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Don’t Ask Me About Scientology

July 15, 2009

When I was a new Scientologist in the late 1960’s, I proudly displayed a bumper sticker on my Ford Pinto that said “Ask Me About Scientology.” I had gotten it from the Org. And people actually did ask me. One guy pulled me over and insisted I tell him about Scientology. And I was happy to.

This was the era of spellbinding intro lecturers, enthusiastic FSMs, late night discussions about Scientology. It was a time of excitement.

That was then. This is now. According to an article on Entertainment and Showbiz:

“If you would like to sign Katie Holmes for your movie, don’t ask any question to her about her religion Scientology. That’s right. If sources are to be believed, the crew working in Katie Holmes’ new film ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’, have signed agreements stating that they would not ask the actress about her religion, Scientology.”

Wow. I guess silence is the new dissemination.

And, if you attended the Maiden Voyage 2009 event, you found out that, yes, that is the case. Scientologists are not supposed to disseminate.

In the midst of announcing all of their recent real estate purchases, it was announced that  it is unacceptable for a Scientologist to discuss or explain Scientology to a new person.  The new person is supposed to go in to the lobby of one of our “Ideal Orgs” and be disseminated to automatically by a video flat screen. If they have questions, they can push buttons and get canned, pre-recorded answers in video form. And I’m sure the videos have attractive, slightly retro, preppy-looking actors with plastic smiles and all the charm of a Jehovah’s Witness animatronic.

Public Scientologists and staff can’t be trusted to disseminate, not in the Brave New World of Scientology’s “Ideal” Orgs.

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