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Scientology’s most dangerous enemy

July 22, 2009

No, it’s not Anonymous. Or the Psychs. Or the Drug Companies. Or the St. Petersburg Times.

In fact, it’s an inside job.

A man who’s been working to dismantle Scientology from within for 20 years.

He first seized power by forcibly removing four senior Scientology executives who had been appointed by LRH. Through strong arm tactics, bullying, and intimidation, he gradually removed any threat to his power and assumed a self-created position that is found nowhere in LRH Policy. He accomplished his coup by taking over the only comm line to LRH during the last 5 years of his life, and flooding the line with false reports and 3rd Party to justify removing his rivals.

He solidified his power by systematically removing and de-powering anyone who personally knew and had worked with LRH, including the Hubbard family.

He single-handedly dismantled the Mission network and declared every key Mission Holder. Missions used to be huge, rivaling Orgs in their size. These days they are tiny.

He took over the Church’s movie production facility, Golden Era Productions, and  began to use it almost exclusively for his own aggrandizement, producing six elaborate and expensive international events every year (a practice LRH had forbidden). For these events, videos are produced filled with lies and staged events to make it appear that Scientology is expanding, when in fact is it has been steadily shrinking since this individual took power.

He has turned Scientology’s International Base in San Jacinto, California, into a virtual slave camp, with razor wire fences, motion detectors and security guards. Staff letters and phone calls are monitored and censored, they cannot watch television, listen to the radio, or access the internet. They live in a nightmare world of sleep deprivation, intimidation, threats, and even physical abuse. Leading by example, this individual has physically attacked and beaten up scores of top Scientology executives and staff. He has forbidden staff to have children, and any woman who becomes pregnant is ordered to have an abortion. He has directly ordered scores of couples to divorce each other.

He has persuaded those under his thumb to never reveal the details of his abuse, lies and deception, as to do so would “harm Scientology.” He keeps staff and executives in line by frequent Security Checks, threatening to publicly reveal the contents of their confessions if they step out of line.

Anyone who challenges or questions his methods, or who even appears to be a power threat, is removed, de-powered, RPFed, or offloaded from the Sea Org.  The Base has gone from 1,000 staff to under 400.

Since 2003, he has systematically removed all key RTC, CMO Int and Executive Strata executives, declared them “SP” and confined them to a building on the Int Base, now called “The Hole” or “The SP Hall.” RTC now consists only of this individual and his personal support staff.

This individual pays himself a six-figure salary, while Sea Org members (slaves) do his cleaning, laundry and cooking for 40 cents an hour. He enjoys $5000 suits, $500 Egyptian cotton shirts, motorcycles and cars provided by Scientology, and luxurious living quarters at the Int Base, in Los Angeles and in Clearwater.  He built a huge, 70 million dollar office building for himself and his personal staff at the Int Base. He flies exclusively in private jets, and travels with his own chef, chiropracter and hairdresser.

He abandoned the LRH program of “Saint Hill Size Orgs” and instead substituted his own program of “Ideal Orgs.” This was done to cover up the fact that the “Saint Hill Size Orgs” he had created were actually frauds, artificially pumped up for the purposes of an event video, then abandoned. In fact, orgs are and have been shrinking for years.

Although LRH forbade soliciting public for donations for buildings, this individual has made that the primary push of modern Scientology, pressuring Scientologists to make huge donations, then buying up huge buildings. Many of these stand empty, some have been renovated and opened, but are largely empty of public. Staged videos (which fly in staff to make the org seem full), elaborate 3D graphic fly-throughs and glossy magazines create the impression that “Scientology is expanding,” masking the actual decline of the Church.

He has convinced Scientologists that they are incapable of disseminating, and has knocked out all public dissemination and intro lectures. Instead, he advocated that all dissemination must be done by video flat screen TVs.

He cross-ordered and destroyed the huge book campaigns that were running in the 1980’s, the campaigns that were selling millions of books and which got Dianetics on the New York Times bestseller list. He disbanded the unit responsible, and made sure no such campaign was ever run again. While LRH forbids broad public campaigns that do not sell a book, current campaigns are pure “PR.” One can no longer find LRH books in public bookstores.

He took the Church’s International Marketing Unit from 50 staff to under a dozen, removing and declaring all of the top artists, writers and designers working for the Church. Now, campaigns have to be done by outside companies.

While LRH forbade soliciting donations for anything but training and processing, this individual has set up a huge “IAS” slush fund, which uses entheta and scare tactics to pressure Scientologists to donate huge amounts to “defend Scientology.” He also convinces Scientologists to donate huge amounts for “Dissemination Campaigns” by showing them glossy ads, then runs the campaign for a few weeks and abandons it. Meanwhile the IAS has shelled out large amounts for Miscavige’s Caribbean vacations and a five-star trip to Scotland.

He has sabotaged the top of the Bridge by requiring extensive and repeated Security Checks of OTs, then using the results to blackmail them into increased donations, participation and vocal support of his programs. OTs are tightly controlled as to what they can do, think, read, and who they can associate with, practices which are completely at odds with the stated goals of “Total Freedom.”

You guessed it, Scientology’s most dangerous enemy is – its own leader, David Miscavige.

And someday, he may well go down in history as “the man who destroyed Scientology.”

  1. October 8, 2009 3:21 pm

    what a lot of truth in just a few paragraphs. what a lot of damage in just 20 years. I also studied those same LRH Orders and personal notes he wrote when he found out the Guardians Office was soliciting donations for the Safe Environment Fund to pay for the legal protection of high ranking members, who admitted doing illegal things.
    Some one knows what LRH said about the donations for SEF, or have they been -eliminated????

  2. randomx permalink
    October 14, 2009 11:00 am

    Awesome article.
    Miscavige really is running the cult into history.

  3. October 14, 2009 5:56 pm

    My book is at the printer, release date is October 26th, Web Site is not complete but is up and running –

    It contains much that not many people know or knew. I worked directly for LRH as one of her Personal Aides (CS6) and also ran the franchise network, Celebrities for years, and for two separate times once under the GO prior to the FBI raids and then another few years as a spy under the new regime RTC, so I have first hand knowledge of how they operate their intelligence bureaus, right up to today.

    Go Visit the Web Site and see what you think. OSA Intel also did an intensive interrogation of me which lasted hours each day for about 10 days, leaving me psychotic, That was during the same time Lisa McPherson went Psychotic and died. Since then I have helped others in similar straights. Sorry that some did not make it though. But it is happening up until today…

    Another OT3 Committed suicide just a few months ago.

    The book contains a lot of information not generally known.

    I hope you go to the site look around and order it.

  4. Tom Paine permalink
    December 7, 2009 12:05 am

    To COB:

    You don’t own our Church.

    We want a new leader… anyone in management will do.

    LRH never intended us to be under the thumb of a tyrant and a bully.

    Staff and public want you out. Resign and put someone else in charge.

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