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What Management?

July 18, 2009

At the 2005 Maiden Voyage event, David Miscavige announced that his “Ideal Orgs” would be manned with OT VIIIs. Great idea. Not to nitpick, but as far as I know, OT VIII isn’t an admin training level.

Nonetheless, a friend of mine, an OT VIII, decided to get with the program and join staff at her local org. Her husband had a good job and was willing to support her, so she didn’t have to worry about the low pay/no pay as a Class V Org staff member. Turns out, most of her fellow OT VIIIs at the org were in the same position – women being supported by their husbands so they could devote their time to the org, without pay if needed.

My friend took on the post of Tech Sec, and was enthusiastic about really booming the org’s tech delivery. As a part of her groove-in to the post, she was given a thick stack of programs to study. These were the programs she was supposed to be operating on. As she made her way through literally dozens of programs, she became increasingly dismayed. It was a confusing mishmash of programs, some of them many years old. There were programs to implement the Golden Age of Tech, programs to debug the implementation of the Golden Age of Tech, a program to implement the Solo Course (which her org didn’t deliver), programs for Advanced Orgs (“some of the targets are applicable”) and so on.

She complained to her seniors, and to the A/Tech Aide at the CLO, that this mass of programs was simply confusing and time-wasting. Her time on post was limited, and she wanted to spend that time building up her division, not rotely “complying” to a mass of programs that were out of date, conflicting, and did not directly apply to the situations she was dealing with now, in her org, her division. And she got in trouble. And was told, basically, to shut up and do the programs.

I’m sorry, but anyone who has been in the Sea Org or has dealt with Management knows, this is not the way it’s supposed to go down. LRH worked out the Data Series primarily as a tool for management to use to run orgs. Management is supposed to collect data from that org and evaluate that org. The org is supposed to get tailor-made programs for their unique situations. Management is there to serve the orgs, not vice-versa.

But that isn’t how it was. My friend began to dread visits from the A/Tech Aide. He never offered help or assistance to the org. He was there to demand, demand, demand. He wanted this or that staff member to go full time onto selling Basics. He wanted this or that staff member  for the CLO. He wanted this or that staff member to go to Flag for training. He bulldozed sending one young woman, obviously unqualified, for Flag training. She bombed out. And the org was stuck with the bill for her airfare and training – even though they’d objected to sending her.

My friend began to wonder what their “Management payments” to the CLO were paying for. They weren’t providing any real service or help. Yet every week, the payments were demanded and paid.

And there were weekly “Payments to Flag” that went to Int Management. But where was Int Management? For instance, ED International is supposed to have a committee of 12 aides, each one an expert in a different area of management. There are supposed to be international executives in charge of Establishment, Marketing, GI, Books, Audio-Visual, Service, Qual, Field, Div 6 and other areas. They are supposed to be there to act as advisors to the orgs. In theory (that is, as laid out by LRH), orgs are supposed to be able to write to these aides by name, ask questions, and get answers and guidance. But who are these people? Where are they? What are their names? Isn’t it odd that we don’t know their names? Isn’t it odd that we never hear from them?

What has happened to Scientology’s management? Well, if former top executives like Marty Rathbun and others are to be believed, David Miscavige actually removed the top executives of Scientology, in RTC, CMO International, and ED Int’s Int Management Executive Committee, declared them all “Suppressive,” and is keeping them imprisoned in what is called “The Hole” or “The SP Hall”  at the Int Base in San Jacinto. And I know you’re saying, “no way, that can’t possibly be true.” No? Well, then, what happened to Management?  Where’s Heber Jentsch, Marc Ingber, Norman Starkey, Ray Mithoff, Fran Harris, etc., etc., etc. Yes, some of us do remember specific names from years past. Where are they? Are they still on post?

Why is there no real Scientology management?

Or is our Brave New Scientology supposed to be run as a one-man dictatorship?

  1. Patty Pieniadz permalink
    July 20, 2009 2:36 pm

    Really excellent blog. I hope you keep it up.

  2. StarsAwait permalink
    October 30, 2009 3:11 am

    Rebel, this is truly spot on. I don’t know how you know to spot these outnesses unless you were in management yourself. That Tech Sec cut to the core so fast regarding a mass of programs, that’s really something, most on staff don’t question like that.

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