many weeks (rent and utilities) and their debt is growing. Staff are not getting paid, and end up working part time, or living off their spouses or parents.

Listen, I’d love to be made wrong in this. If your local org is actually booming, write me and tell me about it. Every report I have so far says the orgs are empty, empty, empty.

Think about it. The local Orgs are struggling to get by, and the solution is to establish a huge new AO? Where will the public for the AO come from? How will the new AO be staffed?

We know how it’s going to get bought and renovated – through donations by existing Scientologists who have taken out second mortgages or raided their retirement savings.

The current PR spin is that these new AOs are being put there to “meet the demand.” Well, if there is such a huge demand, then why aren’t the Class V orgs booming? And if there is such demand, why isn’t there enough money in Reserves to fund these new AOs? Why do Scientologists have to pay?

No one is confronting the unpleasant facts. For a new AO to be viable, there have to be enough people on service to make it worthwhile. And that means having highly trained auditors and course supervisors. And it means having enough people up through their Grades. Public don’t just magically appear, all ready for Advanced Courses.

There’s an interesting post on ESMB today from a former marketing staffer at the Int Base. At one point they had to figure out what it would actually take to fill up the Superpower Building, That building has space for 1,800 students and 1,200 pcs. They figured out that Orgs would have to become ten times their present size. All orgs. What was done to make that actually happen? Nothing. Most orgs are smaller now than when the Superpower building started.

What is this obsession with buildings? Is it really to meet demand? Or is it all about David Miscavige’s self-glorification? One is reminded of the Pharaohs who built huge pyramids to glorify themselves, on the backs of starving and abused slaves.

It’s an unsustainable house of cards. And, sooner or later, it’s going to tumble.

  1. September 10, 2009 6:10 am

    Another damn good blog Rebel!

    House of cards is an excellent analogy.

  2. Hubbardianen permalink
    September 10, 2009 7:33 am

    I do agree that the orgs have to get filled with public first. For the public to come the image of Scientology (or rather the Church of Scientology) has to rapidly be improved. And that can be accomplished by stopping every Fair Game activity, stop every kind of lying, stop every kind of abuse, lower prices so the public can afford Scientology, letting people come and leave CoS whenever they want (it’s a free world, right?). We’re talking basic human rights that are accepted in the rest of the world. After that it might take a decade before the public and media start to accept Scientology and actually will begin to look. Perhaps Mr. Miscavige has to be removed from post if this will ever happen.

    As for the buildings, I actually like them. I think its great to have beautiful and artistic buildings and interiors, that’s theta and OT and aesthetics for me. But more important than the buildings is to get Scientology back on track and improved in the public eye. New management will be needed.

  3. ExVet permalink
    September 10, 2009 6:10 pm

    Why all the fancy buildings? It’s all about DM sucking up to Tom Cruise. In order to keep TC happy and willing to endorse Scientology, DM had to improve Scientology’s “image” so TC wasn’t driving people into “shitholes” — DM’s words not mine.

    DM’s relationship to TC means EVERYTHING to DM. This IS what is motivating him. He got TC back in to the Church and right after that started the whole Ideal Org program beginning with Buffalo in 2003. It’s all about getting Scientology’s image up to the point where it is worthy of being endorsed by Tom Cruise.

    Not my opinion, that is based on conversations with DM.

    Hope that makes sense. It should because it’s true.

    • September 10, 2009 9:25 pm

      I totally believe you ExVet. This “Ideal Orgs” scam has nothing to do with the Policy formerly an LRHED now part of the Data Series as #40. In there Ron doesn’t talk about MEST or Buildings but Staff, Public and Flow Lines.

      Also this B.S. line that Miscavige has forwarded regarding these mausoleums is that “gradients don’t apply” is utter crap!

      It says right in the PL:

      “Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and STEP BY STEP (emphasis mine) building and smoothing, grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.”

      If that quote doesn’t scream gradient! I don’t know what does.

      Yet Miscavige gives the public and staff the false impression that once these monstrous pretentious edifices are bought and renovated with the publics’ tax deductible “donations” of course, that they are instantly and immediately
      “Ideal Orgs”!

      Such as it is in, as Rebel aptly calls it, the Brave New World of Scientology that the public remaining are nothing but a bunch of lemmings following their “Religious Leader” off a cliff with out question. With out bothering to read the actual policy themselves but just accepting his word with out any personal observation!

      Truly a condition where in fact “the blind are leading the blind” into oblivion.

      • ExVet permalink
        September 11, 2009 4:44 pm

        Indeed. The whole scam is so off-purpose and criminal it makes me want to puke. It’s not about the original movement anymore. It’s all about a very self-centered DM trying to break into TC’s A-list world and be “cool.” You can’t be cool if you are in charge of a bunch of “shithole” orgs and have little income. The solution? Scam the public into contributing their hard-earned money to buy a bunch of fancy buildings, give TC a big fat Valor award in front of everybody and get him to reciprocate by telling the public how great DM is. Now scam your True Believers again for even more money. Meanwhile, pay yourself a nice six-figure income while your Sea Org slave labor force is worked to death for pennies an hour. Use your slaves to make the Scientology materials more glitzy, cool and “new” and force-sell them to the public. Awesome! Now you preside over an organization with glitzy real estate, glitzy materials and tons of money! Now you can A-list around with the Tom Cruise crowd. You are now COOL! Oh well, too bad karma is catching up with DM. Now that his sick abuses are coming out, his “cool” Hollywood religion is widely viewed as a creepy cult and TC’s career has imploded. One can only hope that TC wakes up to the fact that DM is a vampire sucking the life out of him and abandons DM. A that point DM’s twisted little world will undoubtedly unravel and fall apart like the proverbial house of cards.

  4. Rebel Too permalink
    September 10, 2009 7:14 pm

    You’ve made another excellent point here Rebel008. One of the saddest things I saw when I was on staff at the local Class V org not too long ago, was that our public were constantly regged by IAS, Ideal Org Fundrasiers, etc..with literally millions being donated by our public..(our public being mostly OTs from our OT Committe) yet the org could not pay its rent, utilities, nor it’s staff a decent wage. It really got to me that the same public that would donate thousands (some millions) would not pay for training at the org (except the Basics), would not agree to a standard schedule and would barely FSM their selectees into the org and that the public that were low enough on the bridge for Class V auditiong, were routinely regged for IAS, Ideal Org, and every other cause and then couldn’t pay for services.

    The point you make about WHO is going to come to all these AOs is significant and right on the mark. And why ARE the public being made to buy these buildings also??? Totally insane.

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